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May 2005

CRASH Trial Collaborators, (2005) CRASH - Corticosteroid Randomisation after Significant Head Injury. [Data Collection]


CRASH-2 Collaborators, (2010) CRASH-2 - Clinical Randomisation of an Antifibrinolytic in Significant Haemorrhage. [Data Collection]

27 August 2010

Lubell, Yoel, Mills, Anne, Whitty, Christopher, Staedke, Sarah (2010) An Economic Evaluation of Home Management of Malaria in Uganda: An Interactive Markov Model. [Data Collection]

3 December 2014

Quaresma, Manuela, Coleman, Michel P, Rachet, Bernard (2014) 40-year trends in an index of survival for all cancers combined and survival adjusted for age and sex for each cancer in England and Wales, 1971–2011: a population-based study. [Data Collection]


Gautham, Meenakshi, Manish, Subharwal, Sanjay, Gupta, Spicer, Neil (2015) IDEAS project - Private sector health data sharing study in West Bengal. [Data Collection]

Bhattacharyya, Sanghita (2015) IDEAS project - Qualitative data for the Data Informed Platform for Health formative study in West Bengal. [Data Collection]

30 June 2015

Kraemer, Moritz U. G., Sinka, Marianne E., Duda, Kirsten A., Mylne, Adrian, Shearer, Freya M., Brady, Oliver J., Messina, Jane P., Barker, Christopher M., Moore, Chester G., Carvalho, Roberta G., Coelho, Giovanini E., Van Bortel, Wim, Hendrickx, Guy, Schaffner, Francis, Wint, G. R. William, Elyazar, Iqbal R. F., Teng, Hwa-Jen, Hay, Simon I. (2015) Data from: The global compendium of Aedes aegypti and Ae. albopictus occurrence. [Data Collection]

Baker, Kelly, Dutta, Ambarish, Swain, Tapoja, Sahoo, Sunita, Das, Bhabani Sankar, Panda, Bijay, Nayak, Arati, Bara, Mary, Bilung, Bibiana, Mishra, Pravas Ranjan, Panigrahi, Pinaki, Cairncross, Sandy, Torondel, Belen (2015) Menstrual Hygiene Practices, WASH Access and the Risk of Urogenital Infection in Women from Odisha, India: Supporting Information. [Data Collection]

24 March 2016

Diemert, David Joseph, Reichert, Felix, Pilger, Daniel, Schuster, Angela, Lesshafft, Hannah, Guedes de Oliveira, Silas, Ignatius, Ralf, Feldmeier, Hermann (2016) Prevalence and Risk Factors of Hookworm-Related Cutaneous Larva Migrans (HrCLM) in a Resource-Poor Community in Manaus, Brazil. [Data Collection]

18 May 2016

Dube, Albert, Crampin, Amelia C. (2016) Malawi - Karonga HDSS INDEPTH Core Dataset 2003 - 2014 (Release 2016). [Data Collection]

11 November 2016

Aibana, Omowunmi, Acharya, Xeno, Huang, Chuan-Chin, Becerra, Mercedes C., Galea, Jerome T., Chiang, Silvia S., Contreras, Carmen, Calderon, Roger, Yataco, Rosa, Velásquez, Gustavo E., Tintaya, Karen, Jimenez, Judith, Lecca, Leonid, Murray, Megan B. (2016) Nutritional Status and Tuberculosis Risk in Adult and Pediatric Household Contacts. [Data Collection]

12 November 2016

Van Belle, Sara, Mayhew, Susannah (2016) Data for: "Public accountability needs to be enforced - a case study of the governance arrangements and accountability practices in a rural health district in Ghana". [Data Collection]


Marks, Michael, Butcher, Robert M. R., Roberts, Chrissy, Holland, Martin, Solomon, Anthony W., Mabey, David (2017) Trachoma datasets for "Learning Clinical Epidemiology with R" tutorial. [Data Collection]

April 2017

Mwenge, Lawrence, Sande, Linda, Mangenah, Collin, Ahmed, Nurilign, Kanema, Sarah, d'Elbee, Marc, Sibanda, Euphemia, Kalua, Thokozani, Ncube, Gertrude, Johnson, Cheryl C., Hatzold, Karin, Cowan, Frances M, Corbett, Elizabeth L, Ayles, Helen, Maheswaran, Hendramoorthy, Terris-Prestholt, Fern (2017) HIV Self-Testing Africa (STAR) - Facility-based HIV testing cost data. [Data Collection]

14 May 2017

Dube, Albert, Crampin, Amelia C. (2017) Malawi - Karonga HDSS INDEPTH Core Dataset 2003-2015 (Release 2017). [Data Collection]

28 July 2017

Halliday, Katherine, Witek-mcmanus, Stefan, Opondo, Charles, Mtali, Austin, Allen, Elizabeth, Bauleni, Andy, Ndau, Saidi, Phondiwa, Emmanuel, Ali, Doreen, Kachigunda, Virginia, Sande, John, Verney, Alison, Chimuna, Tiyese, Melody, David, Moestue, Helen, Roschnik, Natalie, Brooker, Simon, Mathanga, Don (2017) Learner Treatment Kit (school-based malaria diagnosis and treatment in southern Malawi): Study data and support materials. [Data Collection]

16 November 2017

Marks, Michael, Camacho, Anton, Kucharski, Adam, Funk, Sebastian, Edmunds, John, Piot, Peter (2017) Ebola Dataset for "Learning Clinical Epidemiology with R" tutorial. [Data Collection]

Marks, Michael (2017) Scabies Dataset for "Learning Clinical Epidemiology with R" tutorial. [Data Collection]

15 February 2018

Svefors, Pernilla, Selling, Katarina Ekholm, Shaheen, Rubina, Khan, Ashraful Islam, Persson, Lars Åke, Lindholm, Lars (2018) Cost-effectiveness of prenatal food and micronutrient interventions on under-five mortality and stunting: Analysis of data from the MINIMat randomized trial, Bangladesh. [Data Collection]

26 March 2018

Massad, Eduardo, dos Santos, Paulo Cesar Costa, da Rocha, Armando Freitas, Stupple, Edward J. N. (2018) The Monty Hall problem revisited: Autonomic arousal in an inverted version of the game. [Data Collection]

18 May 2018

Bennett, Daniel, Naqvi, Asjad, Schmidt, Wolf Peter (2018) Learning, Hygiene and Traditional Medicine - Supporting Information. [Data Collection]

25 May 2018

Southern, Jo, Andrews, Nick, Sandu, Pamela, Sheppard, Carmen L., Waight, Pauline A., Fry, Norman K., Vanhoek, Albert Jan, Miller, Elizabeth (2018) Pneumococcal carriage in children and their household contacts six years after introduction of the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in England. [Data Collection]

1 August 2018

Jeandron, Aurelie, Cumming, Oliver, Rumedeka, Baron Bashige, Saidi, Jaime Mufitini, Cousens, Simon (2018) Dataset for "Confirmation of cholera by rapid diagnostic test amongst patients admitted to the cholera treatment centre in Uvira, Democratic Republic of the Congo". [Data Collection]

14 August 2018

Kucharski, Adam J, Kama, Mike, Watson, Conall H, Aubry, Maite, Funk, Sebastian, Henderson, Alasdair D, Brady, Oliver J, Vanhomwegen, Jessica, Manuguerra, Jean-Claude, Lau, Colleen L, Edmunds, W John, Aaskov, John, Nilles, Eric James, Cao-Lormeau, Van-Mai, Hué, Stéphane, Hibberd, Martin L (2018) Serological, surveillance and climate data for the 2013/14 DENV-3 outbreak in Central Division. [Data Collection]

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