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26 August 2004

Schellenberg, David, Mshinda, Hassan, Schellenberg, Joanna (2004) IPTi Household Survey 1 - Birth History Dataset. [Data Collection]

27 August 2010

Lubell, Yoel, Mills, Anne, Whitty, Christopher, Staedke, Sarah (2010) An Economic Evaluation of Home Management of Malaria in Uganda: An Interactive Markov Model. [Data Collection]


Berhanu, Della, Tadesse, Seifu (2012) IDEAS project - Feasibility study for a Data Informed Platform for Health in Ethiopia. [Data Collection]


Gautham, Meenakshi, Bhattacharyya, Sanghita, Shrivastava, Aradhana (2013) IDEAS project - Data Informed Platform for Health feasibility study in Uttar Pradesh. [Data Collection]

Spicer, Neil, Dimka, Ritgak, Fanta, Feleke, Tamire-Woldemariam, Addis, Bhattacharya, Dipankar (2013) IDEAS project - Study of the scale-up of innovations to improve maternal and newborn health. [Data Collection]

22 August 2013

Fielding, Katherine, Lewis, James, Jiang, Shiwen (2013) Effectiveness of electronic reminders to improve medication adherence in tuberculosis patients: a cluster-randomised trial. [Data Collection]


Berhanu, Della, Tadesse, Nolawi (2014) IDEAS project - Community based newborn care evaluation: first round qualitative study field notes. [Data Collection]

Gautham, Meenakshi, Subharwal, Manish, Gupta, Sanjay, Spicer, Neil, Mishra, Nirmala (2014) IDEAS project - Private sector health data sharing study in Uttar Pradesh. [Data Collection]

Spicer, Neil, Fanta, Feleke, Belete, Feker, Wickremasinghe, Deepthi (2014) IDEAS project - Scaling-up innovations to improve maternal and newborn health - Ethiopia case study resources. [Data Collection]

7 October 2014

Phillips, Andrew, Cambiano, Valentina, Nakagawa, Fumiyo, Magubu, Travor, Miners, Alec, Ford, Debbie, Pillay, Deenan, De Luca, Andrea, Lundgren, Jens, Revill, Paul (2014) Cost-Effectiveness of HIV Drug Resistance Testing to Inform Switching to Second Line Antiretroviral Therapy in Low Income Settings: Supporting material. [Data Collection]

25 November 2014

Marchant, Tanya, Schellenberg, Joanna (2014) Coverage and Content of Health Contacts for Mothers and Newborns in Uttar Pradesh, Ethiopia and Nigeria, 2012. [Data Collection]


Berhanu, Della, Meknonen, Yirgalem, Tadesse, Nolawi (2015) IDEAS project - Community based newborn care evaluation, midline qualitative study. [Data Collection]

Gautham, Meenakshi, Manish, Subharwal, Sanjay, Gupta, Spicer, Neil (2015) IDEAS project - Private sector health data sharing study in West Bengal. [Data Collection]

Bhattacharyya, Sanghita (2015) IDEAS project - Qualitative data for the Data Informed Platform for Health formative study in West Bengal. [Data Collection]

Spicer, Neil, Gautham, Meenakshi, Mohan, Varun, Haldar, Karveri, Wickremasinghe, Deepthi (2015) IDEAS project - Scaling-up innovations to improve maternal and newborn health - Uttar Pradesh case study resources. [Data Collection]

Spicer, Neil, Alkali, Yashua, Akogun, Oladele, Atiku, Jibrilla, Umar, Nasir, Wickremasinghe, Deepthi (2015) IDEAS project - Scaling-up innovations to improve maternal and newborn health - Nigeria case study resources. [Data Collection]

Hill, Zelee (2015) IDEAS project - Study of behaviour change in maternal and newborn care in Ethiopia. [Data Collection]

Hill, Zelee (2015) IDEAS project - Study of behaviour change in maternal and newborn care in Northeast Nigeria. [Data Collection]

January 2015

Voller, Shirine, Becker, Agnes (2015) IDEAS project - Interview guide and survey design documents for grantee dissemination activity. [Data Collection]

May 2015

Lal, Sham (2015) Appropriate Treatment in Ugandan Drug Shops. [Data Collection]

Cairns, Matthew, Woukeu, Arouna, Tagbor, Harry (2015) Screening and treatment of malaria in pregnancy in West Africa. [Data Collection]

June 2015

Clasen, Thomas (2015) Evaluation of WaterAid sanitation in Odisha, India (Household Baseline) (June 2015). [Data Collection]

15 June 2015

Lal, Sham (2015) Measuring patient adherence to malaria treatment: A comparison of results from self-report and a customised electronic monitoring device. [Data Collection]

17 July 2015

Lal, Sham (2015) Effectiveness of provider and community interventions to improve treatment of uncomplicated malaria in Nigeria: a cluster randomized controlled trial. [Data Collection]

August 2015

Silver, Matt, Corbin, K. D., Hellenthal, G., da Costa, K.-A., Dominguez-salas, Paula, Moore, Sophie, Owen, J., Prentice, Andrew, Hennig, Branwen, Zeisel, S. H. (2015) Evidence for negative selection of gene variants that increase dependence on dietary choline in a Gambian cohort: Supplemental Data. [Data Collection]

20 August 2015

Lal, Sham, Ndyomugenyi, Richard, Alexander, Neal, Lagarde, Mylene, Paintain, Lucy, Magnussen, Pascal, Chandramoham, Daniel, Clarke, Sian (2015) Health facility utilisation changes during the introduction of community case management of malaria in South Western Uganda: An interrupted time series approach. [Data Collection]

27 August 2015

Weobong, Benedict, Ten asbroek, Guus, Soremekun, Seyi, Gram, Lu, Amenga-etego, Seeba, Danso, Samuel, Owusu-agyei, Seth, Prince, Martin, Kirkwood, Betty (2015) Data from: "Association between probable postnatal depression and increased infant mortality and morbidity: findings from the DON population-based cohort study in rural Ghana". [Data Collection]

22 October 2015

Chapman, Lloyd A C, Dyson, Louise, Courtenay, Orin, Chowdhury, Rajib, Bern, Caryn, Medley, Graham, Hollingsworth, T. Deirdre (2015) Quantification of the natural history of visceral leishmaniasis and consequences for control: Matlab file. [Data Collection]

15 November 2015

Ansah, Evelyn, Whitty, Christopher (2015) Factors influencing choice of care seeking for acute fever comparing private chemical shops with health centres and hospitals in Ghana: A study using case-control methodology. [Data Collection]

December 2015

Lal, Sham (2015) Acute Uncomplicated Febrile Illness in Children Aged 2-59 months in Zanzibar - Aetiologies, Antibiotic Treatment and Outcome. [Data Collection]


Marchant, Tanya (2016) Change in maternal and newborn health care. Data from two cross-sectional surveys in Gombe State, North-East Nigeria, 2012 and 2015. [Data Collection]

Marchant, Tanya (2016) Change in maternal and newborn health care. Report from two cross-sectional surveys in six districts of Uttar Pradesh, India, 2012-2015. [Data Collection]

Marchant, Tanya (2016) Change in maternal and newborn health care. Data from two cross-sectional surveys in Ethiopia, 2012 and 2015. [Data Collection]

21 January 2016

Manigart, Olivier, Trotter, Caroline, Findlow, Helen, Assefa, Abraham, Mihret, Wude, Demisse, Tesfaye Moti, Yeshitela, Biruk, Osei, Isaac, Hodgson, Abraham, Quaye, Stephen Laryea, Sow, Samba, Coulibaly, Mamadou, Diallo, Kanny, Traore, Awa, Collard, Jean-Marc, Boukary, Rahamatou, Djermakoye, Oumarou, Mahamane, Ali Elhaji, Jusot, Jean-Francois, Sokhna, Cheikh, Alavo, Serge, Doucoure, Souleymane, Ba, El Hadj, Dieng, Marietou, Diallo, Aldiouma, Daugla, Doumagoum Moto, Omotara, Babatunji, Chandramohan, Daniel, Hassan-King, Musa, Nascimento, Maria, Woukeu, Arouna, Borrow, Ray, Stuart, James, Greenwood, Brian (2016) A seroepidemiological study of serogroup A meningococcal infection in the African meningitis belt. [Data Collection]

23 January 2016

Vermund, Sten H, Mayhew, Susannah, Ploubidis, George, Sloggett, Andy, Church, Kathryn, Obure, Carol D., Birdthistle, Isolde, Sweeney, Sedona, Warren, Charlotte E., Watts, Charlotte, Vassall, Anna, Integra Initiative, (2016) Innovation in Evaluating the Impact of Integrated Service-Delivery: The Integra Indexes of HIV and Reproductive Health Integration. [Data Collection]

18 February 2016

Tusting, Lucy S., Rek, John, Arinaitwe, Emmanuel, Staedke, Sarah G., Kamya, Moses R., Cano, Jorge, Bottomley, Christian, Johnston, Deborah, Dorsey, Grant, Lindsay, Steve W., Lines, Jo (2016) Additional file 4: of Why is malaria associated with poverty? Findings from a cohort study in rural Uganda. [Data Collection]

11 March 2016

Lammie, Patrick J., Kamgno, Joseph, Nguipdop-Djomo, Patrick, Gounoue, Raceline, Téjiokem, Mathurin, Kuesel, Annette C. (2016) Data for "Effect of Two or Six Doses 800 mg of Albendazole Every Two Months on Loa loa Microfilaraemia: A Double Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial". [Data Collection]

May 2016

Karat, Aaron, Tlali, Mpho, Fielding, Katherine, Charalambous, Salome, Chihota, Violet N., Churchyard, Gavin J., Hanifa, Yasmeen, Johnson, Suzanne, McCarthy, Kerrigan, Martinson, Neil A., Omar, Tanvier, Kahn, Kathleen, Chandramohan, Daniel, Grant, Alison D. (2016) Measuring mortality due to HIV-associated tuberculosis among adults in South Africa: comparing verbal autopsy, minimally-invasive autopsy, and research data. Data from the Lesedi Kamoso study. [Data Collection]

6 May 2016

Karat, Aaron S., Omar, Tanvier, von Gottberg, Anne, Tlali, Mpho, Chihota, Violet N., Churchyard, Gavin J., Fielding, Katherine L., Johnson, Suzanne, Martinson, Neil A., McCarthy, Kerrigan, Wolter, Nicole, Wong, Emily B., Charalambous, Salome, Grant, Alison D. (2016) Autopsy Prevalence of Tuberculosis and Other Potentially Treatable Infections among Adults with Advanced HIV Enrolled in Out-Patient Care in South Africa: Lesedi Kamoso study data. [Data Collection]

23 May 2016

Msellemu, Daniel, Namango, Hagai I., Mwakalinga, Victoria M., Ntamatungiro, Alex J., Mlacha, Yeromin, Mtema, Zacharia J., Kiware, Samson, Lobo, Neil F., Majambere, Silas, Dongus, Stefan, Drakeley, Christopher J, Govella, Nicodem J., Chaki, Prosper P., Killeen, Gerry F. (2016) The epidemiology of residual Plasmodium falciparum malaria transmission and infection burden in an African city with high coverage of multiple vector control measures. [Data Collection]

7 June 2016

Hanifa, Yasmeen, Fielding, Katherine, Chihota, Violet N., Adonis, Lungiswa, Charalambous, Salome, Karstaedt, Alan, McCarthy, Kerrigan, Nicol, Mark P., Ndlovu, Nontobeko T., Sahid, Faieza, Churchyard, Gavin, Grant, Alison D. (2016) Diagnostic Accuracy of Lateral Flow Urine LAM Assay for TB Screening of Adults with Advanced Immunosuppression Attending Routine HIV Care in South Africa. [Data Collection]

28 July 2016

Van Voorhis, Wesley C., Adams, John H., Adelfio, Roberto, Ahyong, Vida, Akabas, Myles H., Alano, Pietro, Alday, Aintzane, Alemán Resto, Yesmalie, Alsibaee, Aishah, Alzualde, Ainhoa, Andrews, Katherine T., Avery, Simon V., Avery, Vicky M., Ayong, Lawrence, Baker, Mark, Baker, Stephen, Ben Mamoun, Choukri, Bhatia, Sangeeta, Bickle, Quentin, Bounaadja, Lotfi, Bowling, Tana, Bosch, Jürgen, Boucher, Lauren E., Boyom, Fabrice F., Brea, Jose, Brennan, Marian, Burton, Audrey, Caffrey, Conor R., Camarda, Grazia, Carrasquilla, Manuela, Carter, Dee, Belen Cassera, Maria, Chih-Chien Cheng, Ken, Chindaudomsate, Worathad, Chubb, Anthony, Colon, Beatrice L., Colón-López, Daisy D., Corbett, Yolanda, Crowther, Gregory J., Cowan, Noemi, D’Alessandro, Sarah, Le Dang, Na, Delves, Michael, DeRisi, Joseph L., Du, Alan Y., Duffy, Sandra, Abd El-Salam El-Sayed, Shimaa, Ferdig, Michael T., Fernández Robledo, José A., Fidock, David A., Florent, Isabelle, Fokou, Patrick V. T., Galstian, Ani, Gamo, Francisco Javier, Gokool, Suzanne, Gold, Ben, Golub, Todd, Goldgof, Gregory M., Guha, Rajarshi, Guiguemde, W. Armand, Gural, Nil, Guy, R. Kiplin, Hansen, Michael A. E., Hanson, Kirsten K., Hemphill, Andrew, Hooft van Huijsduijnen, Rob, Horii, Takaaki, Horrocks, Paul, Hughes, Tyler B., Huston, Christopher, Igarashi, Ikuo, Ingram-Sieber, Katrin, Itoe, Maurice A., Jadhav, Ajit, Naranuntarat Jensen, Amornrat, Jensen, Laran T., Jiang, Rays H. Y., Kaiser, Annette, Keiser, Jennifer, Ketas, Thomas, Kicka, Sebastien, Kim, Sunyoung, Kirk, Kiaran, Kumar, Vidya P., Kyle, Dennis E., Lafuente, Maria Jose, Landfear, Scott, Lee, Nathan, Lee, Sukjun, Lehane, Adele M., Li, Fengwu, Little, David, Liu, Liqiong, Llinás, Manuel, Loza, Maria I., Lubar, Aristea, Lucantoni, Leonardo, Lucet, Isabelle, Maes, Louis, Mancama, Dalu, Mansour, Nuha R., March, Sandra, McGowan, Sheena, Medina Vera, Iset, Meister, Stephan, Mercer, Luke, Mestres, Jordi, Mfopa, Alvine N., Misra, Raj N., Moon, Seunghyun, Moore, John P., Morais Rodrigues da Costa, Francielly, Müller, Joachim, Muriana, Arantza, Nakazawa Hewitt, Stephen, Nare, Bakela, Nathan, Carl, Narraidoo, Nathalie, Nawaratna, Sujeevi, Ojo, Kayode K., Ortiz, Diana, Panic, Gordana, Papadatos, George, Parapini, Silvia, Patra, Kailash, Pham, Ngoc, Prats, Sarah, Plouffe, David M., Poulsen, Sally-Ann, Pradhan, Anupam, Quevedo, Celia, Quinn, Ronald J., Rice, Christopher A., Abdo Rizk, Mohamed, Ruecker, Andrea, St. Onge, Robert, Salgado Ferreira, Rafaela, Samra, Jasmeet, Robinett, Natalie G., Schlecht, Ulrich, Schmitt, Marjorie, Silva Villela, Filipe, Silvestrini, Francesco, Sinden, Robert, Smith, Dennis A., Soldati, Thierry, Spitzmüller, Andreas, Stamm, Serge Maximilian, Sullivan, David J., Sullivan, William, Suresh, Sundari, Suzuki, Brian M., Suzuki, Yo, Swamidass, S. Joshua, Taramelli, Donatella, Tchokouaha, Lauve R. Y., Theron, Anjo, Thomas, David, Tonissen, Kathryn F., Townson, Simon, Tripathi, Abhai K., Trofimov, Valentin, Udenze, Kenneth O., Ullah, Imran, Vallieres, Cindy, Vigil, Edgar, Vinetz, Joseph M., Voong Vinh, Phat, Vu, Hoan, Watanabe, Nao-aki, Weatherby, Kate, White, Pamela M., Wilks, Andrew F., Winzeler, Elizabeth A., Wojcik, Edward, Wree, Melanie, Wu, Wesley, Yokoyama, Naoaki, Zollo, Paul H. A., Abla, Nada, Blasco, Benjamin, Burrows, Jeremy, Laleu, Benoît, Leroy, Didier, Spangenberg, Thomas, Wells, Timothy, Willis, Paul A. (2016) Open Source Drug Discovery with the Malaria Box Compound Collection for Neglected Diseases and Beyond. [Data Collection]

August 2016

Hanifa, Yasmeen, Fielding, Katherine, Grant, Alison D., Churchyard, Gavin J. (2016) Data for: "The utility of repeat Xpert MTB/RIF testing to diagnose tuberculosis in HIV-positive adults with initial negative result". [Data Collection]

Hanifa, Yasmeen, Fielding, Katherine, Grant, Alison D., Churchyard, Gavin J. (2016) XPHACTOR Clinical Score dataset. [Data Collection]

21 October 2016

Webb, Emily (2016) Data from a cluster randomized trial in Uganda concerning the management of fever cases in public health faclilities. [Data Collection]

16 November 2016

N'guessan, Raphael, Odjo, Abibatou, Ngufor, Corine, Malone, David, Rowland, Mark (2016) A Chlorfenapyr Mixture Net Interceptor® G2 Shows High Efficacy and Wash Durability against Resistant Mosquitoes in West Africa. [Data Collection]

11 January 2017

Grollman, Christopher, Arregoces, Leonardo, Pitt, Catherine, Borghi, Josephine, Martinez-Alvarez, Melisa, Powell-Jackson, Timothy, Hsu, Justine, Greco, Giulia (2017) Countdown ODA+ Dataset. [Data Collection]

1 March 2017

Castro Lopes, Sofia, Guerra-Arias, Maria, Buchan, James, Pozo-Martin, Francisco, Nove, Andrea (2017) A rapid review of the rate of attrition from the health workforce. [Data Collection]

6 March 2017

Le Rutte, Epke A., Chapman, Lloyd A.C., Coffeng, Luc E., Jervis, Sarah, Hasker, Epco C., Dwivedi, Shweta, Karthick, Morchan, Das, Aritra, Mahapatra, Tanmay, Chaudhuri, Indrajit, Boelaert, Marleen C., Medley, Graham F., Srikantiah, Sridhar, Hollingsworth, T. Deirdre, de Vlas, Sake J. (2017) Elimination of visceral leishmaniasis in the Indian subcontinent: a comparison of predictions from three transmission models. [Data Collection]

13 March 2017

Chandler, Clare, Webb, Emily L., Maiteki-Sebuguzi, Catherine, Nayiga, Susan, Nabirye, Christine, Diliberto, Deborah, Ssemmondo, Emmanuel, Dorsey, Grant, Kamya, Moses R., Staedke, Sarah G. (2017) The impact of an intervention to introduce malaria rapid diagnostic tests on fever case management in a high transmission setting in Uganda: A mixed-methods cluster-randomized trial (PRIME). [Data Collection]

25 April 2017

Cresswell, Jenny, Ganaba, Rasmané, Sarrassat, Sophie, Cousens, Simon, Somé, Henri, Diallo, Abdoulaye Hama, Filippi, Veronique (2017) Alive & Thrive Evaluation in Burkina Faso: baseline data. [Data Collection]

8 May 2017

Hayes, Richard, Floyd, Sian, Schaap, Ab, Shanaube, Kwame, Bock, Peter, Sabapathy, Kalpana, Griffith, Sam, Donnell, Deborah, Piwowar-Manning, Estelle, El-Sadr, Wafaa, Beyers, Nulda, Ayles, Helen, Fidler, Sarah (2017) A universal testing and treatment intervention to improve HIV control: One-year results from intervention communities in Zambia in the HPTN 071 (PopART) cluster-randomised trial. [Data Collection]

19 May 2017

Hanron, Amelia E., Billman, Zachary P., Seilie, Annette M., Olsen, Tayla M., Fishbaugher, Matthew, Chang, Ming, Rueckle, Thomas, Andenmatten, Nicole, Greenhouse, Bryan, Arinaitwe, Emmanuel, Rek, John, Das, Smita, Domingo, Gonzalo J., Shipman, Kelly, Kappe, Stefan H., Kublin, James G., Murphy, Sean C. (2017) Multiplex, DNase-free one-step reverse transcription PCR for Plasmodium 18S rRNA and spliced gametocyte-specific mRNAs. [Data Collection]

12 June 2017

Diallo, Kanny, Gamougam, Kadija, Daugla, Doumagoum M., Harrison, Odile B., Bray, James E., Caugant, Dominique A., Lucidarme, Jay, Trotter, Caroline L., Hassan-King, Musa, Stuart, James M., Manigart, Olivier, Greenwood, Brian M., Maiden, Martin C. J. (2017) Hierarchical genomic analysis of carried and invasive serogroup A Neisseria meningitidis during the 2011 epidemic in Chad. [Data Collection]

20 June 2017

Kabudula, Chodziwadziwa, Rentsch, Christopher (2017) Point-of-contact Interactive Record Linkage (PIRL). [Data Collection]

28 August 2017

Seale, Anna C, Bianchi-jassir, Fiorella, Russell, Neal, Kohli-lynch, Maya, Tann, Cally, Hall, Jenny, Madrid, Lola, Blencowe, Hannah, Cousens, Simon, Baker, Carol, Bartlett, Linda, Cutland, Clare, Gravett, Michael, Heath, Paul, Ip, Margaret, Le Doare, Kirsty, Madhi, Shabir, Rubens, Craig E, Saha, Samir, Schrag, Stephanie, Sobanjo-ter Meulen, Ajoke, Vekemans, Johan, Lawn, Joy E (2017) Data for: "Estimates of the Burden of Group B Streptococcal Disease Worldwide for Pregnant Women, Stillbirths, and Children". [Data Collection]

1 September 2017

Goodman, Catherine, Bruxvoort, Katia, Challenger, Eleanor (2017) IMPACT2 patient adherence to Artemether-Lumefantrine: Smart blister pack time stamp data. [Data Collection]

24 October 2017

Masala, Giovanni, Lipsitch, M., Bottomley, Christian, Flasche, Stefan (2017) Supplementary material from "Exploring the role of competition induced by non-vaccine serotypes for herd protection following pneumococcal vaccination". [Data Collection]

24 January 2018

McCarthy, Kerrigan, Fielding, Katherine, Churchyard, Gavin J., Grant, Alison D. (2018) Empiric tuberculosis treatment in South African primary health care facilities - for whom, where, when and why: Implications for the development of tuberculosis diagnostic tests. [Data Collection]

5 February 2018

Cresswell, Jenny, Filippi, Veronique, Ganaba, Rasmané, Diallo, Hama Abdoulaye, Sarrassat, Sophie, Somé, Henri (2018) Alive & Thrive Evaluation in Burkina Faso: endline data. [Data Collection]

31 May 2018

Zirba, Abdhalah, Orindi, Benedict, Muuo, Sheru, Floyd, Sian, Birdthistle, Isolde J., Mumah, Joyce, Osindo, Jane, Njoroge, Pauline, Kabiru, Caroline W. (2018) Understanding HIV risks among adolescent girls and young women in informal settlements of Nairobi, Kenya: Lessons for DREAMS. [Data Collection]

17 July 2018

Cox, Sharon, Makani, Julie, Lee, Nathan, Sangeda, Raphael (2018) Dataset for: Hepcidin in Tanzanian children with sickle cell disease. [Data Collection]

26 July 2018

Shakur-Still, Haleema, Roberts, Ian, Fawole, Bukola, Kuti, Modupe, Olayemi, Oladapo O., Bello, Adenike, Huque, Sumaya, Ogunbode, Olayinka, Kotila, Taiwo, Aimakhu, Chris O., Okunade, Olujide A., Olutogun, Tolulase, Adetayo, Cecilia O., Dallaku, Kastriot, Mansmann, Ulrich, Hunt, Beverley J., Pepple, Tracey, Balogun, Eni (2018) WOMAN-ETAC Dataset. [Data Collection]

1 August 2018

Foster, Nicola, Hanifa, Yasmeen, Pillai, Natasha, Roycent, Tumbare, Fielding, Katherine, Vassall, Anna, Grant, Alison D. (2018) XPHACTOR cross-sectional patient cost dataset. [Data Collection]

2 August 2018

Shitaye, Getasew, Gadisa, Endalamaw, Grignard, Lynn, Shumie, Girma, Chali, Wakweya, Menberu, Temesgen, Belachew, Mulualem, Tegegn, Getaneh, Challi, Sagni, Curry, Jonathan, Mahey, Laleta, Hailu, Tsegaye, Mamo, Hassen, Menon, Menakath, Balcha, Taye, Aseffa, Abraham, Drakeley, Chris, Bousema, Teun, Tadesse, Fitsum G. (2018) Low and heterogeneous prevalence of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in different settings in Ethiopia using phenotyping and genotyping approaches. [Data Collection]

6 September 2018

Cano, Jorge, Rodríguez, Antonio, Simpson, Hope, Tabah, Earnest N., Gómez, Jose F., Pullan, Rachel L. (2018) Additional file 2: of Modelling the spatial distribution of aquatic insects (Order Hemiptera) potentially involved in the transmission of Mycobacterium ulcerans in Africa. [Data Collection]

11 September 2018

Sabot, Kate (2018) IDEAS project - Professional advice network study in Ethiopia. [Data Collection]

28 September 2018

Doyle, Aoife M., Floyd, Sian, Baisley, Kathy, Orindi, Benedict, Kwaro, Daniel, Mthiyane, Thandiwe N., Muuo, Sheru, Shahmanesh, Maryam, Ziraba, Abdhalah, Birdthistle, Isolde (2018) Who are the male sexual partners of adolescent girls and young women? Comparative analysis of population data in three settings prior to DREAMS roll-out. [Data Collection]

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