Data for: "Boosting understanding of Lassa Fever virus epidemiology: field testing a novel assay to identify past Lassa Fever virus infection in blood and oral fluids of survivors and unexposed controls in Sierra Leone"

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LOFA dataset

Quantitative dataset that underpins the development and validation of a novel Double Antigen Binding Assay identifying anti-Lassa Fever Virus IgG antibodies for the investigation of past infection with Lassa Fever Virus in plasma and oral fluid. Dataset contains information on 143 participants.

The following tables lists each variable contained within the dataset, accompanied by a short description provided by the depositor. Access will be provided to anonymised information only. Please direct all questions related to the interpretation of these variables to the data creators.

Variable Variable label Number of observations
studyid Participant ID 143
studygp Study group - Case or control 143
adm2recryr time admission to recuitment (yrs) 71
onset2admdy time onset to admission (days) 71
sex sex 143
chronic Chronic illness 141
chronsymp Symptoms of chronic illness 7
evdsurv EVD survivor 141
maldx Malaria diagnosis 142
preg Pregnant at recruitment 108
birth Gave brth in past 12 months 108
las_post Lassa diagnosis or suspect after confirmed LASV 70
outs_case Knows a case outside the household 142
outs_contact Contact with a case outside the household 10
prevent Number using prevention measures 70
prev_descrip description of prevention measures 61
adm_abdo symptom at admission : abdominal pain 71
adm_gums symptom at admission : bleeding gums 71
adm_stool symptom at admission :blood in stool 71
adm_urine symptom at admission :blood in urine 71
adm_blurry symptom at admission :blurred vision 71
adm_dd symptom at admission: diarrhoea 71
adm_fatig symptom at admission: fatigue 71
adm_fever symptom at admission:  fever 71
adm_head symptom at admission: headache 71
adm_hic symptom at admission: hiccups 71
adm_appet symptom at admission: loss of appetite 69
adm_pain symptom at admission: pain 71
adm_miscarry symptom at admission: miscarriage 78
adm_nv symptom at admission: nausea/vomitting 71
adm_redeye symptom at admission: redeyes 71
adm_sore symptom at admission: sore throat 71
adm_nosebl symptom at admission:  nosebleed 71
adm_dizz symptom at admission:  dizziness 71
adm_cough symptom at admission:  bloody cough 71
adm_other symptom at admission: other 71
adm_vagbl symptom at admission: vaginal bleeding 71
adm_rash symptom at admission: rash 71
symp_no Number of symptoms at admission 70
dabpl_d1_5 DABA Plasma OD 1 143
dabpl_d2_5 DABA Plasma OD 2 143
dabpl_mn5 DABA Plasma OD 1/2 mean 143
au_plasma Arbitrary Unit: plasma 143
daborf_d1 DABA Oral Fluid OD 1 143
daborf_d2 DABA Oral Fluid OD 2 143
daborf_mn DABA Oral Fluid OD mean 143
au_orf Arbitrary Unit ORal Fluid 71
prefsamp Preferred sample type 142
reg_oral Willing to giveoral fluid sample regularly 142
swabcomm Participant comments on swab 142
hh_las_post LASV  case in HH post participant case 70
hh_wet Wet case in household 14
hh_time Time since other case in HH 13
outs_wet Contact with wet case outside hh 8
outs_time Time since contact with outside case 7
agegp age grouped 143
under20 </> 20 y 143
marital marital status 143
occup occupation 142
currdist District of current residence 143
prevdist District of previous residence 110
dx Original diagnostic method 71
dxgp Original diagnostic method grouped 71
adm2recrgp time admission to recuitment grouped 71
sympsev severity of symptoms (self report) 70
expose Self-reported exposure before admission 70
ndabp1 DABA plasma normalised OD 1 143
ndabp2 DABA plasma normalised OD 2 143
ndabp_mn DABA plasma normalised OD mean 143
logdabp_mn Logscale DABA plasma OD mean 143
logndabp_mn Logscale DABA plasma normalised OD mean 143
ndaborf1 DABA oral fluid normalised OD 1 143
ndaborf2 DABA oral fluid normalised OD 2 143
ndaborf_mn DABA oral fluid normalised OD mean 143
logdaborf_mn log scale DABA oral fluid OD mean 143
nlogdaborf_mn Log scale DABA oral fluid normalised OD mean 143
ndabpgp DABA plasma normalised OD mean grouped 143
ndaborfgp DABA plasma normalised OD mean grouped 143
pl_res Plasma results (nODs) 143
orf_res ORF results (nODs) 143
anomall All  outcomes (nOD mean) 143
contactafter participants reporting hh or outside exposure after 143
confirm Survivors: lab confirmed or not 71