Codebook for 'PREMIUM Repeated Measures Mediation Long CAP'

Variable Name Variable Label Answer Label Answer Code Variable Type
B_PHC_Code Kindly select your PHC     double
    Bicholim-BI 1  
    Candolim- CA 2  
    Siolim _ SI 3  
    Sanquelim _ SQ 4  
    Valpoi - VA 5  
    Pernem-PN 6  
    Aldona- AL 7  
    Casarvarnem - CM 8  
    Betki 9  
    Corlim / Divar 10  
B_Audit_total  AUDIT SCORE (Please click on next) Open ended   double
B_ReadinesstoChange How ready are you to make a change to your drinking?     double
    NA (Not Applicable-Select only if, Pending PHQ+ Male Cases) 0  
    Not at all 1  
    A little Ready 2  
    Somewhat ready 3  
    Moderately Ready 4  
    Already trying to change 5  
B_Total_PHQ9 PHQ Total Score (Please click next) Open ended   double
B_Patient_Age Patient's Age in completed years Open ended   double
B_Patient_Marital_Status Patient's Marital Status     double
    Married 1  
    Never Married 2  
    Widowed 3  
    Divorced or separated 4  
    Living with someone as a couple 5  
B_Patient_Educational_Status Patient's highest Education     double
    No formal education 1  
    Completed primary school 2  
    Completed secondary school 3  
    Completed higher-secondary school 4  
    Graduate & Above 5  
    Other Specify 6  
B_Patient_Occupation Patient_s Occupation_Recoded     double
    Unemployed 1  
    Unskilled manual Labour 2  
    Skilled Manual Labour 3  
    Clerical & Professional 4  
oe3_readychange Added later in week 41_Readiness to change 1. How ready are you to make a change     double
    Not at all 1  
    A Little ready 2  
    Ready/No ready in equal measure 3  
    Moderately Ready 4  
    Already trying to change 5  
    Already made a change 6  
oe3_tlfb_ethgm   Open ended   double
B_Audit_total_calculated   Open ended   double
B_AUDIT_bin Baseline AUDIT category among HD     double
    12-15 0  
    16-19 1  
    >=20 2  
remit_AUD AUD remission at 3 months     double
    non-remit 0  
    remit 1  
oe12_int_status 9. Patient Interview STATUS:     double
    Present & Agreed for Interview 1  
    Present, Refused 2  
    Died 3  
    Temporarily unable to respond to interview or Temprarorly Absent: 4  
    Could not locate address 5  
    Interview not completed even after 5 visits 6  
    Permanently Emigrated. 7  
    Not Allocated, Patient Died at 3 Months Outcome 8  
oe12_death_cause 10. IF DIED, Cause of Death: Open ended   String
oe12_tlfb_14 TLFB_Did You have any Alcoholic drink in last 14 days ?     double
    Yes 1  
oe12_siptotal 12 months Outcome SIP Total score Open ended   double
oe12_audit_total AUDIT TOTAL Open ended   double
oe12_suicide_attempt IN THE PAST 3 MONTHS have you made an attempt to take your life, by taking an ov     double
    No 0  
    Yes 1  
oe12_das_tot WHODAS Total Open ended   double
oe12_das15_act_unable WHODAS_15. In the past 30 days, for how many days were you totally unable to car Open ended   double
B_Marital_bin       Numeric
    Ever married 0  
    Never married 1  
B_Expect_cat       Numeric
    Not useful 1  
    Little/somewhat 2  
    Moderate 3  
    Very 4  
    Missing 9  
B_Expect_cat_bin       Numeric
    <=somewhat 0  
    Moderate or Very 1  
    Missing 9  
b_PHQ_cat       Numeric
    <15 0  
    Severe 1  
    Moderately severe 2  
hc_code 1 HC_code     long
    9999 2  
    AG 3  
    AK 4  
    GN 5  
    JD 6  
    LK 7  
    MG 8  
    PG 9  
    PK 10  
    SH 11  
    SP 12  
    SR 13  
oe12_attend       Numeric
    Attended 12 months 1  
    Did not attend 12 months 2  
oe12_tlfb_pdhd   Open ended   Numeric
oe12_tlfb_tot_std_drinkscalc   Open ended   Numeric
oe12_tlfb_ethgm   Open ended   Numeric
oe12_tlfb_abstinent_percent   Open ended   Numeric
oe12_Audit_tot_calc_all   Open ended   Numeric
oe12_ipv_perp Perpetration of IPV at 12 months OE     Numeric
    ipv_perp absent 0  
    ipv_perp present 1  
oe12_phq9_totscore_calculated   Open ended   Numeric
oe12_remit_AUD AUD remission at 12 months     Numeric
    non-remit 0  
    remit 1  
oe12_unplanned_hosp   Open ended   Numeric
oe12_any_sae   Open ended   Numeric
oe12late   Open ended   Numeric
aud_recover Recovered (AUD remit at 3 m & 12m)     Numeric
    Not recovered 0  
    Recovered 1  
b_readychange_bin baseline readiness to change binary     Numeric
    No 0  
    Yes 1  
B_Patient_Occupation_bin       Numeric
    Unemployed 0  
    Employed 1  
b_education_bin any formal education     Numeric
    No 0  
    Yes 1  
baseline_change_bin       Numeric
marital3       Numeric
    Married 1  
    Never married 2  
    Widowed, separated, divorced 3  
education4       Numeric
    No formal education 1  
    Completed primary school 2  
    Completed secondary school 3  
    Completed higher secondary school or above 4  
suicide_attempt_oe3oe12 All suicide attempts in 12 months Open ended   Numeric
unplanned_hosp_oe3oe12 All unplanned hospitalisations in 12 months Open ended   Numeric
oe12_death All deaths in 12 months Open ended   String
allsae_oe3oe12   Open ended   Numeric
oe12_suicidalthoughts Suicidal thoughts in past weeks     Numeric
    No 0  
    Yes 1  
oe12_suicidalbehaviour Suicidal thoughts in past 2weeks and/or attempted suicide in past 3 months     Numeric
    No 0  
    Yes 1  
trial_arm       Numeric
    EUC 0  
    CAP 1  
newid   Open ended   Numeric