ComPAS stage 1 dataset codebook

Permanent Identifier:

The dataset contains the following variables:

Variable Description
srno Anonymised patient ID
visit Visit number, n=nth visit
DROP_OBS Observation to be omitted from analysis (0=not omiited; 1=omitted)
WT Weight (kg)
HT Height (cm)
OED 1=Presence of oedema: 0=No oedema
MUAC Mid-upper arm circumference (mm)
AGE Age (category)
HAZ Height-for-age z-score
WAZ Weight-for-age z-score
WHZ Weight-for-height z-score
WTgain_gkgday_after Mean proportional weight gain (g/kg/day) between visits
weekly_MUAC_gain_after Mean MUAC gain (mm/week) between visits
mission Country (6=Kenya; 12=Pakistan; 15=Chad; 16=Yemen; 18=South Sudan)
sitetype Outpatient Therapeutic (1) or Supplmentary Feeding (2) program
dccrit Discharge type (1=recovered)
continent Continental category (1=Africa; 2=Asia)
SEX Sex (1=male, 2=female)
eligible_2019_outcome Met requirements for retention in analysis (0=no; 1=yes)