Health data and information sharing across the borders in LMICs: views from stakeholders in Cambodia and Vietnam

Data Description:

This collection contains transcripts or annotations of 60 interviews conducted with key informants between January and April 2016 on the technical and policy challenges to international health cooperation in Southeast Asia. The interviews explored the technical features of national health information systems, cross-border health issues, and views on barriers and facilitators to the sharing of health data and information across the borders. Participants, of which 28 were located in Cambodia and 32 in in Vietnam, included high-level managers at national ministries of health and other government bodies (both at the central and provincial level), managers of vertical programmes (including HIV, malaria, and emerging diseases), data management officers, and experts at international organisations.

Data Collection Methods:

Interviews were performed face-to-face in an environment selected by the research participant. Interviews were recorded and transcribed or extensive notes were taken.

Geographic regions:

Cambodia, Vietnam

Key dates:

All interviews/meetings were conducted between January and April 2016. In October 2017, the dataset was curated and formatted to be stored in the LSHTM Secure Server.


Human population


Names, institutional affiliations, and other potential identifiers have been removed from the transcripts.


Data collection for this project was approved by the LSHTM Ethics Committee, the National Committee for Health Research in Cambodia, and the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Science and Technology in Vietnam.


Infectious disease surveillance, Southeast Asia, health data and information sharing, health data, data sharing

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Project title:

The politics of data and information sharing across the borders: infectious disease surveillance in the Mekong region


Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

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Marco Liverani Public Health and Policy/Global Health Development London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine PI and Data Creator

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Transcripts-Cambodia.rtf Transcripts of or annotations from 28 interviews/expert meetings in Cambodia Rich Text Format (RTF)
Transcripts-Vietnam.rtf Transcripts of or annotations from 32 interviews/expert meetings in Vietnam Rich Text Format (RTF)