Shona Symptom Questionnaire

1 There were times in which I was thinking deeply or thinking about many things.
2 I found myself sometimes failing to concentrate.
3 I lost my temper or got annoyed over trivial matters.
4 I had nightmares or bad dreams.
5 I sometimes saw or heard things which others could not see or hear.
6 My stomach was aching.
7 I was frightened by trivial things.
8 I sometimes failed to sleep or lost sleep.
9 There were moments when I felt life was so tough that I cried or wanted to cry.
10 I felt run down (tired).
11 At times I felt like committing suicide.
12 I was generally unhappy with things that I would be doing each day.
13 My work was lagging behind.
14 I felt I had problems in deciding what to do.

All scored 1=yes/0=no