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Data Collection

Phelan, Jody E., Coll, Francesc, Bergval, Indra, Anthony, Richard M., Warren, Rob, Sampson, Samantha L., Gey van Pittius, Nicolaas C., Glynn, Judith R., Crampin, Amelia C., Alves, Adriana, Bessa, Theolis Barbosa, Campino, Susana, Dheda, Keertan, Grandjean, Louis, Hasan, Rumina, Hasan, Zahra, Miranda, Anabela, Moore, David, Panaiotov, Stefan, Perdigao, Joao, Portugal, Isabel, Sheen, Patricia, de Oliveira Sousa, Erivelton, Streicher, Elizabeth M., van Helden, Paul D., Viveiros, Miguel, Hibberd, Martin L., Pain, Arnab, Mcnerney, Ruth, Clark, Taane G. (2016) Data for: "Recombination in pe/ppe genes contributes to genetic variation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages". [Data Collection]

Phelan, Jody, Coll, Francesc, Mcnerney, Ruth, Ascher, David B., Pires, Douglas E. V., Furnham, Nick, Coeck, Nele, Hill-Cawthorne, Grant A., Nair, Mridul B., Mallard, Kim, Ramsay, Andrew, Campino, Susana, Hibberd, Martin, Pain, Arnab, Rigouts, Leen, Clark, Taane (2015) Whole genome sequences for M.tuberculosis isolates from the TDR strain bank. [Data Collection]

Benavente, Ernest, Coll, Francesc, Furnham, Nick, Mcnerney, Ruth, Glynn, Judith, Campino, Susana, Pain, Arnab, Mohareb, Fady R, Clark, Taane (2015) PhyloTrack. [Data Collection]

Phelan, Jody, Maitra, Arundhati, Mcnerney, Ruth, Nair, Mridul, Gupta, Antima, Coll, Francesc, Pain, Arnab, Bhakta, Sanjib, Clark, Taane G. (2015) Data for: "The draft genome of Mycobacterium aurum, a potential model organism for investigating drugs against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium leprae". [Data Collection]

Coll, Francesc, Mcnerney, Ruth, Preston, Mark D., Guerra-assunção, José Afonso, Warry, Andrew, Hill-Cawthorne, Grant, Mallard, Kim, Nair, Mridul, Miranda, Anabela, Alves, Adriana, Perdigão, João, Viveiros, Miguel, Portugal, Isabel, Hasan, Zahra, Hasan, Rumina, Glynn, Judith, Martin, Nigel, Pain, Arnab, Clark, Taane (2015) TB Profiler. [Data Collection]

Coll, Francesc, Preston, Mark, Guerra-Assunção, José Afonso, Hill-Cawthorn, Grant, Harris, David, Perdigão, João, Viveiros, Miguel, Portugal, Isabel, Drobniewski, Francis, Gagneux, Sebastien, Glynn, Judith R., Pain, Arnab, Parkhill, Julian, McNerney, Ruth, Martin, Nigel, Clark, Taane (2014) PolyTB: A web-based resource designed to explore Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC) genomic variation at a global scale. [Data Collection]

Coll, Francesc, Mcnerney, Ruth, Guerra-Assunção, José Afonso, Glynn, Judith R., Perdigão, João, Viveiros, Miguel, Portugal, Isabel, Pain, Arnab, Martin, Nigel, Clark, Taane G. (2014) Data for: "A robust SNP barcode for typing Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex strains". [Data Collection]

Coll, Francesc, Mallard, K, Preston, MD, Bentley, S, Parkhill, Julian, Mcnerney, Ruth, Martin, N, Clark, Taane (2012) In Silico Spoligotyping. [Data Collection]

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