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Cavallaro, Francesca, Cresswell, Jenny, Ronsmans, Carine (2014) Obstetricians’ opinions of the optimal caesarean rate: a global survey. [Data Collection]

January 2015

Voller, Shirine, Becker, Agnes (2015) IDEAS project - Interview guide and survey design documents for grantee dissemination activity. [Data Collection]

21 December 2015

Atkins, Katherine, Vanhoek, Albert, Watson, Conall, Baguelin, Marc, Choga, Lethiwe, Patel, Anika, Raj, Thara, Jit, Mark, Griffiths, Ulla (2015) Data from: Seasonal influenza vaccination delivery through community pharmacists in England: evaluation of the London pilot. [Data Collection]

27 June 2016

Mason, Daniel S., Marks, Michael, Sokana, Oliver, Solomon, Anthony W., Mabey, David C., Romani, Lucia, Kaldor, John, Steer, Andrew C., Engelman, Daniel (2016) The Prevalence of Scabies and Impetigo in the Solomon Islands: A Population-Based Survey. [Data Collection]

21 July 2016

Woodward, Aniek, Sondorp, Egbert, Witter, Sophie, Martineau, Tim (2016) Additional file 2: of Health systems research in fragile and conflict-affected states: a research agenda-setting exercise. [Data Collection]

27 July 2017

Patel, Vikram, Nadkarni, Abhijit, Bhat, Bhargav, McDaid, David, Weiss, Helen (2017) PREMIUM twelve-month follow-up trial: Clinical Outcomes and Cost-effectiveness dataset from the Counselling for Alcohol Problems (CAP) RCT. [Data Collection]

3 October 2017

Mccarthy, Ona, Wazwaz, Ola, Jado, Iman, Leurent, Baptiste, Edwards, Phil, Adada, Samia, Stavridis, Amina, Free, Caroline (2017) An intervention delivered by text message to increase the acceptability of effective contraception among young women in Palestine: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. [Data Collection]

27 December 2017

Wilson, Emma, Free, Caroline, Morris, Tim P., Syred, Jonathan, Ahamed, Irrfan, Menon-Johansson, Anatole S., Palmer, Melissa J., Barnard, Sharmani, Rezel, Emma, Baraitser, Paula (2017) Internet-accessed sexually transmitted infection (e-STI) testing and results service: A randomised, single-blind, controlled trial. [Data Collection]

5 February 2018

Cresswell, Jenny, Filippi, Veronique, Ganaba, Rasmané, Diallo, Hama Abdoulaye, Sarrassat, Sophie, Somé, Henri (2018) Alive & Thrive Evaluation in Burkina Faso: endline data. [Data Collection]

31 July 2018

Vanobberghen, Fiona, Weiss, Helen, D’Souza, Ethel, Patel, Vikram, Rahman, Atif, Fuhr, Daniela, Weobung, Benedict, Lazarus, Anisha (2018) Data for Thinking Healthy Programme India trial (THPP-India). [Data Collection]

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