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1 January 1981

World Health Organization, , International Collaborative Study of Medical Care Utilization, (1981) WHO/ICS Medical Care Utilization Study Data, 1968-1969. [Data Collection]

18 November 1997

Ndeso-Atanga, Sylvester, Leonard, Kenneth L (1997) Survey on the Choice and Perception of Quality in Rural Health Institutions, Mbonge Subdivision, Southwest Province, Cameroun. [Data Collection]

16 October 2000

Roberts, J.A., Allen, P.W.L., Croxson, B., Taylor, L., Crawshaw, S.C., Archibald, K.L.M.H. (2000) Risks, Contracts and Infectious Disease in the UK NHS Managed Market, 1997-1999. [Data Collection]

15 May 2003

Cowden, J, Hudson, M, Roberts, J.A., Roderick, P, Rodrigues, Laura, Sethi, D, Tompkins, D, Wall, P, Wheeler, J (2003) Study of Infectious Intestinal Disease in England, 1993-1996. [Data Collection]

26 August 2006

Breeze, Elizabeth, Wilkinson, Paul, Fletcher, Astrid, Bulpitt, C, Jones, D, Tulloch, A (2006) Quality of Life among People Aged 75 and over in Great Britain, 1994-1998. [Data Collection]

1 September 2007

Aniteye, Patience, O'Brien, Beverley, Mayhew, Susannah H. (2007) Data for: "Stigmatized by association: challenges for abortion service providers in Ghana". [Data Collection]

7 April 2010

Grundy, Emily (2010) Ethnicity and Economic Activity: Longitudinal Perspectives, 1971-2006. [Data Collection]

Grundy, Emily (2010) Limiting Long-Term Illness: Longitudinal Perspectives, 1971-2006. [Data Collection]

16 August 2010

Vyas, Seema, Watts, Charlotte (2010) Contested development?: intimate partner violence and women's employment in urban and rural Tanzania. [Data Collection]

31 July 2011

White, Richard, Dodd, Peter (2011) Casual and close contact data for buildings in South Africa and Zambia. [Data Collection]


Berhanu, Della, Tadesse, Seifu (2012) IDEAS project - Feasibility study for a Data Informed Platform for Health in Ethiopia. [Data Collection]


Gautham, Meenakshi, Bhattacharyya, Sanghita, Shrivastava, Aradhana (2013) IDEAS project - Data Informed Platform for Health feasibility study in Uttar Pradesh. [Data Collection]

Spicer, Neil, Dimka, Ritgak, Fanta, Feleke, Tamire-Woldemariam, Addis, Bhattacharya, Dipankar (2013) IDEAS project - Study of the scale-up of innovations to improve maternal and newborn health. [Data Collection]

1 March 2013

Seguin, Maureen, Lewis, Ruth, Razmadze, Mariam, Amirejibi, Tinatin, Roberts, Bayard (2013) Topic guide for "Coping strategies of internally displaced women in Georgia: A qualitative study". [Data Collection]

22 August 2013

Fielding, Katherine, Lewis, James, Jiang, Shiwen (2013) Effectiveness of electronic reminders to improve medication adherence in tuberculosis patients: a cluster-randomised trial. [Data Collection]


Berhanu, Della, Tadesse, Nolawi (2014) IDEAS project - Community based newborn care evaluation: first round qualitative study field notes. [Data Collection]

Gautham, Meenakshi, Subharwal, Manish, Gupta, Sanjay, Spicer, Neil, Mishra, Nirmala (2014) IDEAS project - Private sector health data sharing study in Uttar Pradesh. [Data Collection]

Spicer, Neil, Fanta, Feleke, Belete, Feker, Wickremasinghe, Deepthi (2014) IDEAS project - Scaling-up innovations to improve maternal and newborn health - Ethiopia case study resources. [Data Collection]

28 April 2014

White, Richard (2014) Respondent-Driven Sampling and Total Population Data from a Rural Ugandan Cohort, 2010: Special Licence Access. [Data Collection]

1 September 2014

Gourlay, Annabelle, Wringe, Alison, Birdthistle, Isolde, Mshana, Gerry, Michael, Denna, Urassa, Mark (2014) "It Is Like That, We Didn't Understand Each Other": Exploring the Influence of Patient-Provider Interactions on Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV Service Use in Rural Tanzania (qualitative data). [Data Collection]

25 November 2014

Marchant, Tanya, Schellenberg, Joanna (2014) Coverage and Content of Health Contacts for Mothers and Newborns in Uttar Pradesh, Ethiopia and Nigeria, 2012. [Data Collection]

7 December 2014

Michaels-Igbokwe, Christine (2014) Young people's preferences for family planning service providers in rural Malawi: a stated preference data set. [Data Collection]


Gautham, Meenakshi, Manish, Subharwal, Sanjay, Gupta, Spicer, Neil (2015) IDEAS project - Private sector health data sharing study in West Bengal. [Data Collection]

Bhattacharyya, Sanghita (2015) IDEAS project - Qualitative data for the Data Informed Platform for Health formative study in West Bengal. [Data Collection]

Spicer, Neil, Gautham, Meenakshi, Mohan, Varun, Haldar, Karveri, Wickremasinghe, Deepthi (2015) IDEAS project - Scaling-up innovations to improve maternal and newborn health - Uttar Pradesh case study resources. [Data Collection]

Spicer, Neil, Alkali, Yashua, Akogun, Oladele, Atiku, Jibrilla, Umar, Nasir, Wickremasinghe, Deepthi (2015) IDEAS project - Scaling-up innovations to improve maternal and newborn health - Nigeria case study resources. [Data Collection]

Hill, Zelee (2015) IDEAS project - Study of behaviour change in maternal and newborn care in Ethiopia. [Data Collection]

Hill, Zelee (2015) IDEAS project - Study of behaviour change in maternal and newborn care in Northeast Nigeria. [Data Collection]

Drabo, Seydou, Kagambega, Aline, Keita, Assita, Kontiebo, Sonia, Montel, Lisa, Filippi, Veronique, Soubeiga, André, Storeng, Katerini, Da, Sylvestre, Allahissem, Carine, Gali Gali, Idriss, Yaogo, Maurice (2015) Productivity, family planning and reproductive health in Burkina Faso: PopDev qualitative data. [Data Collection]

25 July 2015

Chihana, Menard, Crampin, Mia (2015) Karonga HDSS INDEPTH Core Dataset 2003 - 2011. [Data Collection]

27 July 2015

Chihana, Menard, Crampin, Mia (2015) Malawi - Karonga HDSS INDEPTH Core Dataset 2003 - 2012 Release 2015. [Data Collection]

24 September 2015

Johnson, Anne (2015) National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, 2010-2012. [Data Collection]

9 November 2015

Hulland, Kristyna R. S., Chase, Rachel P., Caruso, Bethany A., Swain, Rojalin, Biswal, Bismita, Sahoo, Krushna Chandra, Panigrahi, Pinaki, Dreibelbis, Robert (2015) Sanitation, Stress, and Life Stage: A Systematic Data Collection Study among Women in Odisha, India. [Data Collection]

10 November 2015

Nnko, Soori, Bukenya, Dominic, Kavishe, Bazil Balthazar, Biraro, Samuel, Peck, Robert, Kapiga, Saidi, Grosskurth, Heiner, Seeley, Janet (2015) Chronic Diseases in North-West Tanzania and Southern Uganda. Public Perceptions of Terminologies, Aetiologies, Symptoms and Preferred Management. [Data Collection]

24 November 2015

Francis, Suzanna C, Hou, Yanwen, Baisley, Kathy, Van de wijgert, Janneke, Watson-Jones, Deborah, Ao, Trong T, Herrera, Carolina, Maganja, Kaballa, Andreasen, Aura, Coulton, Gary R, Hayes, Richard J, Shattock, Robin J (2015) Data for: "Immune activation in the female genital tract: Expression profiles of soluble proteins in women at high risk for HIV infection". [Data Collection]

8 December 2015

Dodd, Peter J, Looker, Clare, Plumb, Ian D., Bond, Virginia, Schaap, Ab, Shanaube, Kwame, Muyoyeta, Monde, Vynnycky, Emilia, Godfrey-faussett, Peter, Corbett, Elizabeth, Beyers, Nulda, Ayles, Helen, White, Richard (2015) Age- and Sex-Specific Social Contact Patterns and Incidence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection: Interview Questionnaire. [Data Collection]

22 December 2015

Houlihan, Catherine, Baisley, Kathy, Bravo, Ignacio G., Kapiga, Saidi, de Sanjosé, Silvia, Changalucha, John, Ross, David, Hayes, Richard, Watson-jones, Deborah (2015) The Incidence of Human Papillomavirus in Tanzanian Adolescent Girls Before Reported Sexual Debut. [Data Collection]


Marchant, Tanya (2016) Change in maternal and newborn health care. Report from two cross-sectional surveys in six districts of Uttar Pradesh, India, 2012-2015. [Data Collection]

6 January 2016

Målqvist, Mats, Hoa, Dinh Phuong Thi, Persson, Lars Åke, Selling, Katarina Ekholm (2016) Effect of Facilitation of Local Stakeholder Groups on Equity in Neonatal Survival; Results from the NeoKIP Trial in Northern Vietnam. [Data Collection]

7 January 2016

Tam, Clarence, Viviani, Laura (2016) Second Study of Infectious Intestinal Disease in the United Kingdom, 2008-2009. [Data Collection]

21 January 2016

Green, Judith, Steinbach, Rebecca, Mullan, Patricia, Garnett, Emma (2016) Evaluation of Graduated Driving Licence in the UK - Baseline Qualitative Study. [Data Collection]

May 2016

Karat, Aaron, Tlali, Mpho, Fielding, Katherine, Charalambous, Salome, Chihota, Violet N., Churchyard, Gavin J., Hanifa, Yasmeen, Johnson, Suzanne, McCarthy, Kerrigan, Martinson, Neil A., Omar, Tanvier, Kahn, Kathleen, Chandramohan, Daniel, Grant, Alison D. (2016) Measuring mortality due to HIV-associated tuberculosis among adults in South Africa: comparing verbal autopsy, minimally-invasive autopsy, and research data. Data from the Lesedi Kamoso study. [Data Collection]

9 May 2016

Filippi, Veronique (2016) The effects of obstetric complications and their costs on the long-term economic and social well being of women and their families. [Data Collection]

28 July 2016

Powell-jackson, Timothy (2016) Survey of Pharmacists and Undercover Patients, Madhya Pradesh, India, 2013: Special Licence Access. [Data Collection]

August 2016

Hanifa, Yasmeen, Fielding, Katherine (2016) XPHACTOR Clinical Score dataset. [Data Collection]

12 August 2016

Hewett, Paul C., Nalubamba, Mutinta, Bozzani, Fiammetta, Digitale, Jean, Vu, Lung, Yam, Eileen, Nambao, Mary (2016) Randomized evaluation and cost-effectiveness of HIV and sexual and reproductive health service referral and linkage models in Zambia. [Data Collection]

15 September 2016

Chantler, Tracey, Lwembe, Saumu, Saliba, Vanessa, Raj, Thara, Mays, Nicholas, Ramsay, Mary, Mounier-jack, Sandra (2016) “It’s a complex mesh”- how large-scale health system reorganisation affected the delivery of the immunisation programme in England: a qualitative study. [Data Collection]

26 October 2016

Van den Eynden, Veerle, Knight, Gareth, Anca, Vlad (2016) Open Research: practices, experiences, barriers and opportunities. [Data Collection]

12 November 2016

Van Belle, Sara, Mayhew, Susannah (2016) Data for: "Public accountability needs to be enforced - a case study of the governance arrangements and accountability practices in a rural health district in Ghana". [Data Collection]

7 December 2016

Rhodes, Tim, Bernays, Sarah, Seeley, Janet, Namukwaya Kihika, Stella, Paparini, Sara (2016) Adhering to HIV treatment during adolescence: A multi method qualitative study in Uganda. [Data Collection]


Dennis, Mardieh, Chelwa, Nachela, Owolabi, Onikepe, Cresswell, Jenny, Filippi, Veronique, Campbell, Oona (2017) Zambia Signal Functions study 2016 dataset. [Data Collection]

4 January 2017

Glynn, Judith R., Bower, Hilary, Houlihan, Catherine, Oza, Shefali, Checchi, Francesco, Johnson, Sembia, Turay, Cecilia, Sesay, Daniel, Mansaray, Saidu H., Kamara, Osman, Kamara, Joshua A., Bangura, Mohamed S., Montesano, Carla, Dicks, Steve, Samuel, Dhan, Tedder, Richard, Sebba, Charles (2017) Asymptomatic infection and family contact patterns in households of Ebola Virus Disease survivors, Sierra Leone 2015. [Data Collection]

24 April 2017

Ferrand, Rashida, Weiss, Helen, Simms, Victoria, Dauya, Ethel, Bandason, Tsitsi, McHugh, Grace, Dakshina, Subathira (2017) ZENITH Adolescent HIV prevalence survey dataset. [Data Collection]

8 May 2017

Liverani, Marco, Nguon, Chea, Sok, Ra, Kim, Daro, Nou, Panharith, Nguon, Sokhan, Yeung, Shunmay (2017) Improving access to health care amongst vulnerable populations: a qualitative study of village malaria workers in Kampot, Cambodia. [Data Collection]

25 May 2017

Johnson, Anne, Mercer, C (2017) National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, 2010-2012: Biological Data: Secure Access. [Data Collection]

Johnson, Anne, Mercer, C. (2017) National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, 2010-2012: Secure Access. [Data Collection]

11 October 2017

Makungu, Christina, Stephen, Stephania, Kumburu, Salome, Govella, Nicodem J., Dongus, Stefan, Hildon, Zoe Jane-Lara, Killeen, Gerry F., Jones, Caroline (2017) Informing new or improved vector control tools for reducing the malaria burden in Tanzania: a qualitative exploration of perceptions of mosquitoes and methods for their control among the residents of Dar es Salaam. [Data Collection]

3 November 2017

Liverani, Marco (2017) Health data and information sharing across the borders in LMICs: views from stakeholders in Cambodia and Vietnam. [Data Collection]

22 December 2017

Bright, Tess, Mulwafu, Wakisa, Thindwa, Richard, Zuurmond, Maria, Polack, Sarah (2017) Data from: Reasons for low uptake of referrals to ear and hearing services for children in Malawi. [Data Collection]

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