Data for “Sustainable Programme Incorporating Nutrition & Games: a multi-country-randomised controlled trial” – SPRING Impact Feeding Follow-up Pakistan data codebook

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Anonymised datasets from two cluster-randomised controlled trials of child growth and development in India and Pakistan. The datasets cover outcomes for 12,674 and 12,383 infants;  and 12,467 and 13,139 mothers (India and Pakistan respectively) at baseline and endline evaluations. Mothers gave informed consent to participate in a pragmatic, cluster-randomised trial in 24 health sub centre catchment areas in Rewari District, Haryana, India 2015-2017 and 20 union councils (clusters) in Rawalpindi District, Punjab, Pakistan 2014-2016. The datasets contains variables on intervention allocation and cluster code, socio-demographic information, feeding, growth, development, adherence outcomes, parent-child behaviours and details of the environment and social structures of the households.

SPRING Impact Feeding Follow-up Pakistan data codebook

This data dictionary contains a record of the full list of variables in the database "SPRING_impact_feedingfoll_pakistan.dta"

variable name definition values label comments
womanid unique ID for each mother (random, anonymised) integer    
childid unique ID for each child (random, anonymised) integer    
spring spring intervention arm 0 control  
1 intervention
sector randomisation unit (geographical area) integer 1-20    
registration visit at which birth of child was registered 1 registration visit data on feeding practices occuring immedately after delivery collected at this visit
. other visit  
datevisit_ym year and month of visit to mother-child dyad string YYYY.MM (Y-year, M-month)  
datebirth_ym year and month of birth of child string YYYY.MM (Y-year, M-month)  
sex gender of child 0 female  
1 male
agem_at_visit age of child in months at time of visit integer    
visitnum visit number ordered chronologically integer    
visitotal total visits made to this mother-child dyad integer    
noprelac no prelacteals given? 0 prelacteals given  
1 no prelacteals given
bf1hr child breastfed within 1 hour of birth? 0 no  
1 yes
exclbf child exclusively breastfed in the last 24hours? 0 no  
1 yes
missfirst is= 1 if child missing exclbf data (i.e data up to 6m of age) 0 has data  
1 missing data
bfany child breastfed in the last 24hours? 0 no  
1 yes
missfeed is= 1 if child missing bfany data (i.e data 6m-24m of age) 0 has data  
1 missing data
complimentary6m child received solids/semisolids in last 24hrs (asked to children at 6m of age)? 0 no  
1 yes
mealtot total number of semisolid and solid meals yesterday integer   for children not breastfed, this additionally includes the number of milk feeds (formula/yoghurt, etc)
rec_mealfreq child recieved recommended number of meals for their age + breastfeeding status? 0 no see Guide to SPRING Datasets document for more details of how these variables were created
1 yes
bsid18m child has complete BSID assessment data at 18months? 0 no These variables are included for reference only, they simply identify children in this feeding follow-up dataset according to their status for the 12 and 18 month assessments (also see SPRING_ ImpactAssessment_ Pakistan.xlsx)
1 yes
final18anthro child has complete anthropometry data at 18months? . no
1 yes
home12m child has complete HOME data at 12months? 0 no
1 yes
finalphq mother of child has complete PHQ9 data at 12months? 0 no
1 yes
homeimpact status of mother-child dyad for 12m assessment 1 one or more 12m assessment done
2 child died
3 mum died
4 child given away - ineligible
5 moved out
6 divorced/separated
7 child has congenital malformations - ineligible
8 mother ill at assessment
9 child illat assessment
10 refused/withdrawn
11 assessment not done
12 child unsettled
13 child was non-index twin
14 born after sample size met
bayimpact status of mother-child dyad for 18m assessment 1 one or more 18m assessment done
integer 2-14 as homeimpact
phqimpact status of mother-child dyad for PHQ9 1 phq9 done
integer 2-14 as homeimpact