PANGEA-HIV/PANGEA-Sequences: v1.0.0

PANGEA-HIV Consortium. 2023. PANGEA-HIV/PANGEA-Sequences: v1.0.0. [Online]. Zenodo. Available from:

PANGEA-HIV Consortium. PANGEA-HIV/PANGEA-Sequences: v1.0.0 [Internet]. Zenodo; 2023. Available from:

PANGEA-HIV Consortium (2023). PANGEA-HIV/PANGEA-Sequences: v1.0.0. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.



Description of data capture HIV sequence data were obtained from participants from multiple cohorts across Africa and generated following deep-sequencing by the PANGEA-HIV consortium. PANGEA-HIV stands for "Phylogenetics And Networks for Generalised Epidemics in Africa".
Data capture method Experiment: Laboratory, Other
Date (Date published in a 3rd party system) 6 November 2023
Language(s) of written materials English
Data Creators PANGEA-HIV Consortium
Associated roles Fraser, C (Project Leader), Abeler-Dörner, L (Other), Ayles, H (Other), Bonsall, D (Other), Bowden, R (Other), Calvez, V (Other), Essex, M (Other), Fidler, S (Other), Grabowski, K (Other), Golubchik, T (Other), Gupta, R (Other), Hayes, R (Other), Herbeck, J (Other), Kagaayi, J (Other), Kaleebu, P (Other), Lingappa, J (Other), Moyo, S (Other), Novitsky, V (Other), Ndung'u, T (Other), Pillay, D (Project Leader), Quinn, T (Other), Rambaut, A (Other), Ratmann, O (Other), Seeley, J (Other), Ssemwanga, D (Other), Tanser, F (Other), Wawer, M (Other), Cohen, M (Other), D'Oliveira, T (Other), Dennis, A (Other), Frampton, D (Other), Hoppe, A (Other), Kellam, P (Other), Kityo, C (Other), Leigh-Brown, A (Other) and Paton, N (Other)
Participating Institutions London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom
Date Deposited 07 Nov 2023 12:07
Last Modified 07 Nov 2023 12:07
Publisher Zenodo



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