Data for Preventing Violence Against Children in Schools (PVACS) main trial analyses – Codebook

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An anonymised dataset collected as part of a cluster randomised trial to assess the effectiveness of a school-based violence prevention intervention in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp, Tanzania.

Data availability

Access to anonymised data may be provided, subject to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), in accordance with the trial ethics agreement.


Variable Name Variable Label Answer Label Answer Code Variable Type
stud_id Anonymised study ID Open ended   String
round data collection round     Numeric
    Baseline 1  
    Midline 2  
    Endline 3  
treat Treatment allocation     Numeric
    Control 0  
    Treatment 1  
strata Randomisation strata     Numeric
    1 1  
    2 2  
    3 3  
    4 4  
pvac_sex Sex of participant     Numeric
    male 0  
    female 1  
pvac_age Age of participant Integer   Numeric
pvac_disability Participant disability     Numeric
    No 0  
    Yes 1  
meals Meals eaten yesterday     Numeric
    0-1 1  
    2 2  
    3+ 3  
parent2 Living with a biological parent     Numeric
    No 0  
    Yes 1  
b_phyvio Baseline physical violence - School mean prop Open ended   Numeric
b_dep Baseline depression - School mean MFQ Open ended   Numeric
b_attend Baseline attendance - School mean Open ended   Numeric
b_phyvio2 School baseline physical violence - 2 groups     Numeric
    Low 0  
    High 1  
phyvio Physical violence last week     Numeric
    No 0  
    Yes 1  
pvac_attendance_pastweek outcome: school attendance past week Open ended   Numeric
pvac_mfq outcome: depression continuous scale Open ended   Numeric
pvac_depression outcome: depression symptoms binary     Numeric
    No 0  
    Yes 1  
pvac_week_evio_teacher outcome: past week teacher emotional violence     Numeric
    No 0  
    Yes 1  
clusterid Cluster ID number Integer   String