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Alhaffar, M, Mkhallalati, H, Alrashid Alhiraki, O, Marzouk, M, Khanshour, A, Douedari, Y and Howard, N (2022). Qualitative study of community experiences of COVID-19 response efforts across Syria: Interview question guide (Arabic and English translations). [Data Collection]. PLOS ONE.

Atkins, S, Heimo, L, Carter, DJ, Ribas Closa, M, Vanleeuw, L, Chenciner, L, Wambi, P, Sidney-Annerstedt, K, Egere, U, Verkuijl, S, Brands, A, Masini, T, Viney, K, Wingfield, T, Lönnroth, K and Boccia, D (2022). Additional file 1 of The socioeconomic impact of tuberculosis on children and adolescents: a scoping review and conceptual framework. [Data Collection]. Figshare.


Chimukuche, RS, Kawuma, R, Mahapa, N, Mkhwanazi, S, Singh, N, Siva, S, Ruzagira, E and Seeley, J (2022). Additional file 1 of Examining oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) literacy among participants in an HIV vaccine trial preparedness cohort study. [Data Collection]. Figshare.


Dewez, JE and Yeung, S (2022). Data for: “Adoption of C-reactive protein rapid tests in primary care in the Netherlands and England: a comparative health systems analysis”. [Data Collection]. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom.

Dial, N (2022). Challenges of using modelling evidence in the visceral leishmaniasis elimination programme in India. [Data Collection]. OSF.


Egesa, M, Ssali, A, Tumwesige, E, Kizza, M, Driciru, E, Luboga, F, Roestenberg, M, Seeley, J and Elliott, AM (2022). Ethical and practical considerations arising from community consultation on implementing controlled human infection studies using Schistosoma mansoni in Uganda. [Data Collection]. Figshare.


Ferrari, G, Torres-Rueda, S, Jewkes, R and Vassall, A (2022). Prevention of violence against women and girls: A cost-effectiveness study across six low- and middle-income countries. [Data Collection]. MEDAT Data Repository.


Gallandat, K (2022). Water Supply Service Index. [Data Collection]. OSF.

Grant, AD and Kielmann, K (2022). Qualitative and Quantitative Data for Tuberculosis Infection Prevention and Control in KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape, South Africa, 2018-2021. [Data Collection]. UK Data Service, Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom.


Indravudh, PP (2022). Secondary data for a cluster-randomised trial of community-led delivery of HIV self-testing in Malawi (HIV Self-Testing Africa [STAR]). [Data Collection]. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom.


Lawrence, D, Ssali, A, Moshashane, N, Nabaggala, G, Maphane, L, Harrison, T, Meya, D, Jarvis, J and Seeley, J (2022). Support files for: The acceptability of the AMBITION-cm treatment regimen for HIV-associated cryptococcal meningitis: findings from a qualitative methods study of participants and researchers in Botswana and Uganda. [Data Collection]. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom.

Limbani, F and Kapumba, B (2022). “An increase in COVID-19 patients would be overwhelming”: A qualitative description of healthcare workers’ experiences during the first wave of COVID-19 (March 2020 to October 2020) at Malawi’s largest referral hospital. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

Loganathan, T, Chan, ZX, Hassan, F, Ong, ZL and Majid, HA (2022). Undocumented: An examination of legal identity and education provision for children in Malaysia. Interview guide. [Data Collection]. PLOS ONE.

Lotfizadeh, A, Palafox, B, Takallou, A, Balabanova, D, Mckee, M and Murphy, A (2022). Factors associated with the availability and affordability of essential cardiovascular disease medicines in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review. Data extraction table. [Data Collection]. PLOS Global Public Health.


MacPherson, EE, Reynolds, J, Sanudi, E, Nkaombe, A, Mankhomwa, J, Dixon, J and Chandler, CIR (2022). Understanding antimicrobial use in subsistence farmers in Chikwawa District Malawi, implications for public awareness campaigns. Household survey questionnaire. [Data Collection]. PLOS Global Public Health.

Mainga, T, Gondwe, M, Mactaggart, I, Stewart, RC, Shanaube, K, Ayles, H and Bond, V (2022). Additional file 1 of Qualitative study of patient experiences of mental distress during TB investigation and treatment in Zambia. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

Manyaapelo, T and Seeley, J (2022). COVID-19 and older people’s wellbeing in northern KwaZulu-Natal – the importance of relationships. Interviews data matrix. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

Marshall, G, Skeva, R, Jay, C and Fearon, E (2022). Interview summary data supporting "Public involvement in pandemic modelling: a qualitative study of Test, Trace and Isolate practices in the UK and implications for modelling". [Data Collection]. Zenodo.


Nakamanya, S, Kawuma, R, Kibuuka, D, Kusemererwa, S, McCormack, S, Ruzagira, E and Seeley, J (2022). Registration cohort–baseline data. [Data Collection]. PLOS ONE.

Nakamanya, S, Kawuma, R, Kibuuka, D, Kusemererwa, S, McCormack, S, Ruzagira, E and Seeley, J (2022). Registration cohort–followup data. [Data Collection]. PLOS ONE.

Nightingale, E (2022). esnightingale/covid_deaths_spatial. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.


Palileo-Villanueva, LM, Palafox, B, Amit, AML, Pepito, VCF, Ab-Majid, F, Ariffin, F, Balabanova, D, Isa, M, Mat-Nasir, N, My, M, Renedo, A, Seguin, ML, Yusoff, K, Dans, AL and Mckee, M (2022). Additional file 1 of Prevalence, determinants and outcomes of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine use for hypertension among low-income households in Malaysia and the Philippines. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

Pinto, M, Moreira, MEL, Barros, Letícia Baptista de Paula, Costa, Ana Carolina Carioca da, Fernandes, S and Kuper, H (2022). Catastrophic expenditure on congenital Zika syndrome: results of a cross-sectional study of caregivers of children in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. [Data Collection]. SciELO journals.

Powell-Jackson, T, Fardousi, N, da Silva, E, Kovacs, R, Borghi, J, Barreto, J, Søren, K, Sampaio, J, Shimizu, HE, Gomes, L, Letícia, X and Garibaldi, G (2022). Supporting files for: Performance bonuses and the quality of primary health care delivered by family health teams in Brazil: A difference-in differences analysis. [Data Collection]. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom.


Quaife, M (2022). Cross-sectional survey of health worker motivation in Ethiopia – Collection tools for qualitative and quantitative research. [Data Collection]. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom.

Quaife, M (2022). Data for: Partnership preferences, economic drivers, and health consequences of Gambian men's interactions with foreign tourists. [Data Collection]. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom.


Seeley, J and Manyaapelo, T (2022). The impact of COVID-19 on older people in a rural district of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. [Data Collection]. Africa Health Research Institute.

Shanaube, K, Gachie, T, Hoddinott, G, Schaap, A, Floyd, S, Mainga, T, Bond, V, Hayes, R, Fidler, S and Ayles, H (2022). Depressive symptoms and HIV risk behaviours among adolescents enrolled in the HPTN071 (PopART) trial in Zambia and South Africa. Aggregate dataset. [Data Collection]. PLOS ONE.

Singh, MP, Popli, R, Brar, S, Rajsekar, K, Sachin, O, Naik, J, Kumar, S, Sinha, S, Singh, V, Patel, P, Verma, R, Hazra, A, Misra, R, Mehrotra, D, Biswal, SB, Panigrahy, A, Gaur, KL, Pankaj, JP, Sharma, DK, Madhavi, K, Madhusudana, P, Narayanasamy, K, Chitra, A, Velhal, GD, Bhondve, AS, Bahl, R, Kaur, S and Prinja, S (2022). CHSI costing study–Challenges and solutions for cost data collection in private hospitals in India. S1 File. [Data Collection]. PLOS ONE.

Smythe, T, Inglis-Jassiem, G, Conradie, T, Kamalakannan, S, Fernandes, S, van-Niekerk, S, English, R, Webster, J, Hameed, S and Louw, Q (2022). Additional file 1 of Access to health care for people with stroke in South Africa: a qualitative study of community perspectives. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

Sweeney, S (2022). Stata Do Files for pooling and analysis. [Data Collection]. Harvard Dataverse.


Timire, C, Sandy, C, Ferrand, RA, Mubau, R, Shiri, P, Mbiriyawanda, O, Mbiba, F, Houben, Rein M. G. J., Pedrazzoli, D, Bond, V, Foster, N and Kranzer, K (2022). Dataset: Cash transfer project. [Data Collection]. PLOS Global Public Health.

Trienekens, SCM, Faust, CL, Besigye, F, Pickering, L, Tukahebwa, EM, Seeley, J and Lamberton, PHL (2022). Variation in water contact behaviour and risk of Schistosoma mansoni (re)infection among Ugandan school-aged children in an area with persistent high endemicity. [Data Collection]. University of Glasgow.

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