Data for: PrEP preference among adolescent boys and young men in three sub-Saharan African countries – Data codebook

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A quantitative and qualitative dataset collected as part of a Combined HIV Adolescent Prevention Study (CHAPS), a joint African-European HIV prevention collaboration running in South Africa, Uganda, and Zimbabwe, focusing on young adults (13-24 years old) between April and November 2019. It includes data for young people aged 13-24 years, who were sexually active (engaged in sexual intercourse in the past six months), willing to undergo HIV testing, and had no history of psychological/psychiatric disorder. Data included PrEP preferences, reasons for preference, age, household details, frequency of sex in last month and hours of premeditation before sex.



Variable name Variable description Answer code Answer label Variable type Notes
ID Participant ID number     Numeric  
hiv_status HIV status (all participants were HIV negative)     String All participants were HIV negative
    1 HIV negative    
    2 HIV positive    
age Participant age     String  
    1 >=13 & <=15    
    2  >=16 & <=17    
    3 >=18 & <=24    
sex Participant sex     String  
    1 Male    
    2 Female    
preference At the moment, do you think that you would prefer “On demand” or “daily PrEP”?     Numeric  
    0 No preference    
    1 On demand    
    2 Daily    
s3all_sex_planned The last time you had sex, how far in advance do you know that it was going to happen?     Numeric  
    1 <2hours    
    2 2-12 hours    
    3 13-24 hours    
    4 24 hours    
    5 Prefer not to answer    
Frequency_of_sex_last_month In the last month approximately how often have you had sex?     Numeric  
    0 Never   This field was introduced within the electronic survey form when the database was created. The question is not included in the survey PDF that is made available
    1 Twice a day    
    2 Everyday    
    3 2-3 times a week    
    4 Once a week    
    5 Once a month    
    6 Prefer not to answer    
    888 Don't know    
    998 Prefer not to answer    
s1curr_student Are you currently studying? (this includes school or technical training/ college/university)     Numeric  
    1 Yes    
    2 No    
house_hold_size How many adults (18years or older) typically share your home with you (not including you)? By “typically”, I mean that they stay overnight at least 3 times a week.   1-5 Numeric  
participant_is_house_hold Are you the head of your household?     Numeric  
    1 Yes    
    2 No    
condom_use Was a condom used the last time you had sex (vaginal or anal) with this partner?     Numeric  
    1 Yes    
    2 No    
    3 Prefer not to answer    
country Recruitment community     String  
    SA South Africa    
    Uganda Uganda    
    Zimbabwe Zimbabwe    
alcohol_use how often do you have 6 or more drinks on more than one occasion?     String  
    Daily or almost daily      
    Less than once a month      
s2ondem_prep_main_reas If you would prefer on demand PrEP, please choose the reasons why?     Numeric  
    1 I don't like taking tablets everyday    
    2 I am not at risk most of the time so would not need PrEP everyday    
    3 Less tablets means less chance of getting side effects    
    4 Taking PrEP everyday may make people think that I have HIV. On demand PrEP is different    
    5 There will be less tablets than daily PrEP, so I will be able to store them more easily    
    6 It would be cheaper than taking everyday    
    997 Not sure    
    999 Other    
s2daily_prep_main_reas If you would prefer Daily PrEP, please choose the reasons why?     String  
    1 I am at risk most of the time so I would need PrEP everyday    
    2 Daily PrEP provides protection all the time so I don’t need to plan when I have sex    
    3 I think that daily PrEP gives more protection than on demand PrEP    
    4 I like the routine of daily tablets rather than having to remember PrEP just at times of sex    
    5 I do not plan sex therefore on demand PrEP would be difficult to take    
    6 To reduce the chance of getting side effects    
    997 Not sure    
    999 Other