Data for “Sustainable Programme Incorporating Nutrition & Games: a multi-country-randomised controlled trial” –SPRING Baseline India data codebook

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Anonymised datasets from two cluster-randomised controlled trials of child growth and development in India and Pakistan. The datasets cover outcomes for 12,674 and 12,383 infants and 12,467 and 13,139 mothers (India and Pakistan respectively) at baseline and endline evaluations. Mothers gave informed consent to participate in a pragmatic, cluster-randomised trial in 24 health sub centre catchment areas in Rewari District, Haryana, India 2015-2017 and 20 union councils (clusters) in Rawalpindi District, Punjab, Pakistan 2014-2016. The datasets contains variables on intervention allocation and cluster code, socio-demographic information, feeding, growth, development, adherence outcomes, parent-child behaviours and details of the environment and social structures of the households.


03_SPRING_ImpactFeedingFollowup_India contains the following variables.

variable name definition values label comments
masked_clusternum randomisation unit (geographical area) integer 1-24    
trial_arm spring intervention arm 0 control  
1 intervention
masked_womanid unique ID for each mother (random, anonymised) integer    
masked_childid unique ID for each child (random, anonymised) integer    
sex gender of child 0 female  
1 male
birth_vis visit at which birth of child was registered 1 registration visit Data on feeding practices occurring immediately after delivery collected at this visit.
. other visit  
monthyear_visit year and month of visit to mother-child dyad string YYYY.MM
(Y-year, M-month)
monthyear_childdob year and month of birth of child string YYYY.MM
(Y-year, M-month)
agem_at_visit age of child in months at time of visit integer    
noprelac no prelacteals given? 0 prelacteals given  
1 no prelacteals given
bf1hr child breastfed within 1 hour of birth? 0 no  
1 yes
exclbf child exclusively breastfed in the last 24hours? 0 no  
1 yes
bfany child breastfed in the last 24hours? 0 no  
1 yes
missfeed is= 1 if child missing bfany data (i.e data 6m-24m of age) 0 has data  
1 missing data
complimentary6m child received solids/semisolids in last 24hrs (asked to children at 6m of age)? 0 no  
1 yes
childdevstatus status of mother-child dyad for 12m assessment 2 mother incapable of assessment  
3 major congenital defect
4 sample size met
5 12m maternal death
6 12m done
7 12m child death
8 12m moved away
9 12m consent refused
10 no appt possible
11 appt made but mother/child ill
12 appt made but not convenient
childdevstatus status of mother-child dyad for 12m assessment 1 Five BSID & height/weight done  
3 Incomplete BSID: height/weight not done
5 18m child death
6 18m moved away
7 18m consent refused
8 mother/child unavailable