Data for: Coverage and effectiveness of conditional cash transfer for people with drug resistant tuberculosis in Zimbabwe - Cash transfer data codebook

Permanent identifier


A dataset containing participant information collected during a study to assess the coverage and effectiveness of conditional cash transfers for people on drug resistant tuberculosis in Zimbabwe.

Data may be requested for the purpose of ethically-approved research and verification purposes, subject to the signing of a data transfer agreement that outlines conditions of confidentiality. Further de-identification may be necessary to reduce the accuracy of values, based upon the dataset measures that are requested.

Cash Transfer Data Codebook

Variable Name Variable Label Answer Label Answer Code Variable Type
Uniqueid An unlinked participant ID created using three values: a sequential number, site code and province.     Numeric
prov Province     Numeric
    Harare 1  
    Bulawayo 2  
    Masvingo 3  
    Mat South 4  
sitename Name of health facility     String
    Beitbridge hospital Bei  
    Budiriro Bud  
    Chivi District hospital Chi  
    Stanmore clinic Sta  
    Emakhandeni Ema  
    Gwanda Provincial hospital Gwa  
    Hatclife Hat  
    Princess Margaret Rose Prin  
    Kuwadzana Kuw  
    Luveve Luv  
    Mabvuku Mab  
    Magwegwe Mag  
    Manama mission hospital Man  
    Mtshabezi hospital Mts  
    Masvingo Provincial hospital Mas  
    Mbare Mba  
    Morgenster Mission hospital Mor  
    Musiso hospital Mus  
    Phakama Clinic Pha  
    Mzilikazi Mzi  
    Njube clinic Nju  
    Nkulumane Nku  
    Pelandaba Pel  
    Plumtree District hospital Plu  
    Pumula Pum  
    St Anne’s Brunaperg Sta  
    Tshabalala Tsh  
     Nketa clinic Nk  
    Rujeko Harare Ruj  
    Runyararo Run  
    Mucheke clinic Muc  
    Ndanga District hospital Nda  
    Rujeko Masvingo Ruje  
    Glenview Polyclinic Gle  
    Budiriro Satellite Buds  
    Mufakose Polyclinic Muf  
    Zimuto Mission hospital Zim  
    Cowdry Park Clinic Cowd  
    Highfield Polyclinic High  
age Age   1-98 Numeric
sex Sex of patient     Numeric
    0 Female  
    1 Male  
    9 Not recorded  
hiv HIV status     Numeric
    Negative 0  
    Positive 1  
    Not applicable 8  
    Not recorded 9  
art Antiretroviral status     Numeric
    No 0  
    Yes 1  
    Not applicable 8  
    Not recorded 9  
pttype Type of TB patient     Numeric
    New 0  
    Previously treated 1  
    Not recorded 9  
enroldat Date of enrolment on MDR-TB treatment     Date
    Not recorded 01/01/1900  
rxreg MDR-TB Treatment regimen     Numeric
    9-11 months 0  
    Standard (20-24 mo) 1  
    Not recorded 9  
comprx Did the patient complete treatment?     Numeric
    No 0  
    Yes 1  
    Not recorded 9  
phasestop Highest phase of treatment attained     Numeric
    Intensive 0  
    Continuation 1  
    Not recorded 9  
trtoutcom Treatment outcomes     Numeric
    Cured 0  
    Completed treatment 1  
    Died 2  
    Failed treatment 3  
    LTFU/ Not evaluated 4  
    Not recorded 9  
outcdat Date of DR-TB treatment outcome. This refers to a date when the patient completed treatment, died or was lost to follow-up.     Date
regcash Was the patient registered for cash transfers?     Numeric
    No 0  
    Yes 1  
    Not recorded 9  
amnt Amount of disbursements received     Numeric
    Not applicable 998  
    Not recorded 999  
disbursdat Date of first cash disbursement     Date
    30/12/1899 Not applicable  
    01/01/1900 Not recorded