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Aibana, Omowunmi, Acharya, Xeno, Huang, Chuan-Chin, Becerra, Mercedes C., Galea, Jerome T., Chiang, Silvia S., Contreras, Carmen, Calderon, Roger, Yataco, Rosa, Velásquez, Gustavo E., Tintaya, Karen, Jimenez, Judith, Lecca, Leonid, Murray, Megan B. (2016) Nutritional Status and Tuberculosis Risk in Adult and Pediatric Household Contacts. [Data Collection]

Ali, Gemma Claire, Ryan, Grace, De Silva, Mary J (2016) Validated Screening Tools for Common Mental Disorde↲ rs in Low and Middle Income Countries: A Systematic Review. [Data Collection]

Anderson, Lindsey, Oldridge, Neil, Thompson, David R., Zwisler, Ann-Dorthe, Rees, Karen, Martin, Nicole, Taylor, Rod S. (2016) Data for: "Exercise-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation for Coronary Heart Disease : Cochrane Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis". [Data Collection]

Angkurawaranon, C., Nitsch, Dorothea, Larke, Natasha, Rehman, Andrea M., Smeeth, Liam, Addo, Juliet (2016) Ecological Study of HIV Infection and Hypertension in Sub-Saharan Africa: Is There a Double Burden of Disease? [Data Collection]

Ansari, Hifzur Rahman, Templeton, Thomas J., Subudhi, Amit Kumar, Ramaprasad, Abhinay, Tang, Jianxia, Lu, Feng, Naeem, Raeece, Hashish, Yasmeen, Oguike, Mary C., Benavente, Ernest Diez, Clark, Taane G., Sutherland, Colin J., Barnwell, John W., Culleton, Richard, Cao, Jun, Pain, Arnab (2016) Genome-scale comparison of expanded gene families in Plasmodium ovale wallikeri and Plasmodium ovale curtisi with Plasmodium malariae and with other Plasmodium species. [Data Collection]

Arjyal, Amit, Basnyat, Buddha, Nhan, Ho Thi, Koirala, Samir, Giri, Abhishek, Joshi, Niva, Shakya, Mila, Pathak, Kamal Raj, Mahat, Saruna Pathak, Prajapati, Shanti Pradhan, Adhikari, Nabin, Thapa, Rajkumar, Merson, Laura, Gajurel, Damodar, Lamsal, Kamal, Lamsal, Dinesh, Yadav, Bharat Kumar, Shah, Ganesh, Shrestha, Poojan, Dongol, Sabina, Karkey, Abhilasha, Thompson, Corinne, Thieu, Nga Tran Vu, Thanh, Duy Pham, Baker, Stephen, Thwaites, Guy E, Wolbers, Marcel, Dolecek, Christiane (2016) Gatifloxacin versus ceftriaxone for uncomplicated enteric fever in Nepal: an open-label, two-centre, randomised controlled trial. [Data Collection]

Aunger, Robert (2016) Hygiene Council Global Survey on Personal and Household Hygiene, 2011. [Data Collection]


Baschieri, Angela (2016) Unintended childbearing and family welfare in rural Malawi. [Data Collection]

Bertone, Maria Paola, Lagarde, Mylene, Witter, Sophie (2016) Data for: "Performance-based financing in the context of the complex remuneration of health workers: findings from a mixed-method study in rural Sierra Leone". [Data Collection]

Brodrick, Hayley J., Raven, Kathy E., Harrison, Ewan M., Blane, Beth, Reuter, Sandra, Török, M. Estée, Parkhill, Julian, Peacock, Sharon (2016) Whole-genome sequencing reveals transmission of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium in a healthcare network. [Data Collection]

Busana, Marta, De Stavola, Bianca, Sovio, Ulla, Li, Jingmei, Moss, Sue, Humphreys, Keith, dos Santos Silva, Isabel (2016) Assessing within-woman changes in mammographic density: a comparison of fully versus semi-automated area-based approaches. [Data Collection]

Butcher, Robert M. R., Sokana, Oliver, Jack, Kelvin, Macleod, Colin K., Marks, Michael E., Kalae, Eric, Sui, Leslie, Russell, Charles, Tutill, Helena J., Williams, Rachel J., Breuer, Judith, Willis, Rebecca, Le Mesurier, Richard T., Mabey, David C. W., Solomon, Anthony W., Roberts, Chrissy h. (2016) Low Prevalence of Conjunctival Infection with Chlamydia trachomatis in a Treatment-Naïve Trachoma-Endemic Region of the Solomon Islands. [Data Collection]


Cameron, D William, Panesar, Preet, Jones, Alasdair, Aldous, Alicia, Kranzer, Katharina, Halpin, Eamus, Fifer, Helen, Macrae, Bruce, Curtis, Carmel, Pollara, Gabriele (2016) Attitudes and Behaviours to Antimicrobial Prescribing following introduction of a Smartphone App. [Data Collection]

Campbell, Oona, Cegolon, Luca, Macleod, David, Benova, Lenka (2016) Length of Stay After Childbirth in 92 Countries and Associated Factors in 30 Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Compilation of Reported Data and a Cross-sectional Analysis from Nationally Representative Surveys. [Data Collection]

Carpenter, David O., Svefors, Pernilla, Rahman, Anisur, Ekström, Eva-Charlotte, Khan, Ashraful Islam, Lindström, Emma, Persson, Lars Åke, Ekholm Selling, Katarina (2016) Stunted at 10 Years. Linear Growth Trajectories and Stunting from Birth to Pre-Adolescence in a Rural Bangladeshi Cohort. [Data Collection]

Cavallaro, Francesca, Cresswell, Jenny, Ronsmans, Carine (2016) Obstetricians’ Opinions of the Optimal Caesarean Rate: A Global Survey. [Data Collection]

Chantler, Tracey, Lwembe, Saumu, Saliba, Vanessa, Raj, Thara, Mays, Nicholas, Ramsay, Mary, Mounier-jack, Sandra (2016) “It’s a complex mesh”- how large-scale health system reorganisation affected the delivery of the immunisation programme in England: a qualitative study. [Data Collection]

Chen, Feng, Wang, Shuang, Jiang, Xiaoqian, Ding, Sijie, Lu, Yao, Kim, Jihoon, Sahinalp, S. Cenk, Shimizu, Chisato, Burns, Jane C., Wright, Victoria J., Png, Eileen, Hibberd, Martin L., Lloyd, David D., Yang, Hai, Telenti, Amalio, Bloss, Cinnamon S., Fox, Dov, Lauter, Kristin, Ohno-Machado, Lucila (2016) PRINCESS: Privacy-protecting Rare disease International Network Collaboration via Encryption through Software guard extensionS. [Data Collection]

Choi, Yoon Hong, Campbell, Helen, Amirthalingam, Gayatri, Van Hoek, Albert Jan, Miller, Elizabeth (2016) Investigating the pertussis resurgence in England and Wales, and options for future control. [Data Collection]

Choko, Augustine, Webb, Emily, Corbett, Elizabeth (2016) Initial Accuracy of HIV Rapid Test Kits Stored in Suboptimal Conditions and Validity of Delayed Reading of Oral Fluid Tests. [Data Collection]

Chotirmall, Sanjay Haresh, Rothnie, Kieran, Müllerová, Hana, Hurst, John R., Smeeth, Liam, Davis, Kourtney, Thomas, Sara L, Quint, Jennifer (2016) Validation of the Recording of Acute Exacerbations of COPD in UK Primary Care Electronic Healthcare Records. [Data Collection]

Coker, Olabisi Oluwabukola, Chaiprasert, Angkana, Ngamphiw, Chumpol, Tongsima, Sissades, Regmi, Sanjib Mani, Clark, Taane, Ong, Rick Twee Hee, Teo, Yik-Ying, Prammananan, Therdsak, Palittapongarnpim, Prasit (2016) Mycobacterium tuberculosis Nonthaburi genotype raw reads. [Data Collection]


Dhalla, Kazim, Cousens, Simon, Bowman, Richard, Wood, Mark, Murdoch, Ian (2016) Is Beta Radiation Better than 5 Flurouracil as an Adjunct for Trabeculectomy Surgery When Combined with Cataract Surgery? A Randomised Controlled Trial. [Data Collection]

Diaz-ordaz, Karla, Kenward, Mike, Gomes, Manuel, Grieve, Richard (2016) Multiple imputation methods for bivariate outcomes in cluster randomised trials: Supporting Information. [Data Collection]

Diemert, David Joseph, Reichert, Felix, Pilger, Daniel, Schuster, Angela, Lesshafft, Hannah, Guedes de Oliveira, Silas, Ignatius, Ralf, Feldmeier, Hermann (2016) Prevalence and Risk Factors of Hookworm-Related Cutaneous Larva Migrans (HrCLM) in a Resource-Poor Community in Manaus, Brazil. [Data Collection]

Dube, Albert, Crampin, Amelia C. (2016) Malawi - Karonga HDSS INDEPTH Core Dataset 2003 - 2014 (Release 2016). [Data Collection]


Falconer, Jane (2016) Search strategies for: "Diagnostic accuracy of tests to detect Hepatitis C antibody: a meta-analysis and review of the literature". [Data Collection]

Falconer, Jane (2016) Search strategy for "Diagnostic accuracy of tests to detect hepatitis B surface antigen: a systematic review of the literature and meta-analysis". [Data Collection]

Filippi, Veronique (2016) The effects of obstetric complications and their costs on the long-term economic and social well being of women and their families. [Data Collection]

Finger, Flavio, Genolet, Tina, Mari, Lorenzo, de Magny, Guillaume Constantin, Manga, Noël Magloire, Rinaldo, Andrea, Bertuzzo, Enrico (2016) Mobile phone data highlights the role of mass gatherings in the spreading of cholera outbreaks. [Data Collection]


Glonti, Ketevan, Mackenbach, J. D., Ng, J., Lakerveld, J., Oppert, J.-M., Bárdos, H., Mckee, Martin, Rutter, Harry (2016) Psychosocial environment: definitions, measures and associations with weight status - a systematic review. [Data Collection]

Goodman, Anna (2016) Bikeability Dataset based on Millennium Cohort Study, Fifth Survey, 2012. [Data Collection]

Green, Judith, Steinbach, Rebecca, Mullan, Patricia, Garnett, Emma (2016) Evaluation of Graduated Driving Licence in the UK - Baseline Qualitative Study. [Data Collection]

Gundogdu, Ozan, Da Silva, Daiani Teixeira, Mohammad, Banaz, Elmi, Abdi, Wren, Brendan W., van Vliet, Arnoud H. M., Dorrell, Nick (2016) The Campylobacter jejuni Oxidative Stress Regulator RrpB Is Associated with a Genomic Hypervariable Region and Altered Oxidative Stress Resistance. [Data Collection]


Hanifa, Yasmeen, Fielding, Katherine, Chihota, Violet N., Adonis, Lungiswa, Charalambous, Salome, Karstaedt, Alan, McCarthy, Kerrigan, Nicol, Mark P., Ndlovu, Nontobeko T., Sahid, Faieza, Churchyard, Gavin, Grant, Alison D. (2016) Diagnostic Accuracy of Lateral Flow Urine LAM Assay for TB Screening of Adults with Advanced Immunosuppression Attending Routine HIV Care in South Africa. [Data Collection]

Hanifa, Yasmeen, Fielding, Katherine, Grant, Alison D., Churchyard, Gavin J. (2016) Data for: "The utility of repeat Xpert MTB/RIF testing to diagnose tuberculosis in HIV-positive adults with initial negative result". [Data Collection]

Hanifa, Yasmeen, Fielding, Katherine, Grant, Alison D., Churchyard, Gavin J. (2016) XPHACTOR Clinical Score dataset. [Data Collection]

Head, Michael Gavin, Fitchett, Joseph, Nageshwaran, Vaitehi, Kumari, Nina, Hayward, Andrew, Atun, Rifat (2016) Research Investments in Global Health: A Systematic Analysis of UK Infectious Disease Research Funding and Global Health Metrics, 1997–2013. [Data Collection]

Hewett, Paul C., Nalubamba, Mutinta, Bozzani, Fiammetta, Digitale, Jean, Vu, Lung, Yam, Eileen, Nambao, Mary (2016) Additional file 1: of Randomized evaluation and cost-effectiveness of HIV and sexual and reproductive health service referral and linkage models in Zambia. [Data Collection]

Hidrobo, Melissa, Peterman, Amber, Heise, Lori (2016) The Effect of Cash, Vouchers, and Food Transfers on Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Northern Ecuador. [Data Collection]


Ilboudo, Patrick G. C., Greco, Giulia, Sundby, Johanne, Torsvik, Gaute (2016) Estimating the costs for the treatment of abortion complications in two public referral hospitals: a cross-sectional study in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. [Data Collection]


James, Philip, Sadler, Kate, Wondafrash, Mekitie, Argaw, Alemayehu, Luo, Hanqi, Geleta, Benti, Kedir, Kiya, Getnet, Yilak, Belachew, Tefera, Bahwere, Paluku (2016) Children with Moderate Acute Malnutrition with No Access to Supplementary Feeding Programmes Experience High Rates of Deterioration and No Improvement: Results from a Prospective Cohort Study in Rural Ethiopia. [Data Collection]


Karat, Aaron S., Omar, Tanvier, von Gottberg, Anne, Tlali, Mpho, Chihota, Violet N., Churchyard, Gavin J., Fielding, Katherine L., Johnson, Suzanne, Martinson, Neil A., McCarthy, Kerrigan, Wolter, Nicole, Wong, Emily B., Charalambous, Salome, Grant, Alison D. (2016) Autopsy Prevalence of Tuberculosis and Other Potentially Treatable Infections among Adults with Advanced HIV Enrolled in Out-Patient Care in South Africa: Lesedi Kamoso study data. [Data Collection]

Karat, Aaron, Tlali, Mpho, Fielding, Katherine, Charalambous, Salome, Chihota, Violet N., Churchyard, Gavin J., Hanifa, Yasmeen, Johnson, Suzanne, McCarthy, Kerrigan, Martinson, Neil A., Omar, Tanvier, Kahn, Kathleen, Chandramohan, Daniel, Grant, Alison D. (2016) Measuring mortality due to HIV-associated tuberculosis among adults in South Africa: comparing verbal autopsy, minimally-invasive autopsy, and research data. Data from the Lesedi Kamoso study. [Data Collection]

Khan, Nazma Habib, Messenger, Louisa A., Wahid, Sobia, Sutherland, Colin J. (2016) Phylogenetic position of Leishmania isolates from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. [Data Collection]

Knight, Gareth (2016) LSHTM Data Compass Statistics Report - 2015. [Data Collection]

Kretzschmar, Mirjam E. E., Tosas Auguet, Olga, Betley, Jason R., Stabler, Richard, Patel, Amita, Ioannou, Avgousta, Marbach, Helene, Hearn, Pasco, Aryee, Anna, Goldenberg, Simon D., Otter, Jonathan A., Desai, Nergish, Karadag, Tacim, Grundy, Chris, Gaunt, Michael, Cooper, Ben S., Edgeworth, Jonathan D., Kypraios, Theodore (2016) Evidence for Community Transmission of Community-Associated but Not Health-Care-Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Strains Linked to Social and Material Deprivation: Spatial Analysis of Cross-sectional Data. [Data Collection]

Kucharski, Adam J., Funk, Sebastian, Eggo, Rosalind M., Mallet, Henri-Pierre, Edmunds, W. John, Nilles, Eric J. (2016) Transmission Dynamics of Zika Virus in Island Populations: A Modelling Analysis of the 2013–14 French Polynesia Outbreak. [Data Collection]


Lammie, Patrick J., Kamgno, Joseph, Nguipdop-Djomo, Patrick, Gounoue, Raceline, Téjiokem, Mathurin, Kuesel, Annette C. (2016) Data for "Effect of Two or Six Doses 800 mg of Albendazole Every Two Months on Loa loa Microfilaraemia: A Double Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial". [Data Collection]

Li, Meng, Taylor, Eric G., Atkins, Katherine E., Chapman, Gretchen B., Galvani, Alison P. (2016) Stimulating Influenza Vaccination via Prosocial Motives. [Data Collection]

Loganathan, Tharani, Ng, Chiu-Wan, Lee, Way-Seah, Jit, Mark (2016) Technical appendix to "The hidden health and economic burden of rotavirus gastroenteritis in Malaysia: an estimation using multiple data sources". [Data Collection]


Manigart, Olivier, Trotter, Caroline, Findlow, Helen, Assefa, Abraham, Mihret, Wude, Demisse, Tesfaye Moti, Yeshitela, Biruk, Osei, Isaac, Hodgson, Abraham, Quaye, Stephen Laryea, Sow, Samba, Coulibaly, Mamadou, Diallo, Kanny, Traore, Awa, Collard, Jean-Marc, Boukary, Rahamatou, Djermakoye, Oumarou, Mahamane, Ali Elhaji, Jusot, Jean-Francois, Sokhna, Cheikh, Alavo, Serge, Doucoure, Souleymane, Ba, El Hadj, Dieng, Marietou, Diallo, Aldiouma, Daugla, Doumagoum Moto, Omotara, Babatunji, Chandramohan, Daniel, Hassan-King, Musa, Nascimento, Maria, Woukeu, Arouna, Borrow, Ray, Stuart, James, Greenwood, Brian (2016) A seroepidemiological study of serogroup A meningococcal infection in the African meningitis belt. [Data Collection]

Mansour, Nuha R., Paveley, Ross, Gardner, J. Mark F., Bell, Andrew S., Parkinson, Tanya, Bickle, Quentin (2016) High Throughput Screening Identifies Novel Lead Compounds with Activity against Larval, Juvenile and Adult Schistosoma mansoni. [Data Collection]

Marchant, Tanya (2016) Change in maternal and newborn health care. Data from two cross-sectional surveys in Gombe State, North-East Nigeria, 2012 and 2015. [Data Collection]

Marchant, Tanya (2016) Change in maternal and newborn health care. Report from two cross-sectional surveys in six districts of Uttar Pradesh, India, 2012-2015. [Data Collection]

Marchant, Tanya (2016) Change in maternal and newborn health care. Data from two cross-sectional surveys in Ethiopia, 2012 and 2015. [Data Collection]

Martinón-Torres, Federico, Png, Eileen, Khor, Chiea Chuen, Davila, Sonia, Wright, Victoria J., Sim, Kar Seng, Vega, Ana, Fachal, Laura, Inwald, David, Nadel, Simon, Carrol, Enitan D., Martinón-Torres, Nazareth, Alonso, Sonia Marcos, Carracedo, Angel, Morteruel, Elvira, López-Bayón, Julio, Torre, Andrés Concha, Monge, Cristina Calvo, de Aguilar, Pilar Azcón González, Torné, Elisabeth Esteban, Martínez-Padilla, María del Carmen, Martinón-Sánchez, José María, Levin, Michael, Hibberd, Martin L., Salas, Antonio (2016) Natural resistance to Meningococcal Disease related to CFH loci: Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies. [Data Collection]

Mason, Daniel S., Marks, Michael, Sokana, Oliver, Solomon, Anthony W., Mabey, David C., Romani, Lucia, Kaldor, John, Steer, Andrew C., Engelman, Daniel (2016) The Prevalence of Scabies and Impetigo in the Solomon Islands: A Population-Based Survey. [Data Collection]

Matthews, Anthony, Langan, Sinead, Douglas, Ian J., Smeeth, Liam, Bhaskaran, Krishnan (2016) Clinical code list - Alcohol codes. [Data Collection]

Matthews, Anthony, Langan, Sinead, Douglas, Ian J., Smeeth, Liam, Bhaskaran, Krishnan (2016) Clinical code list - Basal cell carcinoma. [Data Collection]

Matthews, Anthony, Langan, Sinead, Douglas, Ian J., Smeeth, Liam, Bhaskaran, Krishnan (2016) Clinical code list - Cancer codes. [Data Collection]

Matthews, Anthony, Langan, Sinead, Douglas, Ian J., Smeeth, Liam, Bhaskaran, Krishnan (2016) Clinical code list - Diabetes codes. [Data Collection]

Matthews, Anthony, Langan, Sinead, Douglas, Ian J., Smeeth, Liam, Bhaskaran, Krishnan (2016) Clinical code list - Non-melanoma skin cancer. [Data Collection]

Matthews, Anthony, Langan, Sinead, Douglas, Ian J., Smeeth, Liam, Bhaskaran, Krishnan (2016) Clinical code list - Smoking codes. [Data Collection]

Matthews, Anthony, Langan, Sinead, Douglas, Ian J., Smeeth, Liam, Bhaskaran, Krishnan (2016) Therapy code list - PDE5 inhibitors. [Data Collection]

Matthews, Anthony, Langan, Sinead, Douglas, Ian, Smeeth, Liam, Bhaskaran, Krishnan (2016) Clinical code list - Colorectal cancer. [Data Collection]

Matthews, Anthony, Langan, Sinead, Douglas, Ian, Smeeth, Liam, Bhaskaran, Krishnan (2016) Clinical code list - Solar keratosis codes. [Data Collection]

Matthews, Anthony, Langan, Sinead, Douglas, Ian, Smeeth, Liam, Bhaskaran, Krishnan (2016) Clinical code list - Squamous cell carcinoma. [Data Collection]

Matthews, Victoria Jane, Langan, Sinead, Douglas, Ian J., Smeeth, Liam, Bhaskaran, Krishnan (2016) Clinical code list - Melanoma codes. [Data Collection]

McLachlan, Stela, Giambartolomei, Claudia, White, Jon, Charoen, Pimphen, Wong, Andrew, Finan, Chris, Engmann, Jorgen, Shah, Tina, Hersch, Micha, Podmore, Clara, Cavadino, Alana, Jefferis, Barbara J., Dale, Caroline E., Hypponen, Elina, Morris, Richard W., Casas, Juan P., Kumari, Meena, Ben-Shlomo, Yoav, Gaunt, Tom R., Drenos, Fotios, Langenberg, Claudia, Kuh, Diana, Kivimaki, Mika, Rueedi, Rico, Waeber, Gerard, Hingorani, Aroon D., Price, Jacqueline F., Walker, Ann P. (2016) Replication and Characterization of Association between ABO SNPs and Red Blood Cell Traits by Meta-Analysis in Europeans. [Data Collection]

Migchelsen, Stephanie (2016) Dataset for: Defining seropositivity thresholds for use in trachoma elimination studies. [Data Collection]

Milligan, Paul (2016) Effectiveness of Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention in children under 10 years of age in Senegal: a stepped-wedge cluster-randomized trial. [Data Collection]

Mitry, D, Williams, C, Northstone, K, Akter, A, Jewel, J, Khan, N, Muhit, M, Gilbert, Clare, Bowman, Richard (2016) Perceptual visual dysfunction, physical impairment and quality of life in Bangladeshi children with cerebral palsy: Supporting information. [Data Collection]

Moore, Catrin E., Elwin, Kristin, Phot, Nget, Seng, Chanthou, Mao, Saroeun, Suy, Kuong, Kumar, Varun, Nader, Johanna, Bousfield, Rachel, Perera, Sanuki, Bailey, J. Wendi, Beeching, Nicholas J., Day, Nicholas P. J., Parry, Christopher M., Chalmers, Rachel M. (2016) Molecular Characterization of Cryptosporidium Species and Giardia duodenalis from Symptomatic Cambodian Children. [Data Collection]

Moradigaravand, Danesh, Martin, Veronique, Peacock, Sharon J., Parkhill, Julian (2016) Files for "Evolution and epidemiology of multidrug resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae in the UK and Ireland". [Data Collection]

Msellemu, Daniel, Namango, Hagai I., Mwakalinga, Victoria M., Ntamatungiro, Alex J., Mlacha, Yeromin, Mtema, Zacharia J., Kiware, Samson, Lobo, Neil F., Majambere, Silas, Dongus, Stefan, Drakeley, Christopher J, Govella, Nicodem J., Chaki, Prosper P., Killeen, Gerry F. (2016) The epidemiology of residual Plasmodium falciparum malaria transmission and infection burden in an African city with high coverage of multiple vector control measures. [Data Collection]

Mtuya, Christina, Cleland, Charles R., Philippin, Heiko, Paulo, Kidayi, Njau, Bernard, Makupa, William U., Hall, Claudette, Hall, Anthony, Courtright, Paul, Mushi, Declare (2016) Reasons for poor follow-up of diabetic retinopathy patients after screening in Tanzania: a cross-sectional study. [Data Collection]

Murtagh, John (2016) London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine APCs 2015. [Data Collection]

Målqvist, Mats, Hoa, Dinh Phuong Thi, Persson, Lars Åke, Selling, Katarina Ekholm (2016) Effect of Facilitation of Local Stakeholder Groups on Equity in Neonatal Survival; Results from the NeoKIP Trial in Northern Vietnam. [Data Collection]


N'guessan, Raphael, Odjo, Abibatou, Ngufor, Corine, Malone, David, Rowland, Mark (2016) A Chlorfenapyr Mixture Net Interceptor® G2 Shows High Efficacy and Wash Durability against Resistant Mosquitoes in West Africa. [Data Collection]

Nambron, Rajasree, Silajdžić, Edina, Kalliolia, Eirini, Ottolenghi, Chris, Hindmarsh, Peter, Hill, Nathan R, Costelloe, Seán J, Martin, Nicholas G, Positano, Vincenzo, Watt, Hilary C, Frost, Chris, Björkqvist, Maria, Warner, Thomas T (2016) A Metabolic Study of Huntington’s Disease. [Data Collection]

Ngufor, Corine, Critchley, Jessica, Fagbohoun, Josias, N'guessan, Raphael, Todjinou, Damien, Rowland, Mark (2016) Chlorfenapyr (A Pyrrole Insecticide) Applied Alone or as a Mixture with Alpha-Cypermethrin for Indoor Residual Spraying against Pyrethroid Resistant Anopheles gambiae sl: An Experimental Hut Study in Cove, Benin. [Data Collection]

Nliwasa, Marriott, MacPherson, Peter, Chisala, Palesa, Kamdolozi, Mercy, Khundi, Mcewen Joseph, Kaswaswa, Kruger, Mwapasa, Mphatso, Msefula, Chisomo, Sohn, Hojoon, Flach, Clare, Corbett, Elizabeth (2016) LAMP minimal dataset. [Data Collection]

Nyiro, Joyce Uchi, Sande, Charles Jumba, Mutunga, Martin, Kiyuka, Patience Kerubo, Munywoki, Patrick Kioo, Scott, John Anthony G., Nokes, David James (2016) Absence of Association between Cord Specific Antibody Levels and Severe Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Disease in Early Infants: A Case Control Study from Coastal Kenya. [Data Collection]


O'Reilly, Kathleen M. (2016) Outbreak Risk datasets. [Data Collection]

Ochola-Oyier, Lynette Isabella, Okombo, John, Wagatua, Njoroge, Ochieng, Jacob, Tetteh, Kevin K, Fegan, Greg, Bejon, Philip, Marsh, Kevin (2016) Comparison of allele frequencies of Plasmodium falciparum merozoite antigens in malaria infections sampled in different years in a Kenyan population. [Data Collection]

Okebe, Joseph, Mwesigwa, Julia, Agbla, Schadrac C., Sanya-Isijola, Frank, Abubakar, Ismaela, d’Alessandro, Umberto, Jaye, Assan, Bojang, Kalifa (2016) Seasonal variation in haematological and biochemical reference values for healthy young children in The Gambia. [Data Collection]

Okoyo, Collins, Nikolay, Birgit, Kihara, Jimmy, Simiyu, Elses, Garn, Joshua V., Freeman, Mathew C., Mwanje, Mariam T., Mukoko, Dunstan A., Brooker, Simon J., Pullan, Rachel L., Njenga, Sammy M., Mwandawiro, Charles S. (2016) Monitoring the impact of a national school based deworming programme on soil-transmitted helminths in Kenya: the first three years, 2012 – 2014. [Data Collection]

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