INHALE spirometry of older children and adolescents living with HIV and on ART in Zimbabwe - Codebook

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Data Description

This dataset contains spirometry measurement data collected from 197 children and adolescents living with perinatal HIV and stable on ART. It records forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1) . Participants were instructed to take a deep breath and breathe out as much air as quickly as possible into a spirometer. 130 participants had a repeated measurement approximately 18 months later.

Access to this dataset is restricted to protect study participants. Researchers wishing to obtain the dataset must submit an access request, outlining the research purpose in which it will be used, ethics approvals obtained, and list the specific variables requested. The request will be evaluated by a study committee and, if approved, a data transfer agreement for signing prior to being provided with the dataset. Any participant-identifiable information contained within the dataset will be removed or disguised prior to being provided.

Name Label Code Type
studyno Participant ID   String
spirodate Date of spirometry assessment Month/year Date
sex Male / female 1=male, 2=female Integer
agespir Age at spirometry (years)   Number
fevz Best FEV1 z-score   Number
fvcz Best FVC z-score   Number
artdays No. days on ART at spirometry assessment   Number
ageart Age at ART initiation (years)   Number
zbmi Body Mass Index z-score   Number
zhfa Height-for-age z-score   Number
artyears No. years on ART at spirometry assessment   Number