Data for: "Boosting understanding of Lassa Fever virus epidemiology: field testing a novel assay to identify past Lassa Fever virus infection in blood and oral fluids of survivors and unexposed controls in Sierra Leone"

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Quantitative dataset and study tools that underpin the development and validation of a novel Double Antigen Binding Assay identifying anti-Lassa Fever Virus IgG antibodies for the investigation of past infection with Lassa Fever Virus in plasma and oral fluid. Study tools include protocol, questionnaire, consent forms, laboratory information for users, and other details.

Data collection methods

Participants were interviewed face to face using a standardised questionnaire after which oral Fluid and blood samples were collected. Samples were analysed in a laboratory in Sierra Leone by study staff.

Geographic regions

Sierra Leone

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Lassa Fever Virus, Serology, Oral fluid, IgG antibody

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Project information

Project title Funder / sponsor Grant number Further information
Lassa Oral Fluid Assay Project DHSC ODA via UK Public Health Rapid Support RST3_03

Data creators

Forename Surname Faculty / Dept Institution Role
Hilary Bower Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health / Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Data Creator
Onome Akpogheneta Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Data Creator
Zainab Kanneh     Data Creator
Brima Jusu     Data Creator
Lansana Kanneh     Data Creator
Foday Alhasan     Data Creator
Michael Gbakie     Data Creator
John Shieffelin   Tulane University Data Creator

Associated roles

Forename Surname Faculty / Dept Institution Role
Donald Grant     Co-investigator
Richard Tedder   Imperial College London Co-investigator
Steve Dicks   Public Health England Co-investigator
Samreen Ijaz   Public Health England Co-investigator
Joseph Edem-Hotah     Co-investigator

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Filename Description File format Access status Licence
LOFA_dataset Lassa Fever Oral Fluid ELISA Assay dataset  CSV Request access Data sharing agreement
LOFA_dataset_codebook Codebook for LOFA dataset HTML Open Creative Commons Attribution (CCBY)
LOFA_dataset_userguide User guide for data collection HTML Open Creative Commons Attribution (CCBY)
Oral_fluid_questionnaires.docx Eligibility check and questionnaire for survivor and control participants PDF/A, MS Word .docx Open Creative Commons Attribution (CCBY)
Consent-Assent_Form_v2 Participant consent – ascent form PDF/A Open Creative Commons Attribution (CCBY)
Lassa_Oral_Fluid_InfoSheet-LF_survivor Lassa Virus Survivor Participant Information Sheet PDF/A Open Creative Commons Attribution (CCBY)
Lassa_Oral_Fluid_InfoSheet-unexposed Lassa Virus Control Participant Information Sheet  PDF/A Open Creative Commons Attribution (CCBY)