Data for: "High initial IgG antibody levels against Orientia tsutsugamushi are associated with an increased risk of severe scrub typhus infection" - Dataset Codebook

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A tabular dataset produced as part of a clinical cross sectional study to investigate an association between initial IgG antibodies against Orientia tsutsugamushi, and risk of severe scrub typhus. The findings suggest either an accelerated IgG response in severe cases or possibly antibody dependent enhancement.

IgG scrub typhus dataset

Variable Name Variable description Variable type Answer Label Answer Code
study Study type Numeric    
      0 Prospective
      1 Retrospective
agecat Age category in years categorical    
      0 0 to 9
      10 10 to 19
      20 20 to 29
      30 30 to 39
      40 40 to 49
      50 50 to 59
      60 60 to 69
      70 70 to 79
      80 80 to 89
durationfev Duration of fever (days) Numeric    
      2 to 37 Number of days
      Blank Not recorded
eschar Eschar found Numeric    
      0 No
      1 Yes
died Has patient died? Numeric    
      0 No
      1 Yes
      Blank unknown
ards ARDS (any lung involvement)      
      0 no
      1 yes
      Blank unknown
ardssevere ARDS (o2 below 92%, requiring oxygen)      
      0 no
      1 yes
ventilation ventilation used Numeric    
      0 No
      1 O2 with mask/prongs
      2 Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV)
      3 Invasive
shock shock (any documented use of inotropes, <90mmHg documented) Numeric    
      0 No
      1 Yes
kidney kidney injury (creat>=3) Numeric    
      0 No
      1 Yes
cns focal or generalised signs of CNS involvement Numeric    
      0 No
      1 Yes
other Other complications String    
      0 None
      Text Complications occurred
other2c Other complications (present vs absent) Numeric    
      0 No other complications
      1 Other complications present
gender Participant gender Numeric    
      0 Male
      1 Female
igmstfin scrub typhus IgM ELISA optical density Numeric    
iggstfin scrub typhus IgG ELISA optical density Numeric    
comp Number of complications  Numeric    
comp2c Did any complications occur?      
      0 No
      1 Yes