Data for: "Kankasha in Kassala: a prospective observational cohort study of the clinical characteristics, epidemiology, genetic origin, and chronic impact of the 2018 epidemic of Chikungunya virus infection in Kassala, Sudan"

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A quantitative dataset that contains information collected on 142 patients who received treatment during the 2018 epidemic of Chikungunya virus infection in Kassala, Sudan. The following codebook outlines the data variables collected by the study. Please direct all questions related to the interpretation of these variables to the data creators.

Variable Variable label Answer code Answer label
pin Patient ID    
sex sex of patient    
    M Male
    F Female
delay Delay onset to presentation    
preg Is participant pregnant    
    Y Yes
    N No
deliv delivered in past 12 weeks    
trav_loc1 exposure location of travel    
house exposure: type of housing    
toilet exposure: HouseHold access to toilet    
water exposure: HouseHold access to water    
hh_animal Animals kept in household    
    Y Yes
    N No
adm_temp temperature at presentation    
heartrate Symptom at pres : heart rate    
resprate Symptom at presentation: respiratory rate    
bp_sys bp_systolic at presentation    
bp_diast bp_diastolic at presentation    
othsym1 Symptom at presentation: other Symptoms    
haem1 Biochem results: haemoglobin    
wbc1 Biochem result: wbc    
plate1 Biochem result: platelets    
hct1 Biochem results: haematocrit    
no1 Biochem result: nitrogen oxide    
lo1 Biochem result : LO    
urea1 Biochem result: urea    
creat1 Biochem result: creatinine    
bili1 Biochem result: bilirubin    
ast1 Biochem results: AST    
alt1 Biochem result: ALT    
outcome outcome for all followed up participa...    
maltype type of malaria    
den_ct Linear CT for DV    
fup_sample Sample given at Follow-up    
fup_admdays Follow-up variable: Number of days admitted - adult    
fup_diab Follow-up med hist: diabetes    
fup_hypert Follow-up med hist: hypertension    
fup_overweight Follow-up med hist: overweight    
fup_cvd Follow-up med hist: cvd    
fup_respcondit Follow-up med hist: respiratory condition    
fup_rheumat Follow-up med hist: rheumatological condition    
fup_osteoarth Follow-up med hist: osteoarthritis    
fup_othmed Follow-up med hist: other medical conditions    
fup_arthral Symptom at Follow-up : arthralgia    
fup_fever Symptom at Follow-up: fever    
fup_myal Symptom at Follow-up : myalgia    
fup_head Symptom at Follow-up : headache    
fup_rash Symptom at Follow-up: rash    
fup_respsymp Symptom at Follow-up: respiratory Symptoms    
fup_gastro Symptom at Follow-up : gastrointestinal Symptoms    
fup_haem Symptom at Follow-up : haemorrhagic Symptoms    
fup_dizzy Symptom at Follow-up: dizzy    
fup_confus Symptom at Follow-up : confusion    
fup_sleep Symptom at Follow-up: sleep problems    
fup_othprob Symptom at Follow-up: other problems    
fup_shoulder Follow-up variable: pain shoulder    
fup_elbow Follow-up variable: pain elbow    
fup_hip Follow-up variable: pain hip    
fup_knee Follow-up variable: pain knee    
fup_ankle Symptom at Follow-up : pain ankle    
fup_wrist Follow-up variable: pain wrist    
fup_feet Follow-up variable: pain feet    
fup_finger Follow-up variable: pain finger    
fup_toes Follow-up variable: pain toes    
fup_spine Follow-up variable: pain spine    
fup_severity Follow-up variable: perception of pain bet...    
fup_para Follow-up Variable: taking paracetamol    
fup_nsaid Follow-up Variable: taking NSAID    
fup_corticost Follow-up Variable: taking corticosteroid    
fup_absent Follow-up variable: absent from work    
fup_dress Follow-up variable: Rap3 : difficulty dres...    
fup_outbed Follow-up variable: Rap3 : difficulty gett...    
fup_liftcup Follow-up variable: Rap3 : difficulty lift...    
fup_walkout Follow-up variable: Rap3 : difficulty walk...    
fup_washdry Follow-up variable: Rap3 : difficulty wash...    
fup_bend Follow-up variable: Rap3 difficulty bending    
fup_faucet Follow-up variable: Rap3 : diffciulty turn...    
fup_inout Follow-up variable: Rap3 : difficulty gett...    
fup_walk2m Follow-up variable: Rap3 : difficulty walk...    
fup_recreat Follow-up variable: Rap3 : difficulty doin...    
fup_gdsleep Follow-up variable: Rap3 : difficulty gett...    
fup_anxiet Symptom at Follow-up : anxiety    
fup_depress Symptom at Follow-up: depression    
fup_pain Follow-up variable: Rap3 linear pain score    
fup_howwell Follow-up variable : Rap3 wellbeing score    
fup_rap3 Follow-up variable: Rap3 linear score    
fup_r3categ Follow-up variable: Rap3 categories    
adm_fup Administration follow-up    
agegrp Grouped age based on ageyr    
occ Re-grouped occupation    
hhsize Linear HouseHold size    
hhgrp Grouped HouseHold size    
gathern exposure: participate in large gather...    
funeraln exposure to funeral    
cult_tradn exposure : participation in cultural ...    
corpsen exposure: contact with corpse    
exp_illn exposure to ill person    
exp_bloodn exposure: to blood    
baseern exposure: visit to trad med prac    
cown exposure: contact with cow    
sheep_goatn expsoure to sheep/goat    
cameln exposure to camels    
horsen exposure to horse    
birdn exposure: bords/fowls    
ratsn exposure to rats    
dogn exposure to dog    
catn exposure to cats    
monkeyn exposure to monkey    
exp_wildn exposure to wild meat    
tickn exposure to ticks    
mosquiton exposure: mosquito bite    
traveln exposure: travel    
chkpcr Result of CHKV pcr: pos/neg    
dvpcr Result of DV PCR : pos/neg    
chkctgp Grouped CT count CHKV    
combi CHKV/DV coinfected    
malresn Result of malaria test    
hist_fevern Symptom at presentation: hist_fever    
dehydrn Symptom at presentation: dehydration    
albuminn Biochem result: Albumin    
anybleedn Symptom at presentation: any bleeding    
bl_gumn Symptom at presentation: bleeding from gum    
bl_mouthn Symptom at presentation: bleeding from mouth    
bl_nosen Symptom at presentation: bleeding from nose    
bl_eyen Symptom at presentation: bleeding from eye    
bl_earn Symptom at presentation: bleeding from ear    
bl_petecn Symptom at presentation: petechiae    
bl_muscl_haemn Symptom at presentation: haematoma in muscle    
bl_coughn Symptom at presentation: bloody cough    
redbl_vomn Symptom at presentation:  red blood in vomit    
brbl_vomn Symptom at presentation: brown blood in ...    
stool_redn Symptom at presentation: blood in stool    
malaenan Symptom at presentation: bleeding malaena    
bl_venen Symptom at presentation: bleeding from veenpunc...    
bl_urinen Symptom at presentation: blood in urine    
bl_vagn Symptom at presentation: bleeding from vagine (...    
headachen Symptom at presentation: headache    
fatiguen Symptom at presentation: fatigue    
musclen Symptom at presentation: Muscle pain    
jointn Symptom at presentation: joint pain    
vomitn Symptom at presentation: vomiting    
diarrn Symptom at presentation: diarrhoea    
swallown Symptom at presentation: difficulty swallowing    
sh_breathn Symptom at presentation: shortness of breath    
lossappn Symptom at presentation: loss of appetite    
abdpainn abdpain at presentation    
hiccn Symptom at presentation: hiccups    
conjuncn Symptom at presentation: conjunctivitis    
rashn Symptom at presentation: rash    
dizzyn Symptom at presentation: dizziness    
confusn Symptom at presentation: confusion    
seizuren Symptom at presentation: seizure    
lymphn Symptom at presentation: lymphadopathy    
coughn Symptom at presentation: cough    
throatn Symptom at presentation:  sore throat    
jaundn Symptom at presentation: jaundice    
backpainn Symptom at presentation : backpain    
chest_painn Symptom at presentation: chest_pain    
min_bruisen Symptom at presentation: minor bruising    
maj_bruisen Symptom at presentation: major bruising    
weak Symptom at presentation: lack of strength    
fup60d type of 60d Follow-up response    
hospcare Follow-up variable : admitted or discharge…    
dayhosp Number of of days admitted: adult & child    
ad_ch Adult/child breakdown whole sample    
cigg2 CHKV IgG2    
digm2 DEnV IgGM2    
digg2 DENV IgG2    
c_ct chik_ct    
c_igm1 chik_igm1    
cigg1 CHKV IgG1    
dv_ct denv_ct    
dv_igm1 denv_igm1    
dv_igg1 denv_igg1