Data for: "Impact of micro- and macronutrient status on the incidence of tuberculosis: an examination of an African cohort initiating antiretroviral therapy" – Data codebook

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Nutritional Support for Africans Starting Antiretroviral Therapy (NUSTART) was a two-center (Lusaka, Zambia and Mwanza, Tanzania) randomized controlled trial funded by the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership and sponsored by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. The project addressed mortality resulting from malnutrition in an African cohort after starting combination antiretroviral therapy (cART) for HIV/AIDS by investigating whether nutritional supplementation can improve survival.

Data collection methods

The following trial publications provide information on the data capture and analysis process:

Project information

Project name Funder/sponsor Grant number
NUSTART European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership IP.2009.33011.004

Data codebook

The NUSTART trial dataset is not held in the LSHTM digital repository.

Researchers wishing to access the data should contact the trial Principal Investigator, Professor Suzanne Filteau (, providing information on their research objectives. Professor Filteau will advise on the relevant ethical approval that must be obtained, including the process for obtaining approval from the research committees in Tanzania and Zambia, and any contractual conditions that may need to be met.

A list of variables contained within the dataset are outlined below.

Variable name Variable description Answer code Answer label Variable type
id Patient ID     Numeric
admitted Hospitalised due to referral 0 No Numeric
    1 Yes  
date_arv ARV start date     Date
arv Patient started ART 0 No Numeric
    1 Yes  
cd4gp Baseline CD4 count group 0 <100 Numeric
    1 100-200  
    2 >=200  
cd4100 Baseline CD4 <100 0 No Numeric
    1 Yes  
ses5 5 quantiles of SES score 1 First quantile (lowest) Numeric
    2 Second quantile  
    3 Third quantile  
    4 Fourth quantile  
    5 Fifth quantile (highest)  
date_rect Recruitment date     Date
sex Sex 0 Female Numeric
    1 Male  
site Study site 1 Lusaka Numeric
    2 Mwanza  
bmigp BMI group 0 17-18.5 Numeric
    1 16-16.9  
    2 <16  
xreason1 Reason for exiting study 1 Completed 12 weeks follow-up Numeric
    2 Died  
    4 Lost to follow-up  
    5 Withdrew  
arm Randomisation arm 0 Placebo Numeric
    1 Active  
died Patient died 0 No Numeric
    1 Yes  
newtb Incident TB disease 0 No Numeric
    1 Yes  
date_exit Date of censoring from study     Date
ses3 3 quantiles of SES score 1 Low Numeric
    2 Mid  
    3 High  
crpgp Baseline CRP group 0 <10 Numeric
    1 10-160  
    2 160+  
religion2 Religion regrouped 1 None/Other Numeric
    2 Christian  
occupation2 Occupation regrouped 1 Salaried employed Numeric
    2 Self employed  
    3 Housewife/Student/Unemployed  
education2 Education regrouped 1 No education Numeric
    2 Primary (1-7 Grades)  
    3 Secondary/Tertiary/University  
mstatus2 Marital status regrouped 1 Married/cohabiting Numeric
    2 Widowed/Divorced/Separated  
    3 Single - Never married  
hbgp2 Hb regrouped 0 <80 severe anaemia Numeric
    1 80-109 moderate anaemia  
    2 >=110 mild anaemia/normal  
agegp2 Age regrouped 0 18-29 Numeric
    1 30-44  
    2 45+  
xreason2 Simplified exit reason LTFU 0 Completed 12 weeks follow-up or expiry Numeric
    1 Died of non-TB  
    2 LFTU/withdrew  
dob Date of birth     Date
newtb_death Incident death due to TB 0 No Numeric
    1 Yes