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18 March 2020

Prem, K, Liu, Y, Russell, TW, Kucharski, AJ, Eggo, RM, Davies, NG, Jit, M, Klepac, P, Flasche, S, Clifford, S, Pearson, CAB, Munday, JD, Abbott, S, Gibbs, H, Rosello, A, Quilty, BJ, Jombart, T, Sun, F, Diamond, C, Gimma, A, Van zandvoort, K, Funk, S, Jarvis, CI, Edmunds, WJ, Bosse, NI and Hellewell, J (2020). Age-structured SEIR model for COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China. [Data Collection]. Github.

6 April 2020

Jarvis, C, Van zandvoort, K, Gimma, A, Prem, K, CMMID, Cwg, Klepac, P, Rubin, GJ and Edmunds, WJ (2020). Contact survey during COVID-19. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

1 June 2021

Prem, K (2021). kieshaprem/nsum: Release of NSUM codes version 1.0. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

Prem, K (2021). kieshaprem/synthetic-contact-matrices. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

22 October 2021

Wu, JT, Mei, S, Luo, S, Leung, K, Liu, D, Lv, Q, Liu, J, Li, Y, Prem, K, Jit, M, Weng, J, Feng, T, Zheng, X and Leung, GM (2021). Table S4 from A global assessment of the impact of school closure in reducing COVID-19 spread. [Data Collection]. Figshare.

1 March 2022

Gimma, A, Munday, JD, Wong, KLM, Coletti, P, Van Zandvoort, K, Prem, K, Klepac, P, Rubin, GJ, Funk, S, Edmunds, WJ and Jarvis, CI (2022). Mean contacts by age and date. [Data Collection]. PLOS Medicine.

11 July 2023

Prem, K (2023). kieshaprem/hpv-1-dose: First release of the HPV 1-dose global repository. [Data Collection]. Zenodo.

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