Secondary data for a cluster-randomised trial of community-led delivery of HIV self-testing in Malawi (HIV Self-Testing Africa [STAR]) – Data codebook

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The dataset was generated as part of a cluster-randomised trial, with group village heads as the unit of randomisation, of community-led delivery of HIV self-testing in Malawi. Endline data describe individual-level variables reported in an endline survey. These data underpin the mediation analysis for the trial.

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The study recognises its commitment to protect the confidentiality of participants and communities involved in the study and protect them from harm that may occur as a result of them being identified. Individual-level endline data have been set to restricted. Researchers wishing to gain access for research verification or reuse purposes are requested to contact the study team via the web form, outlining the purpose for which they wish to use the data and the variables requested, and subsequently asked to sign a Data Sharing Agreement.

Data capture method

Questionnaire: Fixed form - Web-based

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Human population


HIV self-testing, HIV testing, Community mobilization, Human Immunodeficiency Virus

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Project information

Title Funder Grant number Other information
A Cluster Randomised Trial of Community-led Distribution of HIV Self-tests in Rural Malawi (HIV Self-Testing Africa [STAR]) UNITAID PO#8477-0-600 ID: NCT03541382


Forename Surname Faculty/department Institution Role
Pitchaya Peach Indravudh Faculty of Public Health and Policy / Department of Global Health and Development London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Data creator
Liz Corbett Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases / Department of Clinical Research London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Principal Investigator

Endline data codebook

The following variables are contained within the ‘STAR_CL PE_Endline_Mediation’ dataset.

Variable name Variable description Answer code Answer label Variable type
individ Participant ID     Numeric
hhid Household ID     Numeric
gvhid Cluster or group village head ID     Numeric
arm Study arm     String
    Community-led HIVST CL-HIVST (community-led HIV self-testing arm)  
    SOC standard of care arm  
extended Selected for extended module     String
test3mths Tested in the last three months     String
stigma_com_score Community HIV stigma score   5-15 (low to high stigma) Numeric
cm_cohesion_score Social cohesion score   6-18 (low to high cohesion) Numeric
cm_sharcon_score Shared concern for HIV score   10-30 (low to high concern)  
cm_critcon_score Critical consciousness score   11-33 (low to high consciousness)  
respsex Respondent sex      
agegroup Age group     String
      15-19 years  
      20-24 years  
      25-39 years  
      ≥ 40 years  
literate Literate     String
muslim Muslim      
ethnic Ethnicity     String
    Ngoni Ngoni  
    Yao Yao  
    Other Other  
srhealth Self-rated health status     String
      Very good  
capital_score Social capital score 0 - 10 low to high capital