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12 October 2010

Bowyer, Paul, Simon, Gabriel M, Cravatt, Benjamin F, Bogyo, Matthew (2010) Global Profiling of Proteolysis during Rupture of Plasmodium falciparum from the Host Erythrocyte. [Data Collection]

4 January 2013

Athrey, Giridhar, Hodges, Theresa K, Reddy, Michael R, Overgaard, Hans, Matias, Abrahan, Ridl, Frances C, Kleinschmidt, Immo, Caccone, Adalgisa, Slotman, Michel A (2013) Data from: Effective population size of malaria mosquitoes: large impact of vector control. [Data Collection]

15 May 2014

Gómez-Olivé, F Xavier, Thorogood, Margaret, Bocquier, Philippe, Mee, Paul, Kahn, Kathleen, Berkman, Lisa, Tollman, Stephen (2014) Social conditions and disability related to the mortality of older people in rural South Africa: Supplementary Data. [Data Collection]

1 September 2014

Gourlay, Annabelle, Wringe, Alison, Birdthistle, Isolde, Mshana, Gerry, Michael, Denna, Urassa, Mark (2014) "It Is Like That, We Didn't Understand Each Other": Exploring the Influence of Patient-Provider Interactions on Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV Service Use in Rural Tanzania (qualitative data). [Data Collection]

17 September 2014

Bott, Sarah, Neuman, Melissa, Helleringer, Stephane, Desclaux, Alice, Asmar, Khalil El, Obermeyer, Carla Makhlouf, MATCH Study Group, (2014) Data for: "Rewards and challenges of providing HIV testing and counselling services: health worker perspectives from Burkina Faso, Kenya and Uganda". [Data Collection]

19 December 2014

Lule, Swaib Abubaker, Mawa, Patrice, Nkurunungi, Gyaviira, Nampijja, Margaret, Kizito, Dennison, Akello, Florence, Muhangi, Lawrence, Elliott, Alison, Webb, Emily L (2014) Factors associated with tuberculosis infection, and with anti-mycobacterial immune responses, among five year olds BCG-immunised at birth in Entebbe, Uganda. [Data Collection]

1 June 2015

Kucharski, Adam, Conlan, Andrew J. K., Eames, Ken (2015) School's Out: Seasonal Variation in the Movement Patterns of School Children. [Data Collection]

29 December 2015

Lazo-Porras, María, Bernabe-ortiz, Antonio, Málaga, Germán, Gilman, Robert H, Acuña-Villaorduña, Ana, Cardenas-Montero, Deborah, Smeeth, Liam, Miranda, J. Jaime (2015) Low HDL cholesterol as a cardiovascular risk factor in rural, urban, and rural-urban migrants: PERU MIGRANT cohort study. [Data Collection]

18 February 2016

Tusting, Lucy S., Rek, John, Arinaitwe, Emmanuel, Staedke, Sarah G., Kamya, Moses R., Cano, Jorge, Bottomley, Christian, Johnston, Deborah, Dorsey, Grant, Lindsay, Steve W., Lines, Jo (2016) Additional file 4: of Why is malaria associated with poverty? Findings from a cohort study in rural Uganda. [Data Collection]

26 July 2016

Li, Meng, Taylor, Eric G., Atkins, Katherine E., Chapman, Gretchen B., Galvani, Alison P. (2016) Stimulating Influenza Vaccination via Prosocial Motives. [Data Collection]

22 December 2016

Chen, Feng, Wang, Shuang, Jiang, Xiaoqian, Ding, Sijie, Lu, Yao, Kim, Jihoon, Sahinalp, S. Cenk, Shimizu, Chisato, Burns, Jane C., Wright, Victoria J., Png, Eileen, Hibberd, Martin L., Lloyd, David D., Yang, Hai, Telenti, Amalio, Bloss, Cinnamon S., Fox, Dov, Lauter, Kristin, Ohno-Machado, Lucila (2016) PRINCESS: Privacy-protecting Rare disease International Network Collaboration via Encryption through Software guard extensionS. [Data Collection]

19 May 2017

Hanron, Amelia E., Billman, Zachary P., Seilie, Annette M., Olsen, Tayla M., Fishbaugher, Matthew, Chang, Ming, Rueckle, Thomas, Andenmatten, Nicole, Greenhouse, Bryan, Arinaitwe, Emmanuel, Rek, John, Das, Smita, Domingo, Gonzalo J., Shipman, Kelly, Kappe, Stefan H., Kublin, James G., Murphy, Sean C. (2017) Multiplex, DNase-free one-step reverse transcription PCR for Plasmodium 18S rRNA and spliced gametocyte-specific mRNAs. [Data Collection]

14 September 2017

Rossell, David, Rubio, Francisco J. (2017) Tractable Bayesian variable selection: beyond normality. [Data Collection]

24 October 2017

Masala, Giovanni, Lipsitch, M., Bottomley, Christian, Flasche, Stefan (2017) Supplementary material from "Exploring the role of competition induced by non-vaccine serotypes for herd protection following pneumococcal vaccination". [Data Collection]

1 November 2017

Tang, Weiming, Chen, Wen, Amini, Ali, Boeras, Debi, Falconer, Jane, Kelly, Helen, Peeling, Rosanna, Varsaneux, Olivia, Tucker, Joseph D., Easterbrook, Philippa (2017) Diagnostic accuracy of tests to detect Hepatitis C antibody: a meta-analysis and review of the literature. [Data Collection]

February 2018

Abbas, Kaja M., Kang, Gloria J., Chen, Daniel, Werre, Stephen R., Marathe, Achla (2018) Repository for manuscript: "Demographics, perceptions, and socio-economic factors affecting influenza vaccination among adults in the United States". [Data Collection]

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