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Data Collection

Silva, S, Fatumo, S and Nitsch, D (2024). Additional file 1 of Mendelian randomization studies on coronary artery disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

Soremekun, C, Machipisa, T, Soremekun, O, Pirie, F, Oyekanmi, N, Motala, AA, Chikowore, T and Fatumo, S (2023). Multivariate GWAS analysis reveals loci associated with liver functions in continental African populations. S1 File. [Data Collection]. PLOS ONE.

Mentzer, A, Dilthey, A, Pollard, M, Gurdasani, D, Karakoc, E, Carstensen, T, Muhwezi, A, Cutland, C, Diarra, A, da Silva Antunes, R, Paul, S, Smits, G, Wareing, S, Kim, H, Pomilla, C, Chong, A, Brandt, D, Nielsen, R, Neaves, S, Timpson, N, Crinklaw, A, Arlehamn, C, Rautanen, A, Kizito, D, Parks, T, Auckland, K, Elliott, K, Mills, T, Ewer, K, Edwards, N, Fatumo, S, Peacock, S, Jeffery, K, van der Klis, F, Kaleebu, P, Vijayanand, P, Peters, B, Sette, A, Cereb, N, Sirima, S, Madhi, S, Elliott, A, McVean, G, Hill, A and Sandhu, M (2022). High-resolution African HLA resource uncovers HLA-DRB1 expression effects underlying vaccine response: summary statistics. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Soremekun, O, Slob, EAW, Burgess, S, Boua, PR, Fatumo, S and Gill, D (2022). Genetically predicted lipid traits, diabetes mellitus liability and carotid intima-media thickness in African ancestry individuals: a Mendelian randomization study. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Udosen, B, Soremekun, O, Ekenna, C, Idowu Omotuyi, O, Chikowore, T, Nashiru, O and Fatumo, S (2021). Additional file 1 of In-silico analysis reveals druggable single nucleotide polymorphisms in angiotensin 1 converting enzyme involved in the onset of blood pressure. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

Soremekun, O, Soremekun, C, Machipisa, T, Soliman, M, Nashiru, O, Chikowore, T and Fatumo, S (2021). Genome-Wide Association and Mendelian Randomization Analysis Reveal the Causal Relationship Between White Blood Cell Subtypes and Asthma in Africans. [Data Collection]. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom.

Gurdasani, D, Carstensen, T, Fatumo, S, Chen, G, Franklin, CS, Prado-Martinez, J, Bouman, H, Abascal, F, Haber, M, Tachmazidou, I, Mathieson, I, Ekoru, K, DeGorter, MK, Nsubuga, RN, Finan, C, Wheeler, E, Chen, L, Cooper, DN, Schiffels, S, Chen, Y, Ritchie, GR, Pollard, MO, Fortune, MD, Mentzer, AJ, Garrison, E, Bergström, A, Hatzikotoulas, K, Adeyemo, A, Doumatey, A, Elding, H, Wain, LV, Ehret, G, Auer, PL, Kooperberg, CL, Reiner, AP, Franceschini, N, Maher, DP, Montgomery, SB, Kadie, C, Widmer, C, Xue, Y, Seeley, J, Asiki, G, Kamali, A, Young, EH, Pomilla, C, Soranzo, N, Zeggini, E, Pirie, F, Morris, AP, Heckerman, D, Tyler-Smith, C, Motala, A, Rotimi, C, Kaleebu, P, Barroso, I and Sandhu, MS (2019). Uganda Genome Resource Enables Insights into Population History and Genomic Discovery in Africa. [Data Collection]. Cell.

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