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Crellin, Elizabeth, Mansfield, Kathryn E., Leyrat, Clemence, Nitsch, Dorothea, Douglas, Ian J., Root, Adrian, Williamson, Elizabeth, Smeeth, Liam, Tomlinson, Laurie A. Code lists for "Adverse outcomes following trimethoprim for urinary tract infection in patients over 65: a cohort study". [Project]


Farmer, Ruth, Bhaskaran, Krishnan, Eastwood, Sophie V., Mathur, Rohini Clinical code lists for: "Metformin use and risk of cancer in patients with type 2 diabetes: A cohort study of primary care records using inverse probability weighting of marginal structural models". [Project]

Forbes, Harriet, Bhaskaran, Krishnan, Thomas, Sara L, Smeeth, Liam, Clayton, Tim Data for: "Quantification of risk factors for herpes zoster: population based case-control study". [Project]

Forbes, Harriet, Langan, Sinead Clinical codelists for: "Severe and predominantly active atopic eczema in adulthood and long term risk of cardiovascular disease: population based cohort study". [Project]


Iwagami, Masao, Caplin, Ben, Smeeth, Liam, Tomlinson, Laurie A., Nitsch, Dorothea Codelists for "Chronic kidney disease and cause-specific hospitalisation: a matched cohort study using primary and secondary care patient data". [Project]

Iwagami, Masao, Tomlinson, Laurie A., Mansfield, Kathryn E., Douglas, Ian J., Smeeth, Liam, Nitsch, Dorothea Code lists for: "Gastrointestinal bleeding risk of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors by level of kidney function: A population-based cohort study". [Project]


Knight, Gareth LSHTM Research Data Management Guides. [Project]


LSHTM Research Online, LSHTM Open Access funding datasets. [Project]

Liverani, Marco The politics of knowledge and information sharing across borders: Infectious Disease Surveillance in the Mekong region. [Project]


Mansfield, Kathryn E., Douglas, Ian J., Nitsch, Dorothea, Thomas, Sara L, Smeeth, Liam, Tomlinson, Laurie A. Code lists for: "Acute kidney injury and infections in patients taking antihypertensive drugs: a self-controlled case series analysis". [Project]

Marks, Michael Epidemiology of yaws in the Solomon Islands and the impact of a trachoma control programme. [Project]

Marks, Michael Learning Clinical Epidemiology with R. [Project]

Matthews, Anthony, Bhaskaran, Krishnan Data for: "Assessing the association between endocrine therapy use in female breast cancer survivors and subsequent risk of cardiovascular disease". [Project]

Matthews, Anthony, Langan, Sinead, Douglas, Ian, Smeeth, Liam, Bhaskaran, Krishnan Data for: "Phosphodiesterase Type 5 Inhibitors and Risk of Malignant Melanoma: Matched Cohort Study Using Primary Care Data from the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink". [Project]


Nissen, Francis, Quint, Jennifer K. Clinical code list for: "Validation of asthma recording in the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD)". [Project]


Schellenberg, Joanna IDEAS - Informed Decisions for Actions in Maternal and Newborn Health. [Project]

Sweeney, Sedona, Laurence, Yoko, Cunnama, Lucy, Sinanovic, Edina, Garcia Baena, Ines, Vassall, Anna Better estimates of the costs of TB control (Value TB). [Project]


Weiss, Helen Menstrual Hygiene and Safe Male Circumcision Promotion in Ugandan Schools (MENISCUS). [Project]

Wing, Kevin, Bhaskaran, Krishnan, Pealing, Louise, Root, Adrian, Smeeth, Liam, van Staa, Tjeerd P., Klungel, Olaf H., Reynolds, Robert F., Douglas, Ian J. Code lists for: "Quantification of the risk of liver injury associated with flucloxacillin: a UK population-based cohort study". [Project]


XPHACTOR study, XPHACTOR datasets. [Project]

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