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Butcher, Robert (2018) Data for: "Clinical signs of trachoma are prevalent among Solomon Islanders who have no persistent markers of prior infection with Chlamydia trachomatis". [Data Collection]


Cresswell, Jenny, Filippi, Veronique, Ganaba, Rasmané, Diallo, Hama Abdoulaye, Sarrassat, Sophie, Somé, Henri (2018) Alive & Thrive Evaluation in Burkina Faso: endline data. [Data Collection]

Currier, Rachel B., Cooper, Anneli, Burrell-saward, Hollie, MacLeod, Annette, Alsford, Sam (2018) Decoding the network of Trypanosoma brucei proteins that determines sensitivity to apolipoprotein-L1. [Data Collection]


Early, Angela M., Lievens, Marc, MacInnis, Bronwyn L., Ockenhouse, Christian F., Volkman, Sarah K., Adjei, Samuel, Agbenyega, Tsiri, Ansong, Daniel, Gondi, Stacey, Greenwood, Brian, Hamel, Mary, Odero, Chris, Otieno, Kephas, Otieno, Walter, Owusu-agyei, Seth, Asante, Kwaku Poku, Sorgho, Hermann, Tina, Lucas, Tinto, Halidou, Valea, Innocent, Wirth, Dyann F., Neafsey, Daniel E. (2018) Electronic Supplementary Material for: "Host-mediated selection impacts the diversity of Plasmodium falciparum antigens within infections". [Data Collection]

Eggo, Rosalind M. (2018) Computer code of the coinfection model. [Data Collection]


Funk, Sebastian (2018) Socialmixr: Social Mixing Matrices for Infectious Disease Modelling. [Data Collection]


Harvey, Sheila, Lees, Shelley, Mshana, Gerry, Pilger, Daniel, Hansen, Christian, Kapiga, Saidi, Watts, Charlotte (2018) Additional files for: "A cluster randomized controlled trial to assess the impact on intimate partner violence of a 10-session participatory gender training curriculum delivered to women taking part in a group-based microfinance loan scheme in Tanzania (MAISHA CRT01): study protocol". [Data Collection]


Kelly, Christine, Dube, Albert, Mortimer, Kevin (2018) Data for: "From kitchen to classroom: Assessing the impact of cleaner burning biomass-fuelled cookstoves on primary school attendance in Karonga district, northern Malawi". [Data Collection]

Knight, Gareth (2018) LSHTM Data Compass Deposit Guides. [Data Collection]

Knight, Gwen (2018) Code for "The relative fitness of drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis: a modelling study of household transmission in Lima, Peru". [Data Collection]


Lalli, Marek, Ruysen, Harriet, Blencowe, Hannah, Yee, Kristen, Clune, Karen, DeSilva, Mary, Leffler, Marissa, Hillman, Emily, El-Noush, Haitham, Mulligan, Jo, Murray, Jeffrey C., Silver, Karlee, Lawn, Joy E. (2018) Saving Lives at Birth; development of a retrospective theory of change, impact framework and prioritised metrics. [Data Collection]

Leung, Kathy, Jit, Mark, Lau, Eric H. Y., Wu, Joseph T. (2018) Social contact data for Hong Kong. [Data Collection]


Massad, Eduardo, dos Santos, Paulo Cesar Costa, da Rocha, Armando Freitas, Stupple, Edward J. N. (2018) The Monty Hall problem revisited: Autonomic arousal in an inverted version of the game. [Data Collection]

McCarthy, Kerrigan, Fielding, Katherine, Churchyard, Gavin J., Grant, Alison D. (2018) Empiric tuberculosis treatment in South African primary health care facilities - for whom, where, when and why: Implications for the development of tuberculosis diagnostic tests. [Data Collection]

Morris, Tim P., Fisher, David J., Kenward, Michael G., Carpenter, James R. (2018) Dataset for: Meta-analysis of quantitative individual patient data: two stage or not two stage? [Data Collection]


Roman, Fabiola, Iñiguez, Alena M., Yeo, Matthew, Jansen, Ana M. (2018) Multilocus sequence typing: genetic diversity in Trypanosoma cruzi I (TcI) isolates from Brazilian didelphids. [Data Collection]


Stone, Will J. R., Campo, Joseph J., Ouédraogo, André Lin, Meerstein-Kessel, Lisette, Morlais, Isabelle, Da, Dari, Cohuet, Anna, Nsango, Sandrine, Sutherland, Colin J., van de Vegte-Bolmer, Marga, Siebelink-Stoter, Rianne, van Gemert, Geert-Jan, Graumans, Wouter, Lanke, Kjerstin, Shandling, Adam D., Pablo, Jozelyn V., Teng, Andy A., Jones, Sophie, de Jong, Roos M., Fabra-García, Amanda, Bradley, John, Roeffen, Will, Lasonder, Edwin, Gremo, Giuliana, Schwarzer, Evelin, Janse, Chris J., Singh, Susheel K., Theisen, Michael, Felgner, Phil, Marti, Matthias, Drakeley, Chris, Sauerwein, Robert, Bousema, Teun, Jore, Matthijs M. (2018) Data from: Unravelling the immune signature of Plasmodium falciparum transmission-reducing immunity. [Data Collection]

Svefors, Pernilla, Selling, Katarina Ekholm, Shaheen, Rubina, Khan, Ashraful Islam, Persson, Lars Åke, Lindholm, Lars (2018) Cost-effectiveness of prenatal food and micronutrient interventions on under-five mortality and stunting: Analysis of data from the MINIMat randomized trial, Bangladesh. [Data Collection]


Vasileva, Hristina, Butcher, Robert M. R., Roberts, Chrissy (2018) Conjunctival transcriptome profiling of Solomon Islanders with active trachoma but without ocular Chlamydia trachomatis infection. [Data Collection]


Walker, Dominic (2018) Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) expenditure report 2013-14. [Data Collection]

Walker, Dominic (2018) Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) expenditure report 2014-15. [Data Collection]

Walker, Dominic (2018) Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) expenditure report 2015-16. [Data Collection]

Walker, Dominic (2018) Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) expenditure report 2016-17. [Data Collection]

Weiss, Helen, Nakinyingi-Miiro, Jessica, Sembajjwe, Wilber (2018) Data for: "Menstrual health and school absenteeism among adolescent girls in Uganda (MENISCUS): feasibility study". [Data Collection]

Wilkinson, Samantha, Douglas, Ian J., Stirnadel-Farrant, Heide, Smeeth, Liam, Tomlinson, Laurie A. (2018) Type 2 Diabetes drug codelist. [Data Collection]

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