Codebook for Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention dataset

Persistent Identifier


This collection contains 4 spreadsheets held in Microsoft Excel XLSX format. Access is currently restricted

1. 2011 Admissions

Malaria admissions in Saraya hospital, 2011
Field Description
Age in years patient age in years
Sex Gender
diagnosis primary diagnosis
outcome recovered/died
sequence_number recoded patient sequence number
month admission month
year admission year

2. Admin dates

Dates of SMC administration.

Field Description
month month of administration
village_number village ID
date_start date SMC started
date_end date SMC ended

3. Malaria cases and death

Number of RDT-confirmed malaria cases and number of deaths in each village.

Field Description
village village ID
child_months child months at risk
cases number of RDT-confirmed malaria cases
age_group age group (under 5 or 5-10)
month_number month number 0-5 (July-December)
arm study arm (SMC or CCM)
stratum DSDOM or CDS
deaths number of deaths

4. Survey

Survey at the end of the transmission season

Field Description
id child ID number
village_number village ID
arm study arm (SMC or CCM)
stratum stratum (DSDOM or CDS)
age_years age in years
age_group age group (under 5 or 5-10)
hb haemoglobin concentration (g/dL)
asexual_density parasite density per microlitre
gametocyte_density Gametocyte density per microlitre
sex gender
result slide positive or negative