Mortality predictor score in hospitalised patients HIV-associated TB in Africa dataset - Codebook

Permanent Identifier

Dataset variable list

This table lists variables contained within the STAMP Cohort Predictor Score dataset. Study data may be requested by researchers performing work to improve health care. To protect study participants, researchers will be asked to sign a data transfer agreement outlining permitted/non-permitted use and additional de-identification measures will be applied before providing the data

Variable name Variable description Label Value
Age Age range (5 year intervals)    
Patient sex (as recorded) Sex Female Female
    Male Male
Died Patient died during study follow-up 0 No
    1 Yes
Days in follow-up Length of follow-up in days Numeric  
New HIV Diagnosis Newly diagnosed with HIV at hospital admission 1 Yes
    2 No
Currently taking ART Taking antiretroviral therapy at admission to hospital 0 No
    1 Yes
WHO danger sign Presence of WHO danger sign at admission to hospital NO No
    YES Yes
Weight Patient weight at admission in kilograms Numeric NA
Haemoglobin Patient haemoglobin concentration at admission to hospital in g/L Numeric NA
unable to walk Unable to walk unaided at admission to hospital 0 No
    1 Yes
Urine LAM positive Positive urine TB-LAM assay at admission to hospital 0 No
    1 Yes