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Data Collection

Bosse, N, Bracher, J, Abbott, S and Funk, S (2023). epiforecasts/transformation-forecast-evaluation. [Data Collection]. Github.

Bosse, NI, Abbott, S, Bracher, J, Van leeuwen, E, Cori, A and Funk, S (2023). Data for "Human judgement forecasting of COVID-19 in the UK" by Bosse et. al (2023). [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Bosse, N, Abbott, S and Funk, S (2022). epiforecasts/covid.german.forecasts. [Data Collection]. Github.

Abbott, S and Bosse, N (2022). epiforecasts/simplified-forecaster-evaluation. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Bosse, N, Abbott, S, Reich, NG and Funk, S (2022). epiforecasts/scoringutils. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Wang, SY, Stark, A, Evan Ray, Bosse, N, Reich, NG, Sherratt, K, Shah, A, Wattanachit, N, Khoale1096, Huang, YD, Gerding, A, Gruson, H, Cramer, E, Shandross, L, Abbott, S and Funk, S (2021). reichlab/covidHubUtils. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Abbott, S, Hickson, J, Badr, HS, Funk, S, Monticone, P, Ellis, P, Munday, JD, Allen, J, Pearson, CAB, DeWitt, M, Bosse, N and Meakin, S (2021). epiforecasts/EpiNow2. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Bosse, N (2021). nikosbosse/mirmeth: Alpha version. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Bracher, J, Wolffram, D, Deuschel, J, Görgen, K, Ketterer, J, Ullrich, A, Abbott, S, Barbarossa, M, Bertsimas, D, Bhatia, S, Bodych, M, Bosse, NI, Burgard, J, Castro, L, Fairchild, G, Fuhrmann, J, Funk, S, Gogolewski, K, Gu, Q, Heyder, S, Hotz, T, Kheifetz, Y, Kirsten, H, Krueger, T, Krymova, E, Li, M, Meinke, J, Michaud, I, Niedzielewski, K, Ożański, T, Rakowski, F, Scholz, M, Soni, S, Srivastava, A, Zieliński, J, Zou, D, Gneiting, T and Schienle, M (2021). KITmetricslab/covid19-forecast-hub-de. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Abbott, S, Bosse, N, DeWitt, M, Rau, A, Chateigner, A, Mareschal, S and Hellewell, J (2020). epiforecasts/EpiSoon. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Prem, K, Liu, Y, Russell, TW, Kucharski, AJ, Eggo, RM, Davies, NG, Jit, M, Klepac, P, Flasche, S, Clifford, S, Pearson, CAB, Munday, JD, Abbott, S, Gibbs, H, Rosello, A, Quilty, BJ, Jombart, T, Sun, F, Diamond, C, Gimma, A, Van zandvoort, K, Funk, S, Jarvis, CI, Edmunds, WJ, Bosse, NI and Hellewell, J (2020). Age-structured SEIR model for COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China. [Data Collection]. Github.

Hellewell, J, Abbott, S, Gimma, A, Bosse, N, Jarvis, C, Russell, T, Munday, J, Kucharski, A, Edmunds, WJ, Funk, S, Eggo, R, Sun, F, Flasche, S, Quilty, B, Davies, N, Liu, Y, Clifford, S, Klepac, P, Jit, M, Diamond, C, Gibbs, H and Van Zandvoort, K (2020). Feasibility of controlling COVID-19 outbreaks by isolation of cases and contacts. [Data Collection]. Github.

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