Items where research centre is "Centre for the Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases" and year is 2023

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Data Collection

Emery, JC, Dodd, PJ, Banu, S, Frascella, B, Garden, FL, Horton, KC, Hossain, S, Law, I, van Leth, F, Marks, GB, Nguyen, HB, Nguyen, HV, Onozaki, I, Quelapio, MID, Richards, AS, Shaikh, N, Tiemersma, EW, White, RG, Zaman, K, Cobelens, F and Houben, RM (2023). epidemery/subclinical_transmission. [Data Collection]. GitHub.

Fu, H (2023). hfu915/dynamice_mrmaps. [Data Collection]. Github.

Khongo, BD, Schmiedeknecht, K, Aron, MB, Nyangulu, PN, Mazengera, W, Ndarama, E, Tenner, AG, Baltzell, K and Connolly, E (2023). BEC Scores data. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Kim, C, Abbas, KM and vaccine-impact (2023). vaccine-impact/vaccine_amr. [Data Collection]. Github.

Koltai, M (2023). mbkoltai/RSV-CEA-Kenya-South-Africa. [Data Collection]. Github.

Lambert, J, Gruson, H, Kucharski, AJ, Gupte, P, Salmon, M, Campos, AV and Monticone, P (2023). epiverse-trace/epiparameter. [Data Collection]. Github.

Liu, Y, Procter, SR, Pearson, CAB, Madriz Montero, A, Torres-Rueda, S, Asfaw, E, Uzochukwu, B, Drake, T, Bergren, E, Eggo, RM, Ruiz, F, Ndembi, N, Nonvignon, J, Jit, M and Vassall, A (2023). yangclaraliu/covid_vac_africa: BMCMed_R3. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Lotto Batista, M, Rees, EM, Gómez, A, López, S, Castell, S, Kucharski, AJ, Ghozzi, S, Müller, GV and Lowe, R (2023). Data and R-code to accompany 'Towards an Early Warning System for Leptospirosis in North-Eastern Argentina'. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Pung, R (2023). rachaelpung/covid_missed_infections. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Pung, R, Clapham, HE, Russell, TW, Lee, VJ and Kucharski, AJ (2023). Relative role of border restrictions, case finding and contact tracing in controlling SARS-CoV-2 in the presence of undetected transmission: a mathematical modelling study. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Qian, GY (2023). GeorgeYQian/Marburg_Branching_Process_Model. [Data Collection]. GitHub.

Quevedo, DS, Gupte, P, Gomez, G, Gruson, H, Hartgerink, C, tracelac and Cucunubá, ZM (2023). epiverse-trace/vaccineff: vaccineff 0.0.1. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

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