Data for: Acceptability and Preferences of two different Community Models of ART delivery in a high prevalence Urban Setting in Zambia, nested within the HPTN 071 (PopART) trial - Codebook

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Data Description

The dataset contains prospectively-collected routine data obtained from stable HIV+ patients on Antiretroviral therapy (ART) when attending one of two primary health care facilities, each of served a community in Lusaka, Zambia. The data was collected for Monitoring and Evaluation purposes as part of the Zambian ART program. It contains patient baseline characteristics (sex, age, years on ART, viral load measurement) and other information used to determine their eligibility, acceptability and the randomized interventions they were allocated to and whether they agreed to the model of delivery and their preferences.

Final Eligibility dataset codebook

Variable Name Variable Label Answer Label Answer Code Variable Type
community Community     Numeric
    Chipata 0  
    Kanyama 1  
zone Zone Open ended   Numeric
arm Trial arm     Numeric
    Standard of Care 1  
    Home-based delivery 2  
    Adherence club 3  
sex Sex     Numeric
    Male 1  
    Female 2  
chosemodel Chose offered delivery model (SoC arm default to 1)     Numeric
    No (Chose SoC) 0  
    Yes (Chose offered delivery model) 1  
    Missing value 9  
hadpref Participant had a preferred model recorded     Numeric
    No preference 0  
    Yes, has a preference 1  
    Missing value 9  
modelpref Participants' preferred model     Numeric
    Standard of Care 1  
    Home-based delivery 2  
    Adherence club 3  
    Missing value 9  
agegrp Age group categories     Numeric
    18-24 1  
    25-34 2  
    35-44 3  
    45-54 4  
    55-100 5  
yrsartgrp Years on ART     Numeric
    <1 yrs 0  
    1-2yrs 1  
    3-5yrs 2  
    >5yrs 3