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Langston, H, Fortes Francisco, A, Doidge, C, Roberts, CH, Khan, AA, Jayawardhana, S, Taylor, MC, Kelly, JM and Lewis, MD (2024). Source data for: "Dynamics of Trypanosoma cruzi infection in hamsters and novel association with progressive motor dysfunction". [Data Collection]. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Natukunda, A, Zirimenya, L, Nkurunungi, G, Nassuna, J, Elliott, AM and Webb, E (2024). Data supporting “The effect of current helminth infection on vaccine responses among adolescents living in helminth-endemic islands of Lake Victoria, Uganda”. [Data Collection]. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom.

López-Jiménez, AT, Brokatzky, D, Pillay, K, Williams, T, Özbaykal Güler, G and Mostowy, S (2024). High-content high-resolution microscopy and deep learning assisted analysis reveals host and bacterial heterogeneity during Shigella infection. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (2023). Data for: "Genomic diversity and antimicrobial resistance in clinical Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates from tertiary hospitals in Southern Ghana". [Data Collection]. NCBI Sequence Read Archive.

PANGEA-HIV Consortium (2023). PANGEA-HIV/PANGEA-Sequences: v1.0.0. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

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Holt, KE (2023). Global Typhoid Genomics Consortium 2022 - Genome Assemblies. [Data Collection]. Monash University.

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Elliott, HR, Burrows, K, Min, JL, Tillin, T, Mason, D, Wright, J, Santorelli, G, Davey Smith, G, Lawlor, DA, Hughes, AD, Chaturvedi, N and Relton, CL (2022). Additional file 3 of Characterisation of ethnic differences in DNA methylation between UK-resident South Asians and Europeans. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

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Uganda Medical Informatics Centre (2022). APCDR AGV Baganda. [Data Collection]. European Genome-phenome Archive.

Uganda Medical Informatics Centre (2022). APCDR AGV Project: Low depth (4x) sequence data from an Ugandan population (BAMs). [Data Collection]. European Genome-phenome Archive.

Uganda Medical Informatics Centre (2022). APCDR Uganda GWAS - High depth sequencing of a Baganda trio. [Data Collection]. European Genome-phenome Archive.

MRC/UVRI & LSHTM Uganda Research Unit (2022). Measles virus genomes in Uganda. [Data Collection]. NIH National Library of Medicine.

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (2022). Population genetic analysis of Plasmodium knowlesi reveals differential selection and exchange events between Borneo and Peninsular sub-populations. [Data Collection]. European Nucleotide Archive.

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (2022). CDC50 interacting partners of Plasmodium falcipraum. [Data Collection]. PRIDE: PRoteomic IDEntifications Database.

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Showering, A (2022). Skin microbiome alters attractiveness to Anopheles mosquitoes. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Houghton, J (2022). F6 M. tb knock out mutant Vs wildtype after 24hrs starvation in PBS Tyloxapol. [Data Collection]. Biostudies.

Jagne, I, Keeley, AJ, Bojang, A, Camara, B, Jallow, E, Senghore, E, Oluwalana, C, Bah, SY, Turner, CE, Sesay, AK, D’alessandro, U, Bottomley, C, De silva, TI and Roca, A (2022). Additional file 1 of Impact of intra-partum azithromycin on carriage of group A streptococcus in the Gambia: a posthoc analysis of a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

Band, G, Leffler, EM, Jallow, M, Sisay-Joof, F, Ndila, CM, Macharia, AW, Hubbart, C, Jeffreys, AE, Rowlands, K, Nguyen, T, Goncalves, SM, Ariani, CV, Stalker, J, Pearson, RD, Amato, R, Drury, E, Sirugo, G, D'Alessandro, U, Bojang, KA, Marsh, K, Peshu, N, Conway, DJ, Williams, TN, Rockett, KA and Kwiatkowski, DP (2021). Sample accession list for "Malaria protection due to sickle haemoglobin depends on parasite genotype". [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Band, G, Leffler, EM, Jallow, M, Sisay-Joof, F, Ndila, CM, Macharia, AW, Hubbart, C, Jeffreys, AE, Rowlands, K, Nguyen, T, Goncalves, SM, Ariani, CV, Stalker, J, Pearson, RD, Amato, R, Drury, E, Sirugo, G, D'Alessandro, U, Bojang, KA, Marsh, K, Peshu, N, Conway, DJ, Williams, TN, Rockett, KA and Kwiatkowski, DP (2021). Summary statistics for association tests between human and Plasmodium falciparum genetic variants in 3,346 severe malaria cases from The Gambia and Kenya. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Lynham, S and Dawson, L (2021). C. difficle p-cresol production. [Data Collection]. ProteomeXchange.

Tanner, KT, Sharples, LD, Daniel, RM and Keogh, RH (2021). KamTan/MediationSimulation. [Data Collection]. GitHub.

Beilinson, H, Yadavalli, A, Xiao, J, Corbett, L, Saribasak, H and Schatz, D (2021). The RAG1 N-terminal region regulates the efficiency and pathways of synapsis for V(D)J recombination. [Data Collection]. NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus.

Borg, Y, Alsford, S, Zaikin, A and Nesbeth, D (2021). Images of selected cells of the TbGOS02 recombinant Trypanosoma brucei brucei cell line. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

Borg, Y, Alsford, S, Zaikin, A and Nesbeth, D (2021). Sequence of the UbeK trypanosomal degron. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

Fennell, TG, Blackwell, GA, Thomson, NR and Dorman, MJ (2021). Supporting data for "chiA and gbpA genes are not uniformly distributed amongst diverse Vibrio cholerae". [Data Collection]. Figshare.

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (2021). Sequencing of M/XDR isoaltes from Pakistan. [Data Collection]. European Nucleotide Archive.

Jeffries, CL, Cansado-Utrilla, C, Beavogui, AH, Stica, C, Lama, EK, Kristan, M, Irish, SR and Walker, T (2021). Table S2. from Evidence for natural hybridization and novel Wolbachia strain superinfections in the Anopheles gambiae complex from Guinea. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

Cortes, T (2021). E-MTAB-8835 - Ribosome profiling of Mycobacterium tuberculosis under nutrient starvation. [Data Collection]. ArrayExpress.

Scriba, TJ, Fiore-Gartland, A, Penn-Nicholson, A, Mulenga, H, Kimbung Mbandi, S, Borate, B, Mendelsohn, SC, Hadley, K, Hikuam, C, Kaskar, M, Musvosvi, M, Bilek, N, Self, S, Sumner, T, White, RG, Erasmus, M, Jaxa, L, Raphela, R, Innes, C, Brumskine, W, Hiemstra, A, Malherbe, ST, Hassan-Moosa, R, Tameris, M, Walzl, G, Naidoo, K, Churchyard, G and Hatherill, M (2021). RISK11 signature scores for the biomarker-guided tuberculosis preventive therapy (CORTIS) randomised controlled trial. [Data Collection]. University of Cape Town.

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Xu, Y, Stockdale, JE, Naidu, V, Hatherell, H, Stimson, J, Stagg, HR, Abubakar, I and Colijn, C (2020). Transmission analysis of a large TB outbreak in London: a mathematical modelling study using genomic data. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

Aubry, F, Dabo, S, Manet, C, Filipovic, I, Rose, NH, Miot, EF, Martynow, D, Baidaliuk, A, Merkling, SH, Dickson, LB, Crist, AB, Anyango, VO, Romero-vivas, CM, Vega-Rua, A, Dusfour, I, Jiolle, D, Paupy, C, Mayanja, MN, Lutwama, JJ, Kohl, A, Duong, V, Ponlawat, A, Sylla, M, Akorli, J, Otoo, S, Lutomiah, J, Sang, R, Mutebi, J, Cao-Lormeau, V, Jarman, RG, Diagne, CT, Faye, O, Faye, O, Sall, AA, McBride, CS, Montagutelli, X, Rasic, G and Lambrechts, L (2020). Enhanced Zika virus susceptibility of globally invasive Aedes aegypti populations. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Tola, M, Ajibola, O, Idowu, ET, Omidiji, O, Awolola, ST and Amambua-Ngwa, A (2020). Additional file 2 of Molecular detection of drug resistant polymorphisms in Plasmodium falciparum isolates from Southwest, Nigeria. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

Sutherland, C and Henrici, R (2020). The Plasmodium falciparum artemisinin susceptibility-associated AP-2 adaptin mu subunit is clathrin-independent and essential for schizont-maturation v2.0. [Data Collection]. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom.

Wyres, KL, Nguyen, TNT, Lam, MMC, Judd, LM, van Vinh Chau, N, Dance, DAB, Ip, M, Karkey, A, Ling, CL, Miliya, T, Newton, PN, Lan, NPH, Sengduangphachanh, A, Turner, P, Veeraraghavan, B, Vinh, PV, Vongsouvath, M, Thomson, NR, Baker, S and Holt, KE (2020). Data for, "Genomic surveillance for hypervirulence and multi-drug resistance in invasive Klebsiella pneumoniae from south and southeast Asia.". [Data Collection]. Monash University.

Derrick, T (2019). Longitudinal gene expression dataset [The immuno-pathogenesis of progressive scarring trachoma: results of a four-year longitudinal study in Tanzanian children]. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

Marlais, T (2019). Diagnostics development for the neglected parasitic diseases strongyloidiasis and visceral leishmaniasis. [Data Collection]. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom.

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (2019). Comparing antimicrobial resistance prediction pipelines from bacterial whole genome sequencing data: An inter-laboratory study. [Data Collection]. European Nucleotide Archive.

Kumar, N, Browne, HP, Viciani, E, Forster, SC, Clare, S, Harcourt, K, Stares, MD, Dougan, G, Fairley, DJ, Roberts, P, Pirmohamed, M, Clokie, MRJ, Jensen, MBF, Hargreaves, KR, Ip, M, Wieler, LH, Seyboldt, C, Norén, T, Riley, TV, Kuijper, EJ, Wren, BW and Lawley, TD (2019). Adaptation of host transmission cycle during Clostridium difficile speciation. [Data Collection]. Nature Genetics.

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Scriba, TJ, Kimuda, SG, Biraro, IA, Bagaya, BS, Raynes, JG and Cose, S (2018). S1 Data File for: "Characterising antibody avidity in individuals of varied Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection status using surface plasmon resonance". [Data Collection]. PLOS One.

Gonçalves, BP, Kapulu, MC, Sawa, P, Guelbéogo, WM, Tiono, AB, Grignard, L, Stone, WJR, Hellewell, J, Lanke, K, Bastiaens, GJH, Bradley, J, Nébié, I, Ngoi, JM, Oriango, R, Mkabili, D, Nyaurah, M, Midega, J, Wirth, DF, Marsh, K, Churcher, TS, Bejon, P, Sirima, SB, Drakeley, C and Bousema, T (2018). Data from: Examining the human infectious reservoir for Plasmodium falciparum malaria in areas of differing transmission intensity. [Data Collection]. Dryad.

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (2018). Plasmodium knowlesi SWGA in clinical isolates. [Data Collection]. European Nucleotide Archive.

Palittapongarnpim, P, Ajawatanawong, P, Viratyosin, W, Smittipat, N, Disratthakit, A, Mahasirimongkol, S, Yanai, H, Yamada, N, Nedsuwan, S, Imasanguan, W, Kantipong, P, Chaiyasirinroje, B, Wongyai, J, Toyo-oka, L, Phelan, J, Parkhill, J, Clark, TG, Hibberd, ML, Ruengchai, W, Palittapongarnpim, P, Juthayothin, T, Tongsima, S and Tokunaga, K (2018). Evidence for Host-Bacterial Co-evolution via Genome Sequence Analysis of 480 Thai Mycobacterium tuberculosis Lineage 1 Isolates. [Data Collection]. Scientific Reports.

Tarr, SJ and Conway, DJ (2018). Diversity in gene expression profiles captured through highly resolved whole-transcriptome profiling of clinical and laboratory-adapted malaria parasite isolates. [Data Collection]. NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus.

Holt, KE and Wyres, K (2018). Klebsiella ecology and genome plasticity compared to E. coli and Gram negative ESKAPE pathogens. [Data Collection]. University of Melbourne, Australia.

Butcher, R (2018). Data for: "Clinical signs of trachoma are prevalent among Solomon Islanders who have no persistent markers of prior infection with Chlamydia trachomatis". [Data Collection]. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom.

Hensman Moss, DJ, Robertson, N, Farmer, R, Scahill, RI, Haider, S, Tessari, MA, Flynn, G, Fischer, DF, Wild, EJ, Macdonald, D and Tabrizi, SJ (2017). Quantification of huntingtin protein species in Huntington’s disease patient leukocytes using optimised electrochemiluminescence immunoassays. [Data Collection]. PLOS One.

Pickering, S, Hue, S, Kim, E, Reddy, S, Wolinsky, SM and Neil, SJD (2017). Preservation of Tetherin and CD4 Counter-Activities in Circulating Vpu Alleles despite Extensive Sequence Variation within HIV-1 Infected Individuals. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

Oswald, W and Witek-McManus, S (2017). TUMIKIA Project Laboratory Kato-Katz Forms. [Data Collection]. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom.

Andreu, N, Phelan, J, de Sessions, PF, Cliff, JM, Clark, T and Hibberd, M (2017). Primary macrophages and J774 cells respond differently to infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. [Data Collection]. Gene Expression Omnibus.

Lazzarino, AI and Mindell, JS (2017). Measuring high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T blood concentration in population surveys. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

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Coker, OO, Chaiprasert, A, Ngamphiw, C, Tongsima, S, Regmi, SM, Clark, T, Ong, RTH, Teo, Y, Prammananan, T and Palittapongarnpim, P (2016). Mycobacterium tuberculosis Nonthaburi genotype raw reads. [Data Collection]. National Center for Biotechnology Information.

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