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Data Collection

Guevara, PD, Maes, M, Thanh, DP, Duarte, C, Rodriguez, EC, Montaño, LA, Dan, THN, Nguyen, TNT, Carey, ME, Campos, J, Chinen, I, Perez, E and Baker, S (2021). Profile of the organisms selected for sequencing. [Data Collection]. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Holt, KE, Gorrie, C and Wyres, K (2021). Genome assemblies and pan-genome data for 328 clinical isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae species complex, representing one year of infections diagnosed in a hospital diagnostic lab. [Data Collection]. Monash University.

Inouye, M, Dashnow, H, Pope, B, Wick, R and Holt, KE (2021). katholt/srst2. [Data Collection]. Github.

Matos, GM, Lewis, MD, Talavera-López, C, Yeo, M, Grisard, EC, Messenger, LA, Miles, MA and Andersson, B (2021). Comparative genomic analyses of Trypanosoma cruzi experimental hybrids. [Data Collection]. NCBI BioProject.

Mowbray, CE, Braillard, S, Glossop, PA, Whitlock, GA, Jacobs, RT, Speake, J, Pandi, B, Nare, B, Maes, L, Yardley, V, Freund, Y, Wall, RJ, Carvalho, S, Bello, D, Van den Kerkhof, M, Caljon, G, Gilbert, IH, Corpas-Lopez, V, Lukac, I, Patterson, S, Zuccotto, F and Wyllie, S (2021). DNDI-6148: A Novel Benzoxaborole Preclinical Candidate for the Treatment of Visceral Leishmaniasis. [Data Collection]. ACS Publications, Washington, DC, USA.

Torraca, V, Sommer, F, In 't Veld, AE, Willemse, J and Meijer, AH (2021). RNAseq expression analysis of FACS-sorted macrophages from cxcr3.2 mutant and wt zebrafish larvae. [Data Collection]. NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus.

Wright, K, de Silva, K, Plain, KM, Purdie, AC, Blair, TA, Duggin, IG, Britton, WJ and Oehlers, SH (2021). Source data for graphs. [Data Collection]. PLOS Pathogens.

Wright, K, de Silva, K, Plain, KM, Purdie, AC, Blair, TA, Duggin, IG, Britton, WJ and Oehlers, SH (2021). miR-206 target prediction results from TargetScan analysis. [Data Collection]. PLOS Pathogens.

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