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Abongomera, G, Kiwuwa-Muyingo, S, Revill, P, Chiwaula, L, Mabugu, T, Phillips, A, Katabira, E, Musiime, V, Gilks, C, Chan, A, Hakim, J, Colebunders, R, Kityo, C, Gibb, DM, Seeley, Janet, Ford, D, Lablite Project Team, . (2015) Population level usage of health services, and HIV testing and care, prior to decentralization of antiretroviral therapy in Agago District in rural Northern Uganda: Additional Files. [Data Collection]

Ansah, Evelyn, Whitty, Christopher (2015) Factors influencing choice of care seeking for acute fever comparing private chemical shops with health centres and hospitals in Ghana: A study using case-control methodology. [Data Collection]

Atkins, Katherine, Vanhoek, Albert, Watson, Conall, Baguelin, Marc, Choga, Lethiwe, Patel, Anika, Raj, Thara, Jit, Mark, Griffiths, Ulla (2015) Data from: Seasonal influenza vaccination delivery through community pharmacists in England: evaluation of the London pilot. [Data Collection]


Baker, Kelly, Dutta, Ambarish, Swain, Tapoja, Sahoo, Sunita, Das, Bhabani Sankar, Panda, Bijay, Nayak, Arati, Bara, Mary, Bilung, Bibiana, Mishra, Pravas Ranjan, Panigrahi, Pinaki, Cairncross, Sandy, Torondel, Belen (2015) Menstrual Hygiene Practices, WASH Access and the Risk of Urogenital Infection in Women from Odisha, India: Supporting Information. [Data Collection]

Benavente, Ernest, Coll, Francesc, Furnham, Nick, Mcnerney, Ruth, Glynn, Judith, Campino, Susana, Pain, Arnab, Mohareb, Fady R, Clark, Taane (2015) PhyloTrack. [Data Collection]

Berhanu, Della, Meknonen, Yirgalem, Tadesse, Nolawi (2015) IDEAS project - Community based newborn care evaluation, midline qualitative study. [Data Collection]

Bhattacharyya, Sanghita (2015) IDEAS project - Qualitative data for the Data Informed Platform for Health formative study in West Bengal. [Data Collection]

Binyaruka, Peter, Patouillard, Edith, Powell-jackson, Timothy, Greco, Giulia, Maestad, Ottar, Borghi, Josephine (2015) Effect of paying for performance on utilisation, quality, and user costs of health services in Tanzania: a controlled before and after study. [Data Collection]

Blencowe, Hannah, Cousens, Simon, Bianchi jassir, Fiorella, Say, Lale, Chou, Doris, Mathers, Colin, Hogan, Dan, Shiekh, Suhail, Qureshi, Zeshan, You, Danzhen, Lawn, Joy (2015) National, regional, and worldwide estimates of stillbirth rates in 2015, with trends from 2000: a systematic analysis. [Data Collection]

Brauer, Ruth, Bhaskaran, Krishnan, Chaturvedi, Nishi, Dexter, David T, Smeeth, Liam, Douglas, Ian (2015) Glitazone Treatment and Incidence of Parkinson’s Disease among People with Diabetes: A Retrospective Cohort Study. [Data Collection]


Cairns, Matthew, Woukeu, Arouna, Tagbor, Harry (2015) Screening and treatment of malaria in pregnancy in West Africa. [Data Collection]

Chapman, Lloyd A C, Dyson, Louise, Courtenay, Orin, Chowdhury, Rajib, Bern, Caryn, Medley, Graham, Hollingsworth, T. Deirdre (2015) Quantification of the natural history of visceral leishmaniasis and consequences for control: Matlab file. [Data Collection]

Chibanda, Dixon, Munetsi, Epiphany, Weiss, Helen, Simms, Victoria, Dzapasi, Lloyd, Chapoterera, Georgina, Goba, Nyaradzo, Gumunyu, Tichaona, Verhey, Ruth, Rusakaniko, Simbarashe, Abas, Melanie, Araya, Ricardo, Gibson, Lorna, Bere, Concilia (2015) Friendship Bench trial: lay worker training in problem-solving therapy to reduce symptoms of common mental disorders. [Data Collection]

Chico, Matthew, Cano, Jorge, Ariti, Cono, Collier, Timothy, Chandramohan, Daniel, Roper, Cally, Greenwood, Brian (2015) Influence of malaria transmission intensity and the 581G mutation on the efficacy of intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy: systematic review and meta-analysis. [Data Collection]

Chihana, Menard, Crampin, Amelia C. (2015) Karonga HDSS INDEPTH Core Dataset 2003 - 2011. [Data Collection]

Chihana, Menard, Crampin, Amelia C. (2015) Malawi - Karonga HDSS INDEPTH Core Dataset 2003 - 2012 Release 2015. [Data Collection]

Choko, Augustine, Webb, Emily, Corbett, Liz (2015) Uptake, accuracy, safety and linkage into care over two years of promoting annual self-testing for HIV in Blantyre, Malawi: a community-based prospective study. [Data Collection]

Clasen, Thomas (2015) Evaluation of WaterAid sanitation in Odisha, India (Household Baseline) (June 2015). [Data Collection]

Cliff, Jackie, Cho, Jang-Eun, Lee, Ji-Sook, Ronacher, Katharina, King, Elizabeth, van Helden, Paul, Walzl, Gerhard, Dockrell, Hazel (2015) Comparison of M. tuberculosis and M. bovis BCG in diluted whole blood cultures. [Data Collection]

Cliff, Jackie, Cho, Jang-Eun, Lee, Ji-Sook, Ronacher, Katharina, King, Elizabeth, van Helden, Paul, Walzl, Gerhard, Dockrell, Hazel (2015) Excessive Cytolytic Responses Predict Tuberculosis Relapse After Apparently Successful Treatment. [Data Collection]

Coll, Francesc, Mcnerney, Ruth, Preston, Mark D., Guerra-assunção, José Afonso, Warry, Andrew, Hill-Cawthorne, Grant, Mallard, Kim, Nair, Mridul, Miranda, Anabela, Alves, Adriana, Perdigão, João, Viveiros, Miguel, Portugal, Isabel, Hasan, Zahra, Hasan, Rumina, Glynn, Judith, Martin, Nigel, Pain, Arnab, Clark, Taane (2015) TB Profiler. [Data Collection]

Cresswell, Jenny, Drabo, Seydou, Filippi, Veronique, Ganaba, Rasmané, Guissou, Rosemonde, Ilboudo, Patrick, Ouedrago, Denis, Powell-Jackson, Timothy, Somé, Henri, Soubeiga, André, Storeng, Katerini, Yaogo, Maurice (2015) Productivity, family planning and reproductive health in Burkina Faso: the PopDev study. [Data Collection]


Davey, Calum, Aiken, Alexander, Hayes, Richard, Hargreaves, James (2015) Replication and re-analysis of a Kenyan stepped-wedge trial – Analysis files. [Data Collection]

De Maio, Nicola, Wu, Chieh-Hsi, O'Reilly, Kathleen M., Wilson, Daniel (2015) New Routes to Phylogeography: A Bayesian Structured Coalescent Approximation. [Data Collection]

Devries, Karen, Abramsky, Tanya (2015) The SASA Study: A community mobilisation intervention to prevent violence against women and reduce HIV risk in Kampala, Uganda. [Data Collection]

Dodd, Peter J, Looker, Clare, Plumb, Ian D., Bond, Virginia, Schaap, Ab, Shanaube, Kwame, Muyoyeta, Monde, Vynnycky, Emilia, Godfrey-faussett, Peter, Corbett, Elizabeth, Beyers, Nulda, Ayles, Helen, White, Richard (2015) Age- and Sex-Specific Social Contact Patterns and Incidence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection: Interview Questionnaire. [Data Collection]

Drabo, Seydou, Kagambega, Aline, Keita, Assita, Kontiebo, Sonia, Montel, Lisa, Filippi, Veronique, Soubeiga, André, Storeng, Katerini, Da, Sylvestre, Allahissem, Carine, Gali Gali, Idriss, Yaogo, Maurice (2015) Productivity, family planning and reproductive health in Burkina Faso: PopDev qualitative data. [Data Collection]


Fernández-Grandon, G. Mandela, Gezan, Salvador A., Armour, John A. L., Pickett, John A., Logan, James (2015) Heritability of Attractiveness to Mosquitoes. [Data Collection]

Francis, Suzanna C, Hou, Yanwen, Baisley, Kathy, Van de wijgert, Janneke, Watson-Jones, Deborah, Ao, Trong T, Herrera, Carolina, Maganja, Kaballa, Andreasen, Aura, Coulton, Gary R, Hayes, Richard J, Shattock, Robin J (2015) Data for: "Immune activation in the female genital tract: Expression profiles of soluble proteins in women at high risk for HIV infection". [Data Collection]


Gasparrini, Antonio (2015) mvmeta: Multivariate and Univariate Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression. [Data Collection]

Gautham, Meenakshi, Manish, Subharwal, Sanjay, Gupta, Spicer, Neil (2015) IDEAS project - Private sector health data sharing study in West Bengal. [Data Collection]

Getachew, Sisay, To, Sheren, Trimarsanto, Hidayat, Thriemer, Kamala, Clark, Taane, Petros, Beyene, Aseffa, Abraham, Price, Ric N, Auburn, Sarah (2015) Variation in Complexity of Infection and Transmission Stability between Neighbouring Populations of Plasmodium vivax in Southern Ethiopia. [Data Collection]

Ghinai, Rosanna, El-Duah, Philip, Chi, Kai-Hua, Pillay, Allan, Solomon, Anthony W., Bailey, Robin, Agana, Nsiire, Mabey, David, Chen, Cheng-Yen, Adu-Sarkodie, Yaw, Marks, Michael (2015) A Cross-Sectional Study of ‘Yaws’ in Districts of Ghana Which Have Previously Undertaken Azithromycin Mass Drug Administration for Trachoma Control. [Data Collection]

Goodman, Anna, van Sluijs, Esther M.F., Ogilvie, David (2015) Cycle training for children: Which schools offer it and who takes part? [Data Collection]

Grandjean, Louis, Gilman, Robert H., Martin, Laura, Soto, Esther, Castro, Beatriz, Lopez, Sonia, Coronel, Jorge, Castillo, Edith, Alarcon, Valentina, Lopez, Virginia, San Miguel, Angela, Quispe, Neyda, Asencios, Luis, Dye, Christopher, Moore, David (2015) Data from: Transmission of multidrug-resistant and drug-susceptible tuberculosis within households: a prospective cohort study. [Data Collection]


Head, Michael Gavin, Fitchett, Joseph, Derrick, Gemma, Wurie, Fatima B, Meldrum, Jonathan, Kumari, Nina, Beattie, Benjamin, Counts, Christopher J, Atun, Rifat (2015) Comparing research investment to United Kingdom institutions and published outputs for tuberculosis, HIV and malaria: a systematic analysis across 1997–2013. [Data Collection]

Herrett, Emily, Williamson, Elizabeth, van Staa, Tjeerd, Ranopa, Michael, Free, Caroline, Chadborn, Tim, Goldacre, Ben, Smeeth, Liam (2015) Text messaging reminders for influenza vaccine in primary care: a cluster randomised controlled trial (TXT4FLUJAB). [Data Collection]

Hill, Zelee (2015) IDEAS project - Study of behaviour change in maternal and newborn care in Ethiopia. [Data Collection]

Hill, Zelee (2015) IDEAS project - Study of behaviour change in maternal and newborn care in Northeast Nigeria. [Data Collection]

Hope, Vivian, Parry, J.V., Ncube, F, Hickman, M (2015) Data for: "Not in the vein: 'missed hits', subcutaneous and intramuscular injections and associated harms among people who inject psychoactive drugs in Bristol, United Kingdom". [Data Collection]

Houlihan, Catherine, Baisley, Kathy, Bravo, Ignacio G., Kapiga, Saidi, de Sanjosé, Silvia, Changalucha, John, Ross, David, Hayes, Richard, Watson-jones, Deborah (2015) The Incidence of Human Papillomavirus in Tanzanian Adolescent Girls Before Reported Sexual Debut. [Data Collection]

Hulland, Kristyna R. S., Chase, Rachel P., Caruso, Bethany A., Swain, Rojalin, Biswal, Bismita, Sahoo, Krushna Chandra, Panigrahi, Pinaki, Dreibelbis, Robert (2015) Sanitation, Stress, and Life Stage: A Systematic Data Collection Study among Women in Odisha, India. [Data Collection]


Izhevsk Study team, (2015) The Izhevsk Family Study Repository. [Data Collection]


Jeandron, Aurelie, Saidi, Jaime Mufitini, Kapama, Alois, Burhole, Manu, Birembano, Freddy, Vandevelde, Thierry, Gasparrini, Antonio, Armstrong, Ben, Cairncross, Sandy, Ensink, Jeroen (2015) Water Supply Interruptions and Suspected Cholera Incidence: A Time-Series Regression in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. [Data Collection]

Jennings, Simon, McNicholl, Rory (2015) EPrints Geographic Location plugin. [Data Collection]

Johnson, Anne (2015) National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, 2010-2012. [Data Collection]


Kerkhoff, Andrew D, Lawn, Stephen, Schutz, Charlotte, Burton, Rosie, Boulle, Andrew, Cobelens, Frank J, Meintjes, Graeme (2015) Data for: "Anemia, Blood Transfusion Requirements and Mortality Risk in Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Adults Requiring Acute Medical Admission to Hospital in South Africa". [Data Collection]

Knai, Cecile, Petticrew, Mark, Durand, Mary Alison, Eastmure, Elizabeth, James, Lesley, Mehrotra, A, Scott, Courtney, Mays, Nicholas (2015) Data for: "Has a public–private partnership resulted in action on healthier diets in England? An analysis of the Public Health Responsibility Deal food pledges". [Data Collection]

Kovacs, Stephanie D, Mullholland, Kim, Bosch, Julia, Campbell, Harry, Forouzanfar, Mohammad H, Khalil, Ibrahim, Lim, Stephen, Liu, Li, Maley, Stephen N, Mathers, Colin D, Matheson, Alastair, Mokdad, Ali H, O’Brien, Kate, Parashar, Umesh, Schaafsma, Torin T, Steele, Duncan, Hawes, Stephen E, Grove, John T (2015) Deconstructing the differences: a comparison of GBD 2010 and CHERG’s approach to estimating the mortality burden of diarrhea, pneumonia, and their etiologies - Additional files. [Data Collection]

Kraemer, Moritz U. G., Sinka, Marianne E., Duda, Kirsten A., Mylne, Adrian, Shearer, Freya M., Brady, Oliver J., Messina, Jane P., Barker, Christopher M., Moore, Chester G., Carvalho, Roberta G., Coelho, Giovanini E., Van Bortel, Wim, Hendrickx, Guy, Schaffner, Francis, Wint, G. R. William, Elyazar, Iqbal R. F., Teng, Hwa-Jen, Hay, Simon I. (2015) Data from: The global compendium of Aedes aegypti and Ae. albopictus occurrence. [Data Collection]

Kucharski, Adam, Conlan, Andrew J. K., Eames, Ken (2015) School's Out: Seasonal Variation in the Movement Patterns of School Children. [Data Collection]

Kucharski, Adam, Edmunds, John (2015) Characterizing the Transmission Potential of Zoonotic Infections from Minor Outbreaks: Simulation and Inference code. [Data Collection]


Lal, Sham (2015) Acute Uncomplicated Febrile Illness in Children Aged 2-59 months in Zanzibar - Aetiologies, Antibiotic Treatment and Outcome. [Data Collection]

Lal, Sham (2015) Appropriate Treatment in Ugandan Drug Shops. [Data Collection]

Lal, Sham (2015) Effectiveness of provider and community interventions to improve treatment of uncomplicated malaria in Nigeria: a cluster randomized controlled trial. [Data Collection]

Lal, Sham (2015) Measuring patient adherence to malaria treatment: A comparison of results from self-report and a customised electronic monitoring device. [Data Collection]

Lal, Sham, Ndyomugenyi, Richard, Alexander, Neal, Lagarde, Mylene, Paintain, Lucy, Magnussen, Pascal, Chandramoham, Daniel, Clarke, Sian (2015) Health facility utilisation changes during the introduction of community case management of malaria in South Western Uganda: An interrupted time series approach. [Data Collection]

Lambert, Saba (2015) Ciclosporin in the management of ENL reactions. [Data Collection]

Lambert, Saba (2015) A Randomized Controlled Double Blind Trial of Ciclosporin versus Prednisolone in the Management of Leprosy Patients with New Type 1 Reaction in Ethiopia. [Data Collection]

Lawson, Stuart, Murtagh, John (2015) LSHTM APCs 2015 (Jan-June). [Data Collection]

Lawson, Stuart, Murtagh, John (2015) LSHTM RCUK APCs 2013-14. [Data Collection]

Lawson, Stuart, Murtagh, John (2015) London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine APCs 2014. [Data Collection]

Lazo-Porras, María, Bernabe-ortiz, Antonio, Málaga, Germán, Gilman, Robert H, Acuña-Villaorduña, Ana, Cardenas-Montero, Deborah, Smeeth, Liam, Miranda, J. Jaime (2015) Low HDL cholesterol as a cardiovascular risk factor in rural, urban, and rural-urban migrants: PERU MIGRANT cohort study. [Data Collection]

Lazzarino, Antonio, Hamer, Mark, Carvalho, Livia, Gaze, David, Collinson, Paul, Steptoe, Andrew (2015) The mediation of coronary calcification in the association between risk scores and cardiac troponin T elevation in healthy adults: Is atherosclerosis a good prognostic precursor of coronary disease? [Data Collection]


Mactaggart, Islay, Polack, Sarah (2015) Building the Evidence Base in Disability: Anonymised datasets for population-based survey. [Data Collection]

Marks, Michael, Taotao-Wini, Betty, Satorara, Lorraine, Engelman, Daniel, Nasi, Titus, Mabey, David, Steer, Andrew C. (2015) Long Term Control of Scabies Fifteen Years after an Intensive Treatment Programme. [Data Collection]

Marks, Michael, Vahi, Ventis, Sokana, Oliver, Chi, Chi, Puiahi, Elliot, Kilua, Georgina, Pillay, Allan, Dalipanda, Tenneth, Bottomley, Christian, Solomon, Anthony W, Mabey, David (2015) Impact of Community Mass Treatment with Azithromycin for Trachoma Elimination on the Prevalence of Yaws. [Data Collection]

Messenger, Louisa, Garcia, Lineth, Vanhove, Mathieu, Huaranca, Carlos, Bustamante, Marinely, Torrico, Marycruz, Torrico, Faustino, Miles, Michael, Llewellyn, Martin (2015) Data from: Ecological host fitting of Trypanosoma cruzi TcI in Bolivia: mosaic population structure, hybridization and a role for humans in Andean parasite dispersal. [Data Collection]

Miasnikof, Pierre, Giannakeas, Vasily, Gomes, Mireille, Aleksandrowicz, Lukasz, Shestopaloff, Alexander Y., Alam, Dewan, Tollman, Stephen, Samarikhalaj, Akram, Jha, Prabhat (2015) Naive Bayes classifiers for verbal autopsies: comparison to physician-based classification for 21,000 child and adult deaths. [Data Collection]

Mobegi, Victor, Duffy, Craig, Amambua-Ngwa, Alfred, Loua, Kovana M, Laman, Eugene, Nwakanma, Davis C, MacInnis, Bronwyn, Aspeling-jones, Harvey, Murray, Lee, Clark, Taane, Kwiatkowski, Dominic P, Conway, David (2015) Genome-wide analysis of selection on the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum in West African populations of differing infection endemicity: Supplementary data. [Data Collection]


Nnko, Soori, Bukenya, Dominic, Kavishe, Bazil Balthazar, Biraro, Samuel, Peck, Robert, Kapiga, Saidi, Grosskurth, Heiner, Seeley, Janet (2015) Chronic Diseases in North-West Tanzania and Southern Uganda. Public Perceptions of Terminologies, Aetiologies, Symptoms and Preferred Management. [Data Collection]


Ortega, Jorge, Moraga-serrano, Paula, Nikolay, Birgit, Rebollo, Maria, Okorie, Patricia, Davies, Emmanuel, Bockarie, Moses, Brooker, Simon (2015) An investigation of the disparity in estimates of microfilaraemia and antigenaemia in lymphatic filariasis surveys. [Data Collection]


Pakpoor, Julia, Disanto, Giulio, Altmann, Daniel, Pavitt, Sue, Turner, Benjamin P, Marta, Monica, Juliusson, Gunnar, Baker, David, Chataway, Jeremy, Schmierer, Klaus (2015) No evidence for higher risk of cancer in patients with multiple sclerosis taking cladribine: Data supplement. [Data Collection]

Phelan, Jody, Coll, Francesc, Mcnerney, Ruth, Ascher, David B., Pires, Douglas E. V., Furnham, Nick, Coeck, Nele, Hill-Cawthorne, Grant A., Nair, Mridul B., Mallard, Kim, Ramsay, Andrew, Campino, Susana, Hibberd, Martin, Pain, Arnab, Rigouts, Leen, Clark, Taane (2015) Whole genome sequences for M.tuberculosis isolates from the TDR strain bank. [Data Collection]

Phelan, Jody, Maitra, Arundhati, Mcnerney, Ruth, Nair, Mridul, Gupta, Antima, Coll, Francesc, Pain, Arnab, Bhakta, Sanjib, Clark, Taane G. (2015) Data for: "The draft genome of Mycobacterium aurum, a potential model organism for investigating drugs against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium leprae". [Data Collection]

Protopopoff, Natacha (2015) The combined use of Indoor Residual Spraying and Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets for malaria reduction in endemic rural Tanzania: A cross sectional entomological survey dataset. [Data Collection]


Reuter, Sandra, Török, M. Estée, Holden, Matthew T.G., Reynolds, Rosy, Raven, Kathy E., Blane, Beth, Donker, Tjibbe, Bentley, Stephen D., Aanensen, David M., Grundmann, Hajo, Feil, Edward J., Spratt, Brian G., Parkhill, Julian, Peacock, Sharon (2015) Staphylococcus Aureus BSAC study data. [Data Collection]

Rosello, Alicia, Mossoko, Mathias, Flasche, Stefan, Vanhoek, Albert, Mbala, Placide, Camacho, Anton, Funk, Sebastian, Kucharski, Adam, Ilunga, Benoit Kebela, Edmunds, John, Piot, Peter, Baguelin, Marc, Tamfum, Jean-Jacques Muyembe (2015) Ebola virus disease in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1976-2014: Figures and Data. [Data Collection]


Seward, Nadine, Prost, Andrew, Copas, Andrew, Corbin, Marine, Li, Leah, Colbourn, Tim, Osrin, David, Neuman, Melissa, Azad, Kishwar, Kuddus, Abdul, Nair, Nirmala, Tripathy, Prasanta, Manandhar, Dharma, Costello, Anthony, Cortina-Borja, Mario (2015) Using Observational Data to Estimate the Effect of Hand Washing and Clean Delivery Kit Use by Birth Attendants on Maternal Deaths after Home Deliveries in Rural Bangladesh, India and Nepal. [Data Collection]

Silver, Matt, Corbin, K. D., Hellenthal, G., da Costa, K.-A., Dominguez-salas, Paula, Moore, Sophie, Owen, J., Prentice, Andrew, Hennig, Branwen, Zeisel, S. H. (2015) Evidence for negative selection of gene variants that increase dependence on dietary choline in a Gambian cohort: Supplemental Data. [Data Collection]

Spicer, Neil, Alkali, Yashua, Akogun, Oladele, Atiku, Jibrilla, Umar, Nasir, Wickremasinghe, Deepthi (2015) IDEAS project - Scaling-up innovations to improve maternal and newborn health - Nigeria case study resources. [Data Collection]

Spicer, Neil, Gautham, Meenakshi, Mohan, Varun, Haldar, Karveri, Wickremasinghe, Deepthi (2015) IDEAS project - Scaling-up innovations to improve maternal and newborn health - Uttar Pradesh case study resources. [Data Collection]

Spika, Devon, Rachet, Bernard, Bannon, Finian, Woods, Laura M, Maringe, Camille, Bonaventure, Audrey, Coleman, Michel P (2015) Life tables for the CONCORD-2 study. [Data Collection]


Tetali, Shailaja, Edwards, Phil, Murthy, Gvs, Roberts, Ian (2015) A self-administered questionnaire to estimate the distance and mode of children's travel to school in urban India. [Data Collection]


Ugarte-Ruiz, M, Stabler, Richard, Domínguez, L, Domínguez, L, Wren, Brendan, Dorrell, Nick, Gundogdu, Ozan (2015) Prevalence of Type VI Secretion System in Spanish Campylobacter jejuni Isolates. [Data Collection]


Vehkala, Minna, Shubin, Mikhail, Connor, Thomas R, Thomson, Nick, Corander, Jukka (2015) Data from: Novel R pipeline for analyzing Biolog phenotypic microarray data. [Data Collection]

Voller, Shirine, Becker, Agnes (2015) IDEAS project - Interview guide and survey design documents for grantee dissemination activity. [Data Collection]


Weobong, Benedict, Ten asbroek, Guus, Soremekun, Seyi, Gram, Lu, Amenga-etego, Seeba, Danso, Samuel, Owusu-agyei, Seth, Prince, Martin, Kirkwood, Betty (2015) Data from: "Association between probable postnatal depression and increased infant mortality and morbidity: findings from the DON population-based cohort study in rural Ghana". [Data Collection]

Wright, Richard L., Zillmer, Ruediger, Biran, Adam, Hall, Peter, Sidibe, Myriam (2015) Use of Electronic Loggers to Measure Changes in the Rates of Hand Washing with Soap in Low-Income Urban Households in India. [Data Collection]


Zoltner, Martin, Leung, Ka Fai, Alsford, Sam, Horn, David, Field, Mark C (2015) Modulation of the Surface Proteome through Multiple Ubiquitylation Pathways in African Trypanosomes: Supporting Information. [Data Collection]

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