Appropriate Treatment in Ugandan Drug Shops

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Lal, S. 2015. Appropriate Treatment in Ugandan Drug Shops. [Online]. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom. Available from: 10.17037/DATA.1

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The dataset contains information on individuals who attended private sector drug shops in Uganda. It is part of a study to investigate the feasibility of introducing RDTs to Ugandan drug shops in order to promote the rational and correct use of ACT drugs when managing cases of malaria. The research team assessed how drugs were being prescribed in both drug shops and public health services, as well as the way local communities sought treatment.

Published in a 3rd party system Date: May 2015
Data capture method:
Mode of data capture
Questionnaire: Fixed form - Paper
Data Creators(s): Lal, S
Associated roles: Mbonye, A (Principal Investigator), Clarke, S (Principal Investigator), Magnussen, P (Principal Investigator) and Hansen, K (Principal Investigator)
LSHTM Faculty/Department: Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases > Dept of Disease Control
Research Centre: ACT Consortium
Participating Institutions: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Ministry of Health, Kampala, Uganda, University of Copenhagen


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