Community Base Newborn Care Evaluation, Ethiopia 2013-2017: File Guide

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Summary of CBNC surveys

The IDEAS Community Base Newborn Care (CBNC) evaluation surveys were conducted in Ethiopia in the last quarter of 2013, 2015 and 2017. Across four regions; Amhara, Oromiya, SNNP and Tigray, 206 Primary Healthcare Units (PHCU) were randomly selected from 12 zones and surveyed at all three time points. The selection of zones was based on the phasic implementation plan on the CBNC programme and therefore not random.

The baseline (2013) and endline (2017) surveys included:

In the midline (2015) survey conducted among 30 randomly Woredas out of 50 Woreda of the baseline survey.   In addition to the health facility and health worker surveys described above, the following surveys were also included:

This contains data collected from Household survey data

Preserving anonymity of survey participants

In order to preserve the anonymity of individual survey participants, the following modifications have been made to the datasets and/or survey documentation:

File listing

Filename Respondent Data collection period
CBNC_HHRoster_Baseline Household head Oct-Nov 2013
CBNC_HHRoster_Endline Household head Nov-Dec 2017
CBNC_HH_M1_Baseline Household head Oct-Nov 2013
CBNC_HH_M1_Endline Household head Nov-Dec 2017
CBNC_HH_M2BirthHistory_Endline Mother Nov-Dec 2017
CBNC_HH_M2_Baseline Mother Oct-Nov 2013
CBNC_HH_M2_Endline Mother Nov-Dec 2017
CBNC_HH_M3_Baseline Mother Oct-Nov 2013
CBNC_HH_M3_Endline Mother Nov-Dec 2017
CBNC_HH_M3_Section8_9_10_Endline Mother Nov-Dec 2017