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May 2005

CRASH Trial Collaborators, (2005) CRASH - Corticosteroid Randomisation after Significant Head Injury. [Data Collection]

26 August 2006

Breeze, Elizabeth, Wilkinson, Paul, Fletcher, Astrid, Bulpitt, C, Jones, D, Tulloch, A (2006) Quality of Life among People Aged 75 and over in Great Britain, 1994-1998. [Data Collection]

27 August 2010

Lubell, Yoel, Mills, Anne, Whitty, Christopher, Staedke, Sarah (2010) An Economic Evaluation of Home Management of Malaria in Uganda: An Interactive Markov Model. [Data Collection]

21 February 2012

Sheehy, Susanne H, Duncan, Christopher J. A., Elias, Sean C., Biswas, Sumi, Collins, Katharine A., O'hara, Geraldine, Halstead, Fenella D., Ewer, Katie J., Mahungu, Tabitha, Spencer, Alexandra J., Miura, Kazutoyo, Poulton, Ian D., Dicks, Matthew D. J., Edwards, Nick J., Berrie, Eleanor, Moyle, Sarah, Colloca, Stefano, Cortese, Riccardo, Gantlett, Katherine, Long, Carole A., Lawrie, Alison M., Gilbert, Sarah C., Doherty, Tom, Nicosia, Alfredo, Hill, Adrian V. S., Draper, Simon J. (2012) Phase Ia clinical evaluation of the safety and immunogenicity of the Plasmodium falciparum blood-stage antigen AMA1 in ChAd63 and MVA vaccine vectors. [Data Collection]

10 March 2014

Kucharski, Adam, Mills, Harriet, Pinsent, Amy, Fraser, Christophe, Kerkhove, Maria Van, Riley, Steven (2014) Data from: Distinguishing between reservoir exposure and human-to-human transmission for emerging pathogens using case onset data. [Data Collection]

28 April 2014

White, Richard (2014) Respondent-Driven Sampling and Total Population Data from a Rural Ugandan Cohort, 2010: Special Licence Access. [Data Collection]

15 May 2014

Gómez-Olivé, F Xavier, Thorogood, Margaret, Bocquier, Philippe, Mee, Paul, Kahn, Kathleen, Berkman, Lisa, Tollman, Stephen (2014) Social conditions and disability related to the mortality of older people in rural South Africa: Supplementary Data. [Data Collection]

21 October 2014

Camacho, Anton, Kucharski, Adam, Funk, Sebastian, Breman, J, Piot, Peter, Edmunds, John (2014) Potential for large outbreaks of Ebola virus disease: Supplementary Data. [Data Collection]

18 December 2014

Claessens, Antoine, Hamilton, William L, Kekre, Mihir, Otto, Thomas D, Faizullabhoy, Adnan, Rayner, Julian C, Kwiatkowski, Dominic (2014) Generation of Antigenic Diversity in Plasmodium falciparum by Structured Rearrangement of Var Genes During Mitosis. [Data Collection]


Phelan, Jody, Maitra, Arundhati, Mcnerney, Ruth, Nair, Mridul, Gupta, Antima, Coll, Francesc, Pain, Arnab, Bhakta, Sanjib, Clark, Taane G. (2015) Data for: "The draft genome of Mycobacterium aurum, a potential model organism for investigating drugs against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium leprae". [Data Collection]

Reuter, Sandra, Török, M. Estée, Holden, Matthew T.G., Reynolds, Rosy, Raven, Kathy E., Blane, Beth, Donker, Tjibbe, Bentley, Stephen D., Aanensen, David M., Grundmann, Hajo, Feil, Edward J., Spratt, Brian G., Parkhill, Julian, Peacock, Sharon (2015) Staphylococcus Aureus BSAC study data. [Data Collection]

29 January 2015

Ghinai, Rosanna, El-Duah, Philip, Chi, Kai-Hua, Pillay, Allan, Solomon, Anthony W., Bailey, Robin, Agana, Nsiire, Mabey, David, Chen, Cheng-Yen, Adu-Sarkodie, Yaw, Marks, Michael (2015) A Cross-Sectional Study of ‘Yaws’ in Districts of Ghana Which Have Previously Undertaken Azithromycin Mass Drug Administration for Trachoma Control. [Data Collection]

18 March 2015

Mobegi, Victor, Duffy, Craig, Amambua-Ngwa, Alfred, Loua, Kovana M, Laman, Eugene, Nwakanma, Davis C, MacInnis, Bronwyn, Aspeling-jones, Harvey, Murray, Lee, Clark, Taane, Kwiatkowski, Dominic P, Conway, David (2015) Genome-wide analysis of selection on the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum in West African populations of differing infection endemicity: Supplementary data. [Data Collection]

26 March 2015

Benavente, Ernest, Coll, Francesc, Furnham, Nick, Mcnerney, Ruth, Glynn, Judith, Campino, Susana, Pain, Arnab, Mohareb, Fady R, Clark, Taane (2015) PhyloTrack. [Data Collection]

May 2015

Cairns, Matthew, Woukeu, Arouna, Tagbor, Harry (2015) Screening and treatment of malaria in pregnancy in West Africa. [Data Collection]

1 June 2015

Kucharski, Adam, Conlan, Andrew J. K., Eames, Ken (2015) School's Out: Seasonal Variation in the Movement Patterns of School Children. [Data Collection]

21 July 2015

Brauer, Ruth, Bhaskaran, Krishnan, Chaturvedi, Nishi, Dexter, David T, Smeeth, Liam, Douglas, Ian (2015) Glitazone Treatment and Incidence of Parkinson’s Disease among People with Diabetes: A Retrospective Cohort Study. [Data Collection]

30 July 2015

Goodman, Anna, van Sluijs, Esther M.F., Ogilvie, David (2015) Cycle training for children: Which schools offer it and who takes part? [Data Collection]

August 2015

Silver, Matt, Corbin, K. D., Hellenthal, G., da Costa, K.-A., Dominguez-salas, Paula, Moore, Sophie, Owen, J., Prentice, Andrew, Hennig, Branwen, Zeisel, S. H. (2015) Evidence for negative selection of gene variants that increase dependence on dietary choline in a Gambian cohort: Supplemental Data. [Data Collection]

24 September 2015

Johnson, Anne (2015) National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, 2010-2012. [Data Collection]

October 2015

Zoltner, Martin, Leung, Ka Fai, Alsford, Sam, Horn, David, Field, Mark C (2015) Modulation of the Surface Proteome through Multiple Ubiquitylation Pathways in African Trypanosomes: Supporting Information. [Data Collection]

4 November 2015

Phelan, Jody, Coll, Francesc, Mcnerney, Ruth, Ascher, David B., Pires, Douglas E. V., Furnham, Nick, Coeck, Nele, Hill-Cawthorne, Grant A., Nair, Mridul B., Mallard, Kim, Ramsay, Andrew, Campino, Susana, Hibberd, Martin, Pain, Arnab, Rigouts, Leen, Clark, Taane (2015) Whole genome sequences for M.tuberculosis isolates from the TDR strain bank. [Data Collection]

10 November 2015

Nnko, Soori, Bukenya, Dominic, Kavishe, Bazil Balthazar, Biraro, Samuel, Peck, Robert, Kapiga, Saidi, Grosskurth, Heiner, Seeley, Janet (2015) Chronic Diseases in North-West Tanzania and Southern Uganda. Public Perceptions of Terminologies, Aetiologies, Symptoms and Preferred Management. [Data Collection]

12 November 2015

Kerkhoff, Andrew D, Lawn, Stephen, Schutz, Charlotte, Burton, Rosie, Boulle, Andrew, Cobelens, Frank J, Meintjes, Graeme (2015) Data for: "Anemia, Blood Transfusion Requirements and Mortality Risk in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Adults Requiring Acute Medical Admission to Hospital in South Africa". [Data Collection]

24 November 2015

Francis, Suzanna C, Hou, Yanwen, Baisley, Kathy, Van de wijgert, Janneke, Watson-Jones, Deborah, Ao, Trong T, Herrera, Carolina, Maganja, Kaballa, Andreasen, Aura, Coulton, Gary R, Hayes, Richard J, Shattock, Robin J (2015) Data for: "Immune activation in the female genital tract: Expression profiles of soluble proteins in women at high risk for HIV infection". [Data Collection]

22 December 2015

Houlihan, Catherine, Baisley, Kathy, Bravo, Ignacio G., Kapiga, Saidi, de Sanjosé, Silvia, Changalucha, John, Ross, David, Hayes, Richard, Watson-jones, Deborah (2015) The Incidence of Human Papillomavirus in Tanzanian Adolescent Girls Before Reported Sexual Debut. [Data Collection]

26 January 2016

Kretzschmar, Mirjam E. E., Tosas Auguet, Olga, Betley, Jason R., Stabler, Richard, Patel, Amita, Ioannou, Avgousta, Marbach, Helene, Hearn, Pasco, Aryee, Anna, Goldenberg, Simon D., Otter, Jonathan A., Desai, Nergish, Karadag, Tacim, Grundy, Chris, Gaunt, Michael, Cooper, Ben S., Edgeworth, Jonathan D., Kypraios, Theodore (2016) Evidence for Community Transmission of Community-Associated but Not Health-Care-Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Strains Linked to Social and Material Deprivation: Spatial Analysis of Cross-sectional Data. [Data Collection]

February 2016

Phelan, Jody E., Coll, Francesc, Bergval, Indra, Anthony, Richard M., Warren, Rob, Sampson, Samantha L., Gey van Pittius, Nicolaas C., Glynn, Judith R., Crampin, Amelia C., Alves, Adriana, Bessa, Theolis Barbosa, Campino, Susana, Dheda, Keertan, Grandjean, Louis, Hasan, Rumina, Hasan, Zahra, Miranda, Anabela, Moore, David, Panaiotov, Stefan, Perdigao, Joao, Portugal, Isabel, Sheen, Patricia, de Oliveira Sousa, Erivelton, Streicher, Elizabeth M., van Helden, Paul D., Viveiros, Miguel, Hibberd, Martin L., Pain, Arnab, Mcnerney, Ruth, Clark, Taane G. (2016) Data for: "Recombination in pe/ppe genes contributes to genetic variation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages". [Data Collection]

9 February 2016

Wang, Xiaoying, Zheng, Danni, Arima, Hisatomi, Sato, Shoichiro, Gasparrini, Antonio, Heeley, Emma, Delcourt, Candice, Lo, Serigne, Huang, Yining, Wang, Jiguang, Stapf, Christian, Robinson, Thompson, Lavados, Pablo, Chalmers, John, Anderson, Craig S. (2016) Low Ambient Temperature and Intracerebral Hemorrhage: The INTERACT2 Study. [Data Collection]

1 March 2016

Tsuboi, Takafumi, Grigg, Matthew, Barber, Bridget E., Marfurt, Jutta, Imwong, Mallika, William, Timothy, Bird, Elspeth, Piera, Kim A., Aziz, Ammar, Boonyuen, Usa, Drakeley, Chris, Cox, Jonathan, White, Nicholas J., Cheng, Qin, Yeo, Tsin W., Auburn, Sarah, Anstey, Nicholas M. (2016) Dihydrofolate-Reductase Mutations in Plasmodium knowlesi Appear Unrelated to Selective Drug Pressure from Putative Human-To-Human Transmission in Sabah, Malaysia. [Data Collection]

2 March 2016

Carpenter, David O., Svefors, Pernilla, Rahman, Anisur, Ekström, Eva-Charlotte, Khan, Ashraful Islam, Lindström, Emma, Persson, Lars Åke, Ekholm Selling, Katarina (2016) Stunted at 10 Years. Linear Growth Trajectories and Stunting from Birth to Pre-Adolescence in a Rural Bangladeshi Cohort. [Data Collection]

9 March 2016

Chotirmall, Sanjay Haresh, Rothnie, Kieran, Müllerová, Hana, Hurst, John R., Smeeth, Liam, Davis, Kourtney, Thomas, Sara L, Quint, Jennifer (2016) Validation of the Recording of Acute Exacerbations of COPD in UK Primary Care Electronic Healthcare Records. [Data Collection]

14 March 2016

Diaz-ordaz, Karla, Kenward, Mike, Gomes, Manuel, Grieve, Richard (2016) Multiple imputation methods for bivariate outcomes in cluster randomised trials: Supporting Information. [Data Collection]

29 April 2016

Mansour, Nuha R., Paveley, Ross, Gardner, J. Mark F., Bell, Andrew S., Parkinson, Tanya, Bickle, Quentin (2016) High Throughput Screening Identifies Novel Lead Compounds with Activity against Larval, Juvenile and Adult Schistosoma mansoni. [Data Collection]

17 May 2016

Kucharski, Adam J., Funk, Sebastian, Eggo, Rosalind M., Mallet, Henri-Pierre, Edmunds, W. John, Nilles, Eric J. (2016) Transmission Dynamics of Zika Virus in Island Populations: A Modelling Analysis of the 2013–14 French Polynesia Outbreak. [Data Collection]

18 May 2016

Tientcheu, Leopold, Haks, Mariëlle C., Agbla, Schadrac, Sutherland, Jayne S., Adetifa, Ifedayo, Donkor, Simon, Quinten, Edwin, Daramy, Mohammed, Antonio, Martin, Kampmann, Beate, Ottenhoff, Tom H. M., Dockrell, Hazel, Ota, Martin O. (2016) Host Immune Responses Differ between M. africanum- and M. tuberculosis-Infected Patients following Standard Anti-tuberculosis Treatment. [Data Collection]

23 June 2016

Rees, Claire P., Hawkesworth, Sophie, Moore, Sophie E., Dondeh, Bai L., Unger, Stefan A. (2016) Factors Affecting Access to Healthcare: An Observational Study of Children under 5 Years of Age Presenting to a Rural Gambian Primary Healthcare Centre. [Data Collection]

27 June 2016

Mason, Daniel S., Marks, Michael, Sokana, Oliver, Solomon, Anthony W., Mabey, David C., Romani, Lucia, Kaldor, John, Steer, Andrew C., Engelman, Daniel (2016) The Prevalence of Scabies and Impetigo in the Solomon Islands: A Population-Based Survey. [Data Collection]

5 July 2016

Ansari, Hifzur Rahman, Templeton, Thomas J., Subudhi, Amit Kumar, Ramaprasad, Abhinay, Tang, Jianxia, Lu, Feng, Naeem, Raeece, Hashish, Yasmeen, Oguike, Mary C., Benavente, Ernest Diez, Clark, Taane G., Sutherland, Colin J., Barnwell, John W., Culleton, Richard, Cao, Jun, Pain, Arnab (2016) Genome-scale comparison of expanded gene families in Plasmodium ovale wallikeri and Plasmodium ovale curtisi with Plasmodium malariae and with other Plasmodium species. [Data Collection]

11 August 2016

Pradeilles, Rebecca, Rousham, Emily K., Norris, Shane A., Kesten, Joanna M., Griffiths, Paula L. (2016) Community readiness for adolescents’ overweight and obesity prevention is low in urban South Africa: a case study. [Data Collection]

17 November 2016

Angkurawaranon, C., Nitsch, Dorothea, Larke, Natasha, Rehman, Andrea M., Smeeth, Liam, Addo, Juliet (2016) Ecological Study of HIV Infection and Hypertension in Sub-Saharan Africa: Is There a Double Burden of Disease? [Data Collection]

January 2017

Gasparrini, Antonio, Scheipl, Fabian, Armstrong, Ben, Kenward, Mike (2017) R code and data for: "A penalized framework for distributed lag non-linear models". [Data Collection]

25 January 2017

Gasparrini, Antonio, Leone, Michela (2017) attrdl.Rd: Attributable Risk from a DLNM. [Data Collection]

27 January 2017

Lopez-Bernal, James, Cummins, Steven, Gasparrini, Antonio (2017) R and STATA code for: "Interrupted time series regression for the evaluation of public health interventions: a tutorial". [Data Collection]

8 February 2017

Andreu, Nuria, Phelan, Jody, de Sessions, Paola F, Cliff, Jackie M., Clark, Taane, Hibberd, Martin (2017) Primary macrophages and J774 cells respond differently to infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. [Data Collection]

27 February 2017

Greenwood, Brian, Greenwood, Alice, Bradley, Andrew (2017) Data from a study of Guinea worm infection in northern Nigeria, 1971-1974. [Data Collection]

25 May 2017

Johnson, Anne, Mercer, C (2017) National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, 2010-2012: Biological Data: Secure Access. [Data Collection]

Johnson, Anne, Mercer, C. (2017) National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, 2010-2012: Secure Access. [Data Collection]

29 June 2017

Ruis, Christopher, Roy, Sunando, Brown, Julianne R., Allen, David J., Goldstein, Richard A., Breuer, Judith (2017) The emerging GII.P16-GII.4 Sydney 2012 norovirus lineage is circulating worldwide, arose by late-2014 and contains polymerase changes that may increase virus transmission. [Data Collection]

2 August 2017

Weiss, Helen, Nakinyingi-Miiro, Jessica, Sembajjwe, Wilber, Gibson, Lorna (2017) MENISCUS SMC dataset. [Data Collection]

22 September 2017

Diez Benavente, Ernest, Florez de Sessions, Paola, Moon, Robert W., Holder, Anthony A., Blackman, Michael J., Roper, Cally, Drakeley, Christopher J., Pain, Arnab, Sutherland, Colin J., Hibberd, Martin L., Campino, Susana, Clark, Taane G. (2017) Analysis of nuclear and organellar genomes of Plasmodium knowlesi in humans reveals ancient population structure and recent recombination among host-specific subpopulations. [Data Collection]

2 November 2017

van Kleef, Esther, Luangasanatip, Nantasit, Bonten, Marc JM, Cooper, Ben S (2017) R code: why sensitive bacteria are resistant to hospital infection control. [Data Collection]

14 November 2017

Lopez Bernal, James A., Lu, Christine Y., Gasparrini, Antonio, Cummins, Steven, Wharham, J. Frank, Soumerai, Steven B. (2017) Association between the 2012 Health and Social Care Act and specialist visits and hospitalisations in England: A controlled interrupted time series analysis. [Data Collection]

Mccreesh, Nicky (2017) Model code for "An explanation for the low proportion of tuberculosis that results from transmission between household and known social contacts". [Data Collection]

12 December 2017

Watson, Conall H., Coriakula, Jeremaia, Ngoc, Dung Tran Thi, Flasche, Stefan, Kucharski, Adam J., Lau, Colleen L., Thieu, Nga Tran Vu, le Polain de Waroux, Olivier, Rawalai, Kitione, Van, Tan Trinh, Taufa, Mere, Baker, Stephen, Nilles, Eric J., Kama, Mike, Edmunds, W. John (2017) Social mixing in Fiji: Who-eats-with-whom contact patterns and the implications of age and ethnic heterogeneity for disease dynamics in the Pacific Islands. [Data Collection]

28 December 2017

Burr, Sarah E., Camara, Bully, Oluwalana, Claire, Bojang, Ebrima, Bottomley, Christian, Bojang, Abdoulie, Bailey, Robin L., D’alessandro, Umberto, Roca, Anna (2017) Data for: "Does azithromycin given to women in labour decrease ocular bacterial infection in neonates? A double-blind, randomized trial". [Data Collection]

4 January 2018

Weiss, Helen, Nakinyingi-Miiro, Jessica, Sembajjwe, Wilber (2018) Data for: "Menstrual health and school absenteeism among adolescent girls in Uganda (MENISCUS): feasibility study". [Data Collection]

18 January 2018

Currier, Rachel B., Cooper, Anneli, Burrell-saward, Hollie, MacLeod, Annette, Alsford, Sam (2018) Decoding the network of Trypanosoma brucei proteins that determines sensitivity to apolipoprotein-L1. [Data Collection]

15 February 2018

Svefors, Pernilla, Selling, Katarina Ekholm, Shaheen, Rubina, Khan, Ashraful Islam, Persson, Lars Åke, Lindholm, Lars (2018) Cost-effectiveness of prenatal food and micronutrient interventions on under-five mortality and stunting: Analysis of data from the MINIMat randomized trial, Bangladesh. [Data Collection]

8 March 2018

Kelly, Christine, Dube, Albert, Mortimer, Kevin (2018) Data for: "From kitchen to classroom: Assessing the impact of cleaner burning biomass-fuelled cookstoves on primary school attendance in Karonga district, northern Malawi". [Data Collection]

2 May 2018

Sepúlveda, Nuno, Phelan, Jody, Diez-Benavente, Ernest, Campino, Susana, Clark, Taane G., Hopkins, Heidi, Sutherland, Colin, Drakeley, Chris J., Beshir, Khalid B. (2018) Global analysis of Plasmodium falciparum histidine-rich protein-2 ( pfhrp2 ) and pfhrp3 gene deletions using whole-genome sequencing data and meta-analysis. [Data Collection]

14 June 2018

Herman, Lou S., Fornace, Kimberly, Phelan, Jody, Grigg, Matthew J., Anstey, Nicholas M., William, Timothy, Moon, Robert W., Blackman, Michael J., Drakeley, Chris J., Tetteh, Kevin K. A. (2018) Identification and validation of a novel panel of Plasmodium knowlesi biomarkers of serological exposure. [Data Collection]

18 June 2018

Farmer, Ruth, Douglas, Ian J. (2018) Clinical code list - Alcohol. [Data Collection]

Bhaskaran, Krishnan, Farmer, Ruth (2018) Clinical code list - Cancer. [Data Collection]

Farmer, Ruth (2018) Clinical code list - Cardiovascular disease. [Data Collection]

Farmer, Ruth (2018) Clinical code list - Chronic kidney disease. [Data Collection]

Eastwood, Sophie V., Mathur, Rohini, Farmer, Ruth (2018) Clinical code list - Diabetes care related codes. [Data Collection]

Eastwood, Sophie V., Mathur, Rohini, Farmer, Ruth (2018) Clinical code list - Diabetes diagnoses. [Data Collection]

13 July 2018

Gon, Giorgia (2018) Data for "HANDS project - Hand-hygiene of Attendants for Newborn Deliveries and Survival". [Data Collection]

16 July 2018

Kuteesa, Monica O., Weiss, Helen A., Abaasa, Andrew, Nash, Stephen, Nsubuga, Rebecca N., Newton, Rob, Seeley, Janet, Kamali, Anatoli (2018) HIV Combination Prevention study - Data at months 0, 9 and 15. [Data Collection]

17 July 2018

Cox, Sharon, Makani, Julie, Lee, Nathan, Sangeda, Raphael (2018) Dataset for: Hepcidin in Tanzanian children with sickle cell disease. [Data Collection]

25 July 2018

Kucharski, Adam J., Wenham, Clare, Brownlee, Polly, Racon, Lucie, Widmer, Natasha, Eames, Ken T. D., Conlan, Andrew J. K. (2018) Reported contacts dataset for "Structure and consistency of self-reported social contact networks in British secondary schools". [Data Collection]

14 August 2018

Sobkowiak, Benjamin, Glynn, Judith R., Houben, Rein M. G. J., Mallard, Kim, Phelan, Jody E., Guerra-Assunção, José Afonso, Banda, Louis, Mzembe, Themba, Viveiros, Miguel, McNerney, Ruth, Parkhill, Julian, Crampin, Amelia C., Clark, Taane G. (2018) Additional file 1: of Identifying mixed Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections from whole genome sequence data. [Data Collection]

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